DIY Clothes! 3 DIY Shoes Projects (DIY Sneakers, Boots, Fashion & More). Amazing!

DIY Clothes: DIY Shoes is a new episode in my DIY clothes projects series! This DIY fashion tutorial is all about DIY shoes makeover – true fashion DIY for g…


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    • SaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art Designs, DIY, Fashion & Makeup Tutorial
    • 22nd December 2014

    It’s time for the third from my DIY clothes series tutorials! This time, it
    is all about DIY shoes makeover! We girls love shoes so this is a perfect
    DIY project for us. All 3 designs are pretty epic, but are really easy to
    achieve. Even if you don’t want to color them, you can take colored
    shoelaces, some beads and transform your shoes into an awesome fashionable
    piece in no time! Love you!

    • SaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art Designs, DIY, Fashion & Makeup Tutorial
    • 22nd December 2014

    Join our friendly Google plus DIY community where we share DIY ideas with
    each other! <3 http://goo.gl/gZ2DyR

    • Macerly09
    • 22nd December 2014

    Det er så gøy å se en norsk Youtuber komme så langt som du har gjort! Du er
    en stor inspirasjon, jeg har fulgt den helt fra starten og jeg elsker
    videoene dine!

    Elsker selv å lage Diy´s og det er kjempegøy å ha en norsk “diy” youtuber å
    se opp til!
    -Du er min og mange andres inspirasjon! 

    • 22nd December 2014

    Oh any way i love all your videos and you are very beautiful i like all
    your nice and amazing designs i wish i can see all your videos their
    amazing i love your beautiful hair:-D

    • Karina Hormann
    • 22nd December 2014

    Fijn dat er Nederlandse taal bij zit tanks for the Dutch subtitels!

    • sara99017
    • 22nd December 2014

    i am a big fan but i have a question why do you always say ” like so ” ??? 

    • ♥αngεℓcαкε♥
    • 22nd December 2014

    The Galaxy one is really cute.

    • Maisie Thompson
    • 22nd December 2014

    Tbh I love the galaxies ones! 

    • msp maya
    • 22nd December 2014

    can u use regular markers. plz repond

    • carlyn libunao
    • 22nd December 2014

    OMG! we have the same shoe size and im just nine years old !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda George
    • 22nd December 2014

    u can do d galaxy design on clothes

    • Koneko Black Rose
    • 22nd December 2014

    Is not that i don´t like it, or hate that, but why does she talk like that?
    Where is she from?
    btw i love all your tutorials *^* all are amazing

    • alyssa feliciano
    • 22nd December 2014

    I love the galaxy boots

    • talea manton
    • 22nd December 2014

    Make more shoes diys like thousands 

    • Ashley Samuels
    • 22nd December 2014

    where did you find the boots at? it seems like its hard finding boots with
    fabric texture… you mention the fabric so the paint will stick to the

    • Anyita Guadamud
    • 22nd December 2014

    Me encanta los de corazones OH DIOS MIO están hermosos *_*

    • Suèdiza _
    • 22nd December 2014

    I love the galaxy boots. I gonna make them for sure!

    • kirsten chantal dela cruz
    • 22nd December 2014

    I really like the galaxy design. It is very cool. I also like the scaly
    design. It looks difficult to make and it looks expensive but it’s not.:):)

    • atikah azzahraa
    • 22nd December 2014

    All of shoe u used by H&M rgt? 

    • Ekta Mehta
    • 22nd December 2014

    love the 3rd one you have transformed it so well… 

    • Ryan Scheiße
    • 22nd December 2014

    she sounds like aksana

    • Chastity Rodriguez Villarin
    • 22nd December 2014

    +SaraBeautyCorner – Nails and Nail Art Designs, DIY, Fashion & Makeup
    Tutorial ……can you please do some another Video..Some IPad Mini

    • Tabytha Apostol
    • 22nd December 2014


    • lollypop cruncher
    • 22nd December 2014

    omg Sara ! i did the galaxy shoes and gave it to my friend ( she loved it
    so much) thank you for this amazing DIY < < love you :* >>

    • SinaSmiley 28
    • 22nd December 2014

    Ich liebe deine Englischen Tutorials aber jetzt hast du noch Deutschen

    • Tatyana Elliot
    • 22nd December 2014

    My favorite is the Galaxy one and the snake ones

    • Lauren Carr
    • 22nd December 2014

    I adore the heart shoes and the galaxy boots!!! Wish I was artistic enough
    for the Galaxy shoes though!!

    • Monica EatsChildren
    • 22nd December 2014

    I have these shiny material on my boots and I really really wanna do the
    galaxy style o: Will it work? Please reply :/

    • Natalie Gonzalez
    • 22nd December 2014

    Would the paint take off if the shoes get wet?

    • Celine Spetaas
    • 22nd December 2014

    Jeg likte de galakse skoa de var fine. Det er rart og skrive på norsk til

    • Nadia Khatun
    • 22nd December 2014

    The galaxy one is my favorite!

    • deveny otto
    • 22nd December 2014

    But is it ruinend when it rains !?

    • West69sixty
    • 22nd December 2014

    Shack of those haters your assum

    • Emmaline Vase
    • 22nd December 2014

    does anyone know where she got the black boots before painting for the
    final diy?

    • Fabtastic_Nikki
    • 22nd December 2014

    those look AMAZING!!!!!! I’m gonna try to make the galaxy one…… Thanks
    for the awesome video!!! 🙂 

    • Sleeping Tom
    • 22nd December 2014

    Galaxyyyyyy <3

    • Gaby Roque
    • 22nd December 2014

    My favorite one the galexy but one question, where did you get the black

    • Linette Guiliani
    • 22nd December 2014

    Amazing! I love all 3 designs!!! : D 

    • chelsea kc
    • 22nd December 2014

    if rain catches my painted boots wont the paint come off?

    • anjitha r
    • 22nd December 2014

    You are so creative that i get so darn exited !!!!! I loved all the shoes

    • Kiyasha Pierce
    • 22nd December 2014

    Galaxy is my favorite

    • Jayla Dove
    • 22nd December 2014

    I really like the galaxy boots

    • Emily O'Brien
    • 22nd December 2014

    I think you are so cool!

    • MrTrain
    • 23rd December 2014

    I love the galaxy ones :0 so mesmerising 

    • Emily Camargo
    • 23rd December 2014

    I live in Texas so were can I find the black boots?

    • Emily Deatherage
    • 23rd December 2014

    Totally galaxy!!!! :)

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