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This is a favourites video with beauty products and some clothing items! I hope you enjoy it and don’t mind the beginning. 😛 PRODUCTS MENTIONED: 1) Apsara Neem Herbal Facial Cleanser: …


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    • CloudyApples
    • 20th January 2015

    I’ve been listening to some Blink-182 lately (hence the parody at the
    beginning of this video). I shared something very important on Instagram
    last night and I thought I’d share it here too:

    Adam’s Song by Blink-182 meant the world to me as a kid and it means even
    more now. The lyrics are very dark throughout, until the last stanza where
    a few words are delicately swapped for ones that inspire hope. I love music
    so much because songs like this gave me hope and made me feel like I wasn’t
    alone in a climate that makes it very difficult to discuss depression.

    If you can, please join me in donating to the Brain & Behaviour Research
    Foundation (bbrfoundation.org), a non-profit organization that awards
    grants for mental health research. We’re losing too many amazing people to
    things that must be openly discussed and better understood.

    Love you guys so much! 

    • Judith Baker
    • 20th January 2015

    Kassie, rose water is a MUST in Turkey. My grandmother is 65 and I swear to
    you the woman does not even have laugh lines. (She also loves making
    yoghurt masks and puts cucumber peels on her face for some reason hahaha)
    Also,make sure it’s 100% Rosewater, not diluted with alcohol. Most products
    are sold as rosewater but it’s just the smell. I prefer mine in a bottle,
    as I soak a cotton round and dab it on my face, focusing on acne prone
    areas. It is an amazing toner and even takes off make up on my face I
    thought I washed off, lol. My acne has improved tons and my face always
    looks clean, fresh and dewy, not oily. I recommend it to everyone! 🙂 

    • 16chrissym11
    • 20th January 2015

    WE LOVE YOUR MAKEUP VIDEOS!!! pls do a tutorial you’re not as amateur as
    you think lol 

    • Miss Love
    • 20th January 2015

    Cassie, girl, I know ive said this so many times but I just LOVE you. I
    really do appreciate that you put so much time and effort into your videos,
    it truly shows. Love you girl!

    • Leslie M
    • 20th January 2015

    That lipstick looks great on you! If you have dry lips I HIGHLY recommend
    the Bite Cream lipsticks. Its made with all food grade ingredients, are
    REALLY pigmented, and I think you would enjoy. They are on the pricey side,
    but I just buy the mini dual ended ended ones from the sephora website.
    They are limited edition so I would jump on it. You get 2 colors for $12,
    and they last a long time. I’ve collected almost all of them and have had
    them for over a year and still have a lot left in each little tube. Best
    bang for your buck.

    I also really love the feeling of the 100% pure lipsticks that are $18. And
    last but not least, the “it cosmetics” lip vitality in rose. I think it’s a
    soft everyday pink, but it is SO MOISTURIZING! Its got a lot of great
    ingredients, it is paraben free, but it is also on the pricey side. It is
    the only colored lip product that actually improved the softness of my lips
    after wearing it.

    Sorry for the long post, hope someone enjoys my recommendations.

    • Heatherkc19
    • 20th January 2015

    Hi Cassie, what do you use to clean your beauty blender? I just bought one
    (I’m pretty late to the game too LOL) and I don’t know how to wash it. I
    was thinking with either dish soap or facial cleanser but I tried my facial
    cleanser and it didn’t do a thing.

    • Elle Is For Living
    • 20th January 2015

    I make my own rose water and love it. Yes please do a tutorial. xoxo Elle

    • Lina Yamada
    • 21st January 2015

    Your videos are so funny, i love that you bring humor into everything. Most
    of the beauty gurus on youtube seem so awkward and stif, but that’s where
    you stand out. You’re not only beautiful, but also super funny, smart and
    insperational! I really love your channel and i hope that you’ll keep going
    for a long time! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face! :)

    • Jess Morrison
    • 21st January 2015

    i’ve been thinking about trying the mac 217 brush for a while, but the
    price always made me decide not to… but this video has convinced me!

    • Serafina ♡
    • 21st January 2015

    The intro! LOL I’m dying..

    • Joyride13
    • 21st January 2015

    I miss your what’s in my fridge video! Do you do any sort of food prep for
    the week after you go grocery shopping? Love your videos Kassie! <3

    • Galaxy G
    • 21st January 2015

    Hello kassie
    I am very impressed with the amount of effort and time you gave in the
    editing of this video.
    I would absolutely love it if you would do a makeup video soon. Would love
    to see it. Plus I wanted to ask you wahat happened to all you what I ate
    today videos. Cant find em anywhere. And also could you tell me how I can
    get on a routine and you know.. do things at their proper time. I am
    currently having tests at school that I reallu need to ace.
    Love u

    • Milana Kira
    • 21st January 2015

    Loveeee the Beauty Blender & 217 brush!
    Kassie, might I recommend the lip balms by Soothing Touch? As a girl with
    full lips and living in the harsh New Hampshire climate, my lips are always
    chapped and I’ve found that nothing works very well to moisturize them, not
    even the Dr. Bronner’s balm, but since finding the one by Soothing Touch,
    my lips have been perfectly moisturized all the time!
    A lot of them are vegan, they come in a ton of cool flavors and they’re
    made with organic shae and cacao butter! I’d recommend them to anyone!
    They’re so freakin good, I wanna spread the love 

    • Zan Tan
    • 21st January 2015

    Loved this! I would love to see any kind of GRWM or makeup tutorial because
    then we would be able to see all the different products you use. Btw, water
    doesn’t help with any kind of dryness. If anything it dries out your skin
    more. So make sure to use a moisturiser and not water 🙂 xx 

    • Kalina Miletic
    • 21st January 2015

    that lipstick looks absolutely fabulous on you kassie! i always love to see
    what kinds of products you’re using, it’s always different from the
    conventional popular products and i find (for skincare at least) natural
    products are way more effective than conventional products.

    • Carleen Chan Yam
    • 21st January 2015

    This bright lipstick looks really good on you :*
    I’ve always been hesitant to purchase the beauty blender because I don’t
    really understand how a sponge could be that awesome, plus there are a lot
    of cheaper dupes on the internet. Guess I’ll give it a try!

    • Brooke Salerno
    • 21st January 2015

    Your hair looks soooo healthy, any good tips to share?

    • tubaforeva
    • 21st January 2015

    I’ll definitely be giving this a go since every product that I’ve tried on
    your recommendation has proved to be worth the money! =]

    • Kirsty Foster
    • 21st January 2015

    ‘Hey its coffee and I can’t get anything right…’ xD that made me smile on
    a very bad day thanks :)

    • Charlotte Muckley
    • 21st January 2015

    Could not live with out beauty blenders! Also I brought a soup maker
    recently and tried your tomato and basil soup! Delicious! Made another
    tonight consisting of 3 sweet potatoes 2 leeks and 1 onion some stock and
    salt and pepper. Was Devine! Love you xxx

    • Jess Best
    • 21st January 2015

    You are so creative with your videos and you are so beautiful!

    • Prime Minister of America
    • 21st January 2015

    please make a video on your favorite music! i know i commented this on your
    last video but id reaaaaally love to see that 😀 it got 12 likes if that
    has any significance hehe …

    • Celeste C
    • 21st January 2015

    Hi Kassie,
    I just found your videos on YouTube and I’m catching up on your older
    entries. I like how your focus is on natural products and healthier
    options. There aren’t many vloggers out there who review such products so I
    am happy I found your channel. I relate to you because 1) I shop almost
    exclusively at Whole Foods for skin and body care 2) I have oily face and
    is prone to hormonal breakouts 3) I’m Malaysian born Chinese 🙂 I would
    like to know if you still stand by the juice beauty blemish clearing
    cleanser as I recently bought it to try out after watching your older
    posts. Are you still using Avocado oil on your face? Thanks!
    FYI, I don’t know if you can find this brand in Canada but if you get a
    chance, try Evanhealy rose geranium hydrosol, it is divine! Although it is
    more costly, it’s well worth the money. I moved from the Heritage rose
    water to Evanhealy a few months ago.

    • Kimberly Graef
    • 21st January 2015

    You truly are amazing, Kassie. I love that you’re bringing awareness to the
    Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and trying to create a more open place
    for discussing depression and anxiety and other things that are often meant
    to be kept hidden. I appreciate that. As for the video, I actually would
    love to see something similar to this but about your makeup products.
    Tutorials are great, but you always seem to find really clean and great
    products, so I’d be happy just to learn what you’re using these days,
    makeup-wise. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! ♡

    • Tatianna Townsend
    • 21st January 2015

    I could’ve guessed you were left handed. The most creative and quirky are
    always left handed

    • Kota Neo
    • 21st January 2015

    Hey Kassima! great video! and of course I want a tutoriel! Have a nice day!

    • Gem Smile
    • 21st January 2015

    Dear Kassie

    I would love to hear your thoughts on human beauty. What you think is
    beautiful and wether that aligns with what culturally, we think is
    beautiful and your opinion on it.
    What your thoughts on make up are, when we use it are we enhancing
    ourselves, expressing ourselves or hiding ourselves?
    What do you think of the double standards we have for ourselves?

    One thing that gets me is the term ‘real women’ – although I think it is
    great that companies use models of different shapes and sizes I really
    dislike the way it dehumanises women who happen to have or work hard to
    have a skinny frame. Why do we have to exclude women with one certain body
    shape to be able to accept everyone else? What do you think of this?

    I have a gazzilion questions but I’ll stop!
    I love hearing your opinion and thought processes and I truly respect them.

    Hope you are having a lovely day!

    • Katarzyna Grzejda
    • 21st January 2015

    Kassie, you can make me smile even during my most shittest days ever! 🙂
    I truely admire you, you’re such an inspiration for me! <3

    • Justine Revelle
    • 21st January 2015

    …Easily my favorite youtuber.

    • loveevie01
    • 21st January 2015

    Ily kassie the first video I watched was the morning routine

    • 99quirkypandas
    • 21st January 2015

    The witty bits you always include are so appreciated! I love your sense of
    humor. Don’t ever change Kassie. ♡

    The video was definitely helpful! I’m totally eyeing that cleanser. And the
    beauty blender…I might give it a try. Although I’ve had trouble mastering
    the use in the past.

    • Adrienne Cannella
    • 21st January 2015

    What’s that necklace? It looks so pretty! Also, you called yourself coffee!
    Lol :)) 

    • Radhika Rishi
    • 21st January 2015

    Loved this video.. as usual you somehow made it funny, creative and yet so
    informative 🙂 Yes, you use very different products from the average you
    tuber but that it exactly why I take your product recommendations more

    • Lucy Zamora
    • 21st January 2015

    Oh man I’ve been really nostalgic with blink 182, spice girls, and the
    killers lately and it’s just so weird to look back because there are a lot
    of blog posts that say “this song is now 10 years old!!!” so i’ve been
    listening to my favourite emo songs that I liked and I just feel all the
    teenage angst as a 25 year old ahaha

    The one product that I tried this year that I’m soooo glad it exists and
    I’m so glad I finally just bit the bullet and tried it is the Cure Aqua
    Gel. It’s mostly water but it gets your dead skin off and you see all your
    dead skin on your fingers and it’s super gross, but it’s so satisfying. I
    have dry skin and I know how dry Canada can be in the winter so it may
    work? I got mine on ebay and with free shipping which is always great. 

    • Mariana Jesus
    • 21st January 2015

    I find that rose water works great for my dark circles. I use it as a toner
    and it’s the only thing that actualy helps my skin :). Plus, the smell is
    the best! I was thinking about buying a foundation brush, but now I’ll
    definitely give a go to the beauty blender. Thanks for the video! Xo

    • hillykee
    • 21st January 2015

    Love the Blink reference, I think they’re cool and I think you’re cool and
    the fact that you enjoy them is SUPER COOL hahaha. I have the lyrics “true
    care truth brings” tattooed on me, and even though its from a goofier song
    I thought those four words spoke volumes. Loved this video, you’re a big
    inspiration for me, never stop being yo bad self guurl :)

    • Debi Christensen
    • 21st January 2015

    What foundation do you use?

    • tombraider565
    • 21st January 2015

    Kassie… You are amazing, your videos are amazing, this intro was
    amazing,and I’m glad you and Terry exist. I can literally watch your
    videos again and again and you are the only youtuber I’ve ever actually
    purchased stuff that they’ve recommended. You should do a teeth hygiene
    routine because your smile is gorgeous,
    Love Nicole

    • Samantha McKinsey
    • 21st January 2015

    Lovely and funny video as usual 🙂 I don’t really wear makeup anymore (just
    too much of a bother/too expensive), but I’m happy that your found another
    way to express yourself 🙂 I would love some more skincare videos: what you
    like to use, your philosophy on skincare, etc.

    • nomyart
    • 21st January 2015

    Hi Kassie, I’m listening to Adam’s Song now, and it’s nostalgic as hell.
    I’m glad you still talk about your experience of depression, because I
    wouldn’t have known just from your videos over the past few months. This
    comment confirms that I can relate to you even more, in so many ways! I
    wish you (and everyone else) a great week, and I hope you find comfort in
    having Terry by your side, especially at times like these. :)

    • A Rose
    • 21st January 2015

    What foundation do you wear???

    • Tia Elster
    • 21st January 2015

    Kassie, you definitely have some of the most creative and inspiring videos
    on YouTube! It’s so great to have someone advocating for more natural
    products, even if you’re more drawn to them because of sensitive skin (girl
    I can definitely relate there..). It would be really cool if you gave us a
    “behind the scenes” look at your video creation, whether it’s the creative
    process, the filming, editing… Whatever you felt like. You have such a
    unique style and it would be neat to get a look into that!

    • Katherine Hernandez
    • 21st January 2015

    What camera and lens do you use?

    Also, love the original beauty blender and the one you’re using looks
    exactly like it and for $7 cheaper, I’m going to try it!! Thank you. x

    • AuNatureli
    • 21st January 2015

    So weird that you mentioned your makeup looks a lot better after gym, that
    happens to me every time I step into an overheated car on a hot day.
    Everything melts into the skin and looks so much better.Thought I was the
    only one! 

    • ki-cat
    • 21st January 2015

    Amazing video as usual!
    I feel kinda relieved, that I’m not the only one having trouble with the
    combination of chapped lips and lipsticks and I guess I finally understand
    why the lipsticks from YSL are still all over tumblr. 😀
    Btw, may I ask where you got that pretty necklace from?

    • Romeo Serka
    • 21st January 2015


    • Leslie
    • 21st January 2015

    You are basically the only youtuber I trust when it comes to
    recommendations! I love how your videos are always so original and full of
    creative ideas of yours. I really enjoy watching them and you are such a
    beautiful person as well. 🙂

    This week coming up is my exam week, do you have any tips on boosting
    concentration and fighting stress?

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