Dollar Tree Product Reviews! #8: Cleaning products! Amazing dupes for name brands!

watch in HD for fabulous quality** Household cleaning supplies Dollar Tree style! Fabulous name brand dupes…means saving lots of cash! OPEN ME::::: Enter my Global Beauty Care “So…


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    • Teresa Yantone
    • 2nd September 2014

    I’m so happy I stumbled across your videos! I’m a subscriber now! I love
    the time & detail that you go into to give us a very well-rounded idea
    about the products you’re reviewing!! Thanks!

    • Marlane Braun
    • 2nd September 2014

    the review was very helpful. thanx.

    • Tiffani James
    • 2nd September 2014

    This is helpful me and my fiancé are getting our first house later this
    year though I already have a swiffer I will be buying a DT one for strictly
    sweeping and the other for mopping or vice versa. I’m weird and I like to
    keep things separated!! I would love to see more household dupes that will
    be a big money saver for us hopefully!!!! Thanks pretty lady you rock! 

    • Rebecca Munn
    • 2nd September 2014

    Just to let everyone know, they also have the cloths that work with the
    swiffer wet jet at my dollar tree. You get 4 in a package, and they work
    just fine. That’s also a significant savings over the name brand ones.

    • Lexie Ashley
    • 2nd September 2014

    Hey man ! Click 4 Profit it actually works and here is a one discount link
    for you http://tr.im/58skz

    • Jillian Hughes
    • 2nd September 2014

    A reauular swifter goes 360

    • Tonya Galaxy
    • 2nd September 2014

    thanks for this review! i am going to pick these items up next time i go to
    DT. I think its so great that you do reviews of their products. right on!!
    Subbed! :D

    • TheCiasplace
    • 2nd September 2014

    Fab video girly 😉 Very informative. I agreed w/u all the way girly. I use
    an repurchase these products myself. I think its just amazing that u use
    the same products that ur subbies use an shop where we do as well. That’s
    why I love an support ur channel an of course U girly 😉 🙂 TFS Take
    care 😉 

    • lindsey smith
    • 2nd September 2014

    Awesome review! It makes my decision on buying items I have not used before
    so much easier! Thanks for taking your time to do these reviews and
    informing us of new items at my favorite store, Dollar Tree! You have a new
    subscriber in me : )

    • Claudia Amaya
    • 2nd September 2014

    I love your videos, great findings and very informative. Keep at it. 

    • HaiLingLing
    • 2nd September 2014

    hehe i like all your dollar tree videos! 😀 i also have one on my channel!
    they do sell some pretty good stuff there. ;)

    • GLoD81
    • 2nd September 2014

    Just discovered your channel and your reviews are really helpful (and they
    make me want to run out to my local Dollar Tree). I’ve used both Dollar
    Tree and Swiffer “mop” and cloths and they work pretty much the same. As
    mentioned by another commentator, the Dollar Tree wipes dry out fast. To
    avoid that just store the wipes in a large Ziploc bag. I’ve retired my
    Swiffer awhile ago and replaced it with a steam mop. It cleans 100% better
    and it sanitizes…And I don’t have to spend extra on cloths. Thanks again
    for posting this video :)

    • Vick Idio
    • 2nd September 2014

    Love your videos! I’m trying to become a better Dollar Tree connoisseur

    • SugarBarbie11
    • 2nd September 2014

    Great video!!

    • Susan Miller
    • 2nd September 2014

    Wow thanks so much for this review Amanda!!!! Extremely helpful I’m gonna
    run out and buy all of it. If you like it ITS GOOD!

    • Bibi Gonzales
    • 2nd September 2014

    I love the micro fiber duster as well AND its washable!!!! 

    • Katelynn Mazur
    • 2nd September 2014

    Thank you so much for this review, I’ve been want to buy that sweeper thing
    but didn’t know if it actually worked.

    • Aleena Corona
    • 2nd September 2014

    I cnt even see u :/

    • Jessica Vaughn
    • 2nd September 2014

    I usually find the wet cloths in packs of 25 at my Dollar Tree and I use
    them on my Swiffer. I used to do a lot of couponing and was stocked up on
    Swiffer brand cloths and when I ran out I tried the ones from the Dollar
    Tree and they really work very well! I agree they do dry out quickly, but
    I had the same experience with the name brand. Thanks for the in depth

    • Suzy57Q
    • 2nd September 2014

    wow great review! I think I am going to purchase some of those !!!! thank
    you for sharing!

    • Valerie Flores
    • 2nd September 2014

    thank you for the review! I am definitely going to watch out for the
    sweeper and cloths! :)

    • MsCookie417
    • 2nd September 2014

    Your a sweetheart, thanks for the review.

    • Elizabeth Stanley
    • 2nd September 2014

    Fabb-ulous review Amanda!!! Tfs. you make me feel better about shopping at
    dollar tree I’ve never been ashamed but you make me feel proud. You have a
    gift dear you really do. I’ve watched you a long time and you relate to
    girls that are 13 all the way to who knows?! Don’t ever stop doing what
    you’re doing. You’re awesome. 

    • brownandbeautiful35
    • 2nd September 2014

    Fabb review girl.

    • debmart59
    • 2nd September 2014

    Verry good review, I love Dollartree 

    • lisa sanchez
    • 2nd September 2014
    • francis mata
    • 2nd September 2014

    i bought the sweeper, love it!!!thanks!!

    • LadyTrayce
    • 2nd September 2014

    Wonderfully informative review! I much prefer a reviewer to explain why
    they prefer a product and the reasons why they rock and you do that very
    well! Thank you, Amanda! <3 <3 <3

    • SoGitThis
    • 2nd September 2014

    I going to DT on Thursday and buying me a sweeper and both types of
    clothes!! Awesome review Amanda!!

    • 26alexther
    • 3rd September 2014

    Thanks for doing review on the dollar swiffer version. What I do I use the
    microfiber cloth and spray it with fabuloso ( that’s also sold at DT) just
    diluted with water n mix in a spray bottle. I guess its my version of
    swiffer jet and just wash the cloth n reuse it. 

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