DONUT FIRE EXPLOSION How To Cook That Ann Reardon Dunkin Donut Recipe

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    • How To Cook That
    • 10th January 2015

    Subscribe: http://bit.ly/H2CThat Recipe: http://goo.gl/8wfdOa
    In this video: fireman Matt Thistlewaite MERCY HUTS INDONESIA
    Donate to mercy huts: http://goo.gl/cFtHcj
    More info about mercy huts: http://goo.gl/W5IUi1

    • Olivia May
    • 11th January 2015

    I’m 12 years old and I love cooking if this ever happened to me I would
    have just put water on it. thanks so much for letting me know water is not
    safe in this case. 

    • Reardon Bros
    • 11th January 2015

    Explosions, science & donuts … this is why +How To Cook That is the
    greatest cooking show (and mum)!!! 

    • MyTeenLifeLoLTV
    • 11th January 2015

    I live in the capital city of Indonesia (jakarta), and yes there are still
    plenty of people are living under the poverty especially within the rural
    villages. I’m amazed that there are still people like fireman Matt that are
    willing to help the people right here 🙂 God bless him, and I hope I could
    do the same :)

    • Aislinn Martin
    • 11th January 2015

    I’m so glad I watched this. Aside from the obvious fact that I love your
    videos, this was a really important one for me because I had NO idea how
    severe tipping water onto an oil fire is.
    I love that you use your videos to raise awareness for kindhearted people,
    teach valuable lessons about cooking, and of course showcase your wonderful

    • MissMotionless
    • 11th January 2015

    Is it weird that my first thought when you said that you had a fireman at
    your house was “Awh. I wish I had a fireman friend to come over to my house
    and play with fire with me.”? lol
    Also, it’s great to see someone properly making donuts. Every one else
    seems to be using those weird donut irons, or bake them. I think a proper
    donut should be fried. Not baked. Is that just me?

    • Ashleigh Ward
    • 11th January 2015

    What an awesome vid!! As a 25 year old mother, I didn’t know that about oil
    on fire. So thank you so so much. I hope I will never have to take that
    information into practice but if it happens, i’m sorted :)

    • Hannah Clark
    • 11th January 2015

    Thanks so much for showing what would happen if you poured water on to the
    flaming oil! Love you so much ! God Bless you ! 

    • jeromes bubble
    • 11th January 2015

    You have seriously educated me in so much! I love you and all your creative
    deserts!! Keep it up please!

    • Brenda Jarmusz
    • 11th January 2015

    Ann you did such an awesome video here, not that you don’t on your other
    videos but this was extremely helpful to those out there that don’t know
    how to put out a grease fire. We taught our kids at an early age how to
    handle different fires etc. now that they are older and have kids of their
    own they are doing the same thing, teaching them what to do in fires and
    emergencies. I also love the fact that your fireman friend takes time out
    of his busy life to go and help others. Please tell him I said thanks. And
    job well done, I will keep him in my prayers for safety. Can you give me
    the info on how to help agaim? I don’t hear very well so if you could I
    would appreciate it. You have such a beautiful family my friend. And Last
    But not Least, those Doughnuts Looked Amazing! !!!!!! So Yummy. Have a
    great day. Brenda From Columbus ohio.

    • Bel Felaz
    • 11th January 2015

    +How To Cook That i experienced that oil burning because of too much heat,
    i was not really paying attention and i went to watch the television
    forgetting i have some oil heating in the kitchen, i was just shocked when
    i saw fire in the pan, i was panicking and i dont know what to do i just
    removed it in the stove and put on a lid, i am so glad i didnt put water on
    it. thanks for sharing all that information.

    and I SALUTE Mr. Matt and his family for being so kind, i have so much
    respect for you guys. i watch a show and the person in that show was asked
    why he returned the money he found and he said “there are more times we do
    wrong things, so if there is a chance for us to do good deeds lets do it,
    truly inspiring.

    Thank you so so much ann and as always love the video, the recipe is
    amazing and its always nice to share food with the ones you love. (but i
    was just wondering, where is your eldest son?)

    • meiduh
    • 11th January 2015

    Very informative! And your guest fireman is a real hero. This was very fun
    to watch.

    • Kitty Kwong
    • 11th January 2015

    I just know it and I told my dad but he said I should know it by
    kindergarten 🙁 anyways I love Friday 🙂 new video! I have watched this
    over and over again for 5 times now 😛 and I have a question, is pasig wrap
    safe for oven ?thank you for new video and thank for for the fire man 😀 I
    think the three kids should be very happy because fire man is my cousin’s
    hero :D

    • what a a grl
    • 11th January 2015

    You are
    cooooooooooool luv you

    • Bare Maria
    • 11th January 2015

    Congrats Ann! You have 1 million subscribers 😀 im proud to be a part of

    • Sara Sutherland
    • 11th January 2015

    It was very terrifying my 7 month old was there 

    • Deshna Pursnani
    • 11th January 2015

    Hi ann readon i love donutes and thats what u made i really love your
    videos and wait for friday for your new videos ☺☺☺☺

    • tamara beck
    • 11th January 2015

    before, i liked fridays, then i found your channel and now i LOVE fridays!!

    • Yanely Malik
    • 11th January 2015

    I love your videos

    • Tessa T
    • 11th January 2015

    Nice things about doughnuts or any yeast-risen product: a long rise time
    gives them better flavor and one can use less yeast. If you wanted these
    one day, you could mix them up the morning of the day before and let them
    rise in the refrigerator. In the evening, take the bowl out for an hour to
    warm up, then roll and cut them out. Put the shaped doughnuts back in the
    refrigerator on trays then covered in plastic wrap. In the morning, take
    out the trays and let the doughnuts come up to temperature in the barely
    warm oven while the oil is heating. Then you can have fresh doughnuts in
    the morning. This allows for clean-up time and more flexibility about when
    to have the doughnuts. 

    • Josalynn Rangel
    • 11th January 2015

    By Far this was on of my FAVORITE videos! ❤️

    • RaspberryFanta
    • 11th January 2015

    Hey Ann, just wanted to say I’m really loving the little extras you’re
    adding into your videos such as the nutrition information in the protein
    balls video, what to do in the case of an oil fire and about the mercy huts
    in Indonesia. :)

    • colpugno7
    • 11th January 2015

    I’m happy that you’re healed from sunlight allergy 🙂
    Now we can enjoy summer time! XD

    • Jenni Johnson
    • 11th January 2015

    I almost fel from my chair wen your pan was on fire!

    • juli21
    • 11th January 2015

    I would leave to make this but I just had a question about the oil. Is it
    true that one should never reuse oil that’s been heated. I’ve heard many
    different answers and would love to hear what you have to say.
    Also love the video. Thank you for your commitment to such great quality
    videos and recipes!!

    • Faith Southgate
    • 11th January 2015

    Could I make this in a bread maker

    • Bryan Edgar k
    • 11th January 2015

    What is the song title? That You in include in the end of the video thanks

    • FitAnge S
    • 11th January 2015

    Wow that fire with the water freaked my daughter out. Thank you for showing
    that it was good for her to see. Love the donut recipe, they look

    • bobby kinza
    • 11th January 2015

    Hey Ann are you living in melbourne??

    • Hilary Chap
    • 11th January 2015

    Your youngest is sooo adorable XD it would have been horrific if your
    kitchen or your property was lit on fire, as it’s already the terrible
    BUSHFIRE season!! Can you make ‘healthy’ baked donuts? Also can you show us
    a tutorial of using a box cake mix to make something like cookies? Yes, a
    CAKE mix!!

    • Alleyne Carlinda Wirawan
    • 11th January 2015

    Wow this is a very informative video! But oh Ann you shouldnt have done
    that in your own kitchen!! None of us would like it if you got burnt
    accidentally while making a video for us! 

    • Izyan Raihana Remee
    • 11th January 2015

    I’ve always wanted to make everything she makes but i don’t have the
    ingredients.Also what is “Yiest?”

    • Bob Smith
    • 11th January 2015

    why 2 layers of cellophane wrap?

    • HappyBunnie
    • 11th January 2015

    Wow… Thank you so much for showing what would happen if you pour water on
    an oil fire! I always thought that water just wouldn’t put it out, I didn’t
    know that it could get more dangerous! I now know what NEVER to do with an
    oil fire, and what TO do. Thank you for that! <3

    • Warregah7
    • 11th January 2015

    Hi Ann, you are so wonderful to watch!
    Last week you did a poppin cookin episode and you were asking if we wanted
    you to do a ‘mini’ episode!
    PLEASE MAKE FRENCH MADELEINE BISCUITS! Maybe with orange or vanilla flavor!

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