Drawing Time Lapse: The Amazing Spider-Man portrait, fan Art

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    • Marcello Barenghi
    • 29th December 2014

    This portrait of The Amazing Spider-Man took me 4 hours and 37 minutes.
    Check out the full drawing process in this time lapse video! Thanks for

    • AroNic
    • 29th December 2014

    This is amazing!!! It’s my first time to see this guy drawing but damn this
    is HOT! I hope you guys visit me for some speed art :D´╗┐

    • 29th December 2014

    +Andr├ę Fernandes Pelegrini ´╗┐

    • missy smith
    • 29th December 2014

    Amazing drawing!! Could u do Brittany The Chipette from Alvin and the
    Chipmunks next? From the live action films?´╗┐

    • Kuma Films
    • 29th December 2014

    Do Venom or Carnage!´╗┐

    • Fedellusionist
    • 29th December 2014

    Amo Spider Man e amo questo video in particolare!´╗┐

    • Eric Poirier
    • 29th December 2014

    :O…HOLY(insert a very long string of expletives…)… Your skill is
    incredible dude, beyond impressive work. Thanks for sharing´╗┐

    • Kenri Hayashi
    • 29th December 2014

    ammettilo, hai venduto l’anima al diavolo per disegnare cos├Č bene!´╗┐

    • laughforlifeify
    • 29th December 2014

    Very nice drawing, great shadow and the detail is amazing
    Great work Marcello!´╗┐

    • jrtpf
    • 29th December 2014

    Very cool. I like the reflections in the goggles and almost 3D effect lines
    on the suit.
    He could have been a bit more muscular though. ´╗┐

    • Mo 'n' Kay
    • 29th December 2014

    insomma, alex ross, hai trovato un degno sostituto!

    • Amy Kazama
    • 29th December 2014

    Draw a person next! I want to see how far your skills can go. :P´╗┐

    • EnergiaCreactiva
    • 29th December 2014

    Your works are great! I would like to know about all the tools you use to
    paint. Forgive my English, I am using a translator …´╗┐

    • SwaggerCR7
    • 29th December 2014

    Whats the tool you use for adding the shadow … (the mini spray gun thing)´╗┐

    • Docktor Jim
    • 29th December 2014

    Shading is a super power. ´╗┐

    • aDotFromTheFuture
    • 29th December 2014

    Not your best work, but still very realistic.´╗┐

    • ESJ MegiSs
    • 29th December 2014

    Amazing drawing skills´╗┐

    • V G Varela
    • 29th December 2014


    • alperen ozden
    • 29th December 2014

    Can you draw the daft punk helmets´╗┐

    • Dottor PAIN
    • 29th December 2014

    Perch├ę non ci lasci tutti a bocca aperta con qualcosa di strano e
    completamente tuo?´╗┐

    • Lucas Jensen
    • 29th December 2014

    awesome drawing!!! best ever xD´╗┐

    • Yogesh Barai
    • 29th December 2014

    Dragonball z goku please´╗┐

    • SheCrafts
    • 29th December 2014

    Never fails to blow my mind!´╗┐

    • Jannis Pj
    • 29th December 2014

    Not even 5 hours of work… wow´╗┐

    • Lorenzo Padovano
    • 29th December 2014

    Sarebbe stato bello vedere l’Arrampicamuri tutto intero…per├▓ ├Ę sempre un
    tuo disegno,molto bello complimenti!
    Prova a creare uno spazio dedicato ai personaggi dei fumetti,potrebbe

    • Protos
    • 29th December 2014

    Too skinny…´╗┐

    • Martin Sikic
    • 29th December 2014

    Its amazing but I just couldnt stop noticing the missing spider on his

    • Savannah Miller
    • 29th December 2014

    Can you draw me something?? It’s a gift for someone!´╗┐

    • Rashid Hussain
    • 29th December 2014

    draw stitch pls :)´╗┐

    • Ivan Lucibello
    • 29th December 2014

    Con questo ti sei superato. E’ meraviglia pura. Grandissimo Marcello!´╗┐

    • Joshua The Scribbler
    • 29th December 2014

    Please subscibe my channel to watch more art videos!
    Thank you!<3´╗┐

    • Befarrar
    • 29th December 2014

    This is really amazing, I also just drew spiderman. Mine definitely wasn’t
    as realistic and amazing as yours, great work on this one. It was cool to
    see you draw a character this time!´╗┐

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