Creating A Multi-Pack Listing For Amazon Sellers

This is a step by step video that will show you how to create a new listing on amazon for a multi pack item. This can be done for grocery items as well as he…


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    • Carla E.
    • 9th October 2014

    Thanks so much for this tutorial Jessica! You’re a lifesaver :)

    • L Ross
    • 9th October 2014

    Thanks Jessica, this video help a lot.

    • rayinjaxfl
    • 9th October 2014

    The Super Saver Shipping is $35.

    • Kim Haskins
    • 9th October 2014

    This has been very helpful Jessica. You mentioned in this video that you
    have another video showing how to copy and paste (I beleive it was) the
    photo of the existing product on Amazon to your multi pack listing. Can you
    please lead me there? I need to learn how to do that also. Thanks, Kim

    • Chester M
    • 9th October 2014

    Toni and I got our hands on some limited edition flavors of an item and
    decided to follow this guide to send them in 2-Packs. Everything seemed to
    be going well, the page created nicely, the images were up, and the title
    was perfect. We shipped out 4 boxes of 2-Packs yesterday. This morning I
    checked and the “2-Pack” wasn’t on the image so I asked Amazon about it and
    this is what I got back…

    Amazon Jan 25, 2014 10:51 AM

    Thank you for contacting your Amazon Seller Support Team. My name is Chris
    and I am on the catalog team. I wanted to touch base with you regarding
    your inquiry in to adding the “2-Pack” logo to your two different products,
    ASINs: XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX . This logo is a feature that is only put on
    detail pages that are maintained by the retail team, and for ASINs “shipped
    from and sold by Amazon”.

    Reviewing these products has brought to light a pressing issue with these
    products, however. It appears that you are offering these listings as a
    bundle, while the original ASINs and UPCs were for single packs. Sellers
    can create bundles composed of different products to create a new bundled
    product. Well-designed product bundles provide convenience and value to
    buyers. Adhering to Amazon policies will help Amazon customers locate
    product bundles more easily and prevent duplicate or near-duplicate
    listings, as well as making sure that customers know what they are getting
    with each purchase.

    The bundle must have its own standard product identifier or manufacturer
    part number. The identifier of any individual product in the bundle may not
    serve as the identifier for the bundle. Using a UPC from any single product
    in the bundle to identify the entire bundle may lead to immediate removal
    of the listing. You are responsible for obtaining a UPC for each bundle you

    The information that is showing on these two ASINs currently all points to
    this UPC and listing being for a single pack of cookies, including the
    size, the package quantity, and the weight. I recommend removing your
    listings for the time being on these items, and recreating your listing as
    a variation with unique UPCs/ASINs for the 2-pack of cookies. So that there
    would be a choice for your customers on a single detail page for one box of
    cookies, or two.

    For more information about how to create product bundles, please take a
    look at the following page:


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and allowing me to assist you
    with your business today. If you need clarification on this issue, please
    reopen this case. Of course if you have any other issues we can assist you
    with, please don’t hesitate to contact your Amazon Seller Support Team.

    If you have additional questions about your case, 156165891, please click
    If you have questions about a different issue, please review our Seller
    Help: http://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/contact-us/contact-amazon.html.

    Please give us feedback to help Amazon improve your selling experience.

    I thought, oh crap! We’ve just sent 200.00 almost worth of inventory and
    supplies and they are saying the pages won’t do. So I figured maybe they
    were confused about bundles and multi-packs so I sent another email that
    said I was sending in two of the same thing in the pack, not different
    items and this is what I got back…

    I understand that you are unable to list a multi-pack item.

    I would like to inform you that multi-pack item for the same ASIN also
    needs a different UPC and you can purchase UPS as mentioned in the previous

    As there is no further information to be included, I am closing this case.
    However, do write back to me if you have any queries and I will be happy to
    help you out.

    If you have additional questions about your case, 156210371, please click
    If you have questions about a different issue, please review our Seller
    Help: http://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/contact-us/contact-amazon.html.

    Please give us feedback to help Amazon improve your selling experience.

    So, what did I do wrong? Now I have all this product that is time sensitive
    on it’s way. My options at this time are to either return it to me, split
    it up, and send it back in individually (take at least a week and by then
    other sellers will have found this) or pay amazon to split them up, label
    them, and process them individually for me. Any ideas or feedback?

    Thanks, Chester 

    • toddD lloyd
    • 9th October 2014

    Jessica – Thank you! Every video I watch of yours, you always teach me
    something new. Much appreciated!

    • Maxine F
    • 9th October 2014

    Love the video. Question. If i was selling the 6 pack instead of the 3
    pack, i would just use the listing that was created as long as everything

    • John Kelly
    • 9th October 2014

    Great info thank you. It explained a number of elements that had been
    confusing to me. The 6 pack FBA seller was selling at $34.99 …they must
    not understand the $35 free shipping. 

    • chutneybay
    • 9th October 2014

    Great video. I always thought we had to purchase a brand new UPC when doing
    a mulch-pack. By the way, the “3 pack” button you mentioned at 13:14, was
    that automatically created my amazon? How was that added?

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