Embed YouTube Into PowerPoint 2007 (Stupid Simple)

Here’s a stupid simple way of how to embed YouTube into a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. Make sure your school or workplace has a live Internet connection and…


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    • agnosticautonomy
    • 16th September 2014

    mine is just a black screen?!

    • Guy Justa
    • 16th September 2014

    Worked for me 🙂
    Thank you

    • grace Stahre
    • 16th September 2014

    it says it might be harmful to my computer someone save me

    • Tony Molinaro
    • 16th September 2014

    Awesome, you saved the day!!

    • Justme93
    • 16th September 2014

    thanks a million

    • Tayannah Engle
    • 16th September 2014

    this wont work when i hit f5 it just freezes my mouse

    • Vidhi Godiawala
    • 16th September 2014

    Hi i tried doing this but the video doesn´t play and upon right clicking it
    says movie has not loaded.. i have full internet connection and access to
    youtube. please help me fix this problem, thanks 

    • Dya57
    • 16th September 2014

    woow thanks a lot!! exactly what i needed

    • Meredith Marlowe Preston
    • 16th September 2014

    OMG. I was pulling my hair out. Thank you so much!

    • Peter Kleine
    • 16th September 2014

    This is INSERTING a url and LINKING to a video. This is not EMBEDDING a
    video in PPT. This is embedding the URL LINK in PPT. If the internet is
    down or you have no web access the video will not play. The difference
    between linking and embedding should be simple-stupid to understand.

    • Ben hoover
    • 16th September 2014

    where do I hit long link I don’t see it?

    • NIcole Sargent
    • 16th September 2014

    thank you times infiinity!

    • TheLoneDeRanger0001
    • 16th September 2014

    I followed the directions, however when I press F5 i just get the slide
    without the video playing. I used this videos url:

    • Selvaria Bles
    • 16th September 2014
    • Amira Malcom
    • 16th September 2014

    SO helpful. thanks!

    • Ted Robinson
    • 16th September 2014

    Thanks for the lesson….it works fine except when I go to play the
    slideshow, the video slide always comes up first….I want it to be the 3rd
    slide. 🙁

    • With Love from Paris
    • 16th September 2014

    it does not work when I save it..

    • Celeste Law
    • 16th September 2014

    Hello, Every time I try to follow the steps, I get this error: What does
    that mean? Private Sub ShockwaveFlash1_OnReadyStateCh­ange(ByVal newState
    As Long) End Sub

    • Suyanto Lee
    • 16th September 2014

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Haya al Lawati
    • 16th September 2014

    Oh, thank you, i got it now.

    • blarglesnargle
    • 16th September 2014

    Thank you so much. I was going through video after video and couldn’t
    figure out why my video wasn’t playing. Then I saw you showed how to get
    the correct URL in the long format and success! It was stupid simple!

    • 16th September 2014

    god, i have the stupidest computer on earth *facepalm*

    • Haya al Lawati
    • 16th September 2014

    Thanks 😀

    • infinemesis
    • 16th September 2014

    Thanks! much appreciated! 🙂

    • infinemesis
    • 17th September 2014

    Hmm, you can try it but i don’t think it’s the same thing. You can also try
    re-installing Flash Player from Adobe’s site. I know you already have Flash
    but maybe reinstalling it will put the “Shockwave Flash Object” back in the

    • infinemesis
    • 17th September 2014

    Yes, it only references a link. So, wherever your presentation will
    ultimately be, you must have a live internet connection and YouTube must
    not be blocked.

    • infinemesis
    • 17th September 2014

    @GTtuner56 I have a similar tutorial for Powerpoint 2003. It’s in my
    channel, but also here’s the end of the url since youtube doesn’t allow
    URLs in the comments. watch?v=DoKR1Zts4H8

    • infinemesis
    • 17th September 2014

    Hmm, I’ve yet to figure out how to do this with Vimeo.

    • mcdreamy945
    • 17th September 2014

    nicely done. you saved a lady’s ass today (mine) so i am forever (mmm….
    maybe not quite….) endebted to you. thanks. 😉

    • r7709y
    • 17th September 2014

    this video, like all other videos on this topic, sucks. I follow the
    directions and when I get to the point that power point should play the
    video I get nothing but a white screen.

    • Tanner Morrison
    • 17th September 2014

    I did everything you said and my video still doesnt play… any

    • Haya al Lawati
    • 17th September 2014

    the youtube is changed and recent, this video is showing the old youtube
    version, and i dont know how to get the url, because it comes diferrent url
    for the share and fort the video, help me!!! i really need to show the
    video for school presentation!!! its very imporatant help

    • joeyo16
    • 17th September 2014

    It’s funny, cause I have a presentation in my computing class for power
    point due Friday 🙂

    • Sherry Terry
    • 17th September 2014

    thank you! this was awesome & very straight forward, easy to understand!!
    Worked like a charm!

    • MikaylaEshleman
    • 17th September 2014

    this is retarded!!!!!!!!!!1

    • domotortuga
    • 17th September 2014

    i love you;)

    • pullupbar1
    • 17th September 2014

    I have the right Url long link box and everything and for some reason I am
    still getting a white box with no video please help

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