Episode 3 – Q&A Video With Sneakerheadandthebae!

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    • HEAT Ledger
    • 27th January 2015

    Bay and Bae!
    Digging the video topic. I might do this!
    Oh, wait nevermind. I’m forever alone

    • Blazendary Kicks
    • 27th January 2015

    snekr hed in de bey . vid mad me cri evrytim cuz i luv it nd ily <3333

    • Nick Wright
    • 27th January 2015

    Should have been titled “Episode 3 – Q&A Video With Sneakerheadandthebae”

    • BlueSpeedy
    • 27th January 2015

    i like your attitude towards rap, the sneakerhead thing and so on, keep it

    greetings from germany

    • tlricks72
    • 27th January 2015

    Good vid fam.I got a pair of jay’s that i need to be refreshing up.How can
    i get in touch with you ? this is my email tlricks72@gmail.com hit me

    • Joshua Corral
    • 27th January 2015

    Lol your in the bay or bae???

    • freshkickservedaily
    • 27th January 2015


    • Daniel Garcia
    • 27th January 2015

    Good thing you she didn’t check your history >.<.! Or Messages ;)

    • V1TT00
    • 27th January 2015

    I wish I would of known you last year

    • NST Typhoon
    • 27th January 2015

    SH does his girlfriend
    Call that Sneakerhead In The Bae

    • SalTheSneakerHead
    • 27th January 2015

    Aye that shirt tho!!! Haha dope viddy

    • matt blizniak
    • 27th January 2015

    Thank you for answering my question I strongly appreciate that.

    • footgasm117
    • 27th January 2015

    Ily sneakerheadinthebay

    • Vernon Ferreira
    • 27th January 2015

    i noticed some of ur kicks are size 10 but ur black friday jordan 6s are
    9.5 is that the size you want or do you want a size 10…. im asking
    becuase my pair is a size 10 only wore once no creacing no scufs pretty
    much ds but just too big… maybe we can work sonething out if you are
    willing to?

    • Donte Dowling
    • 27th January 2015

    Dope vid bruhh 

    • kvrolrocky
    • 27th January 2015

    lmao if you’ll ever fail and write “sneakerheadinthebae” instead of
    “sneakerheadandthebae”. It’d be a funny porn title

    • Chucky Betch
    • 27th January 2015

    Do you listen to The Specktators/Packy? If not then I strongly recommend

    • alex alcala
    • 27th January 2015

    I’m pretty sure that camera was pointed somewhere else at the end lol

    • Jarrett Tronge
    • 27th January 2015

    Such a dope and unique channel! Im getting into sneakers and asking my
    parents for an allowance to get the mullah to get them sneakers :D

    • Shoemanati
    • 27th January 2015

    Good collab video with your girl!!!

    • Alex Traub
    • 27th January 2015

    real good definition for the term sneakerhead bro! good vid and i luv u man

    • Alex Rodriguez
    • 27th January 2015


    • NobleNova
    • 27th January 2015

    Sneakerheadinthebay…both ways hehe 

    • Finikac Phoenix
    • 28th January 2015

    Where do you live m8 ?

    • PeruvianMamba
    • 28th January 2015

    hahaa! best couple ever love these vids

    • Oscar Sanchez
    • 28th January 2015

    Did she say “Nike” and point to the Asics? Lmao couldn’t really tell 

    • andrew Garcia
    • 28th January 2015

    What happen at the end?

    • Elusihvely
    • 28th January 2015

    shouldve put BayAreaSneakerhead

    • Henry Saya
    • 28th January 2015

    What type of asian are you two?

    • idnoble zeroseven
    • 28th January 2015

    Where u get yo kicks?

    • Axelv23
    • 28th January 2015

    What is the name of the watch he is wearing

    • Jordan Agana
    • 28th January 2015

    She look a bit like Karrueche Tran.

    • Albert Lazcano
    • 28th January 2015

    Dope video man ! Very pretty girl as well, keep the good work up!

    • Triggy Son
    • 28th January 2015

    where do you get your shoes from ?

    • Rick Tassel
    • 28th January 2015

    shout out to the bay my home

    • Gian Samaniego
    • 28th January 2015

    It’s funny how you used to curse in old vids now you bleeping them out

    • Mag1cK1lla21
    • 28th January 2015

    Dope vid fam

    • Ya Boy Shawn
    • 28th January 2015

    When was the second one? 

    • Peewee Felton
    • 28th January 2015

    yo sceaker head bro u are so
    cool at what u do keep doing what u do and keep making the shoe game going 

    • xLethalModzHD
    • 28th January 2015

    the ending lmao

    • Tyrone jones
    • 28th January 2015

    Shoutout To SneakerHeadInTheBay answered 2 of my questions

    • Blaisx Art
    • 28th January 2015

    Nice girl dude 🙂 

    • Sandra Torres
    • 28th January 2015

    I like how u don’t just Jordans u like everything

    • MCPressureStyle
    • 28th January 2015

    Can’t wait till the next video with Sneakerheadandthebae, Relationship
    goals lol jk but not really 

    • TheSoleStage
    • 28th January 2015

    How did you acquire your first pair of sneakers????

    • Chrystal Heart
    • 28th January 2015
    • Julian Rhodes
    • 28th January 2015

    Question: How much did you charge at first for a cleaning or a sneaker

    • Eric Bulic
    • 28th January 2015

    You the man….. Keep up the good work fr my man

    • Cincy Kicks
    • 28th January 2015

    Love this series! Keep up the great work man!

    • SneakerHeadInTheBay
    • 28th January 2015
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