Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking Awesome

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    • Evernote Scott
    • 26th August 2014

    Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking

    • Scalp Pigmentation
    • 26th August 2014

    I wish they had a word processing mode. Though saying that, its easy enough
    to sync with google docs.

    • Sally Lin
    • 26th August 2014
    • flutterheart
    • 26th August 2014

    Thank you for making this! This was super useful!

    • Hector Cruz
    • 26th August 2014

    Im new to Evernote and like the potential, I will cancel my neat receipts
    membership and switch. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 

    • Nicole C.
    • 26th August 2014

    Thank you for the video!! It was definitely helpful. My only opinion is
    that naming the notebooks the same name was a bit confusing, and I’m
    familiar with Evernote. I’m a huge Evernote cheerleader. I’ve been using it
    for years and always mention it as being a must have app.The only thing I
    believe it’s missing is password protection when using it as an app.Once
    logged in on my phone or ipad, it stays logged in which I l love because I
    use it so often. However, I dont like that anyone can pick up my phone and
    access some notes that I dont want shared with others. An example of
    private items may be school grades, banking info, passwords, etc. If you
    have a password feature now, please let me know how to use it. if not, you
    plan to get one in the future? 

    • srb68srb4
    • 26th August 2014

    Love your evernote video. I have an Acer tablet. Can I create my resume and
    send from evernote to websites ??

    • Desy Erlangga
    • 26th August 2014

    Hi Scott, i have a question,

    i use evernote for work, I was introduce by my boss to evernote and yes its
    awesome. But im still learning it. Me and him we have a shared notes of all
    my task considering most of the time im mobile running errands.
    How to put the shared notes as the master notes, so in my phone i can see
    it directly on my screen, because in my screen are my own notes, i want to
    put the shared notes on my screen widgets.
    Please advise. Thank you

    • Augustine Rincon
    • 26th August 2014


    • Barbara Juede-Santos
    • 26th August 2014

    Scott u r so awsome thanks for the tutorial on evernote. U r a life and
    time saver for the non techies
    of this world, me 

    • N0WDallas
    • 26th August 2014

    I watched an webinare by a Evernote expert who said that 200 notebooks is
    the maximum you can have, even with a premium subscription. 

    • Fe Casher
    • 26th August 2014


    • Brixton Atkinson-Banner
    • 26th August 2014

    Nice video and informative but “maaaate” move that mic away from the

    • Dan Williams
    • 26th August 2014

    Evernote sat on my Q10 unused for the first 3 months after I bought it.
    Then I spent an hour messing around with Evernote and realized I’d been a
    fucking moron for 3 straight months.

    Best app in the history of apps in my opinion.

    • Bill White
    • 26th August 2014

    Great info, Scott. Thanx.

    • Fiona Williams
    • 26th August 2014

    Great video. You have a very nice presentation style. FYI – I really like
    the web clipper – I use it on my PC to take quick snapshots of items I need
    to take a deeper look at later. I find it very handy.

    • Daniel Saldivar
    • 26th August 2014

    Thank you so much for making such an informative video, Scott. I have been
    looking for something to replace Google keep since it does not have many
    useful figures that I am looking for. I can’t wait to start using Evernote
    on my everyday life.

    • Sunny Hogan
    • 26th August 2014

    Thank you, Scott. Look forward to viewing your other tutorials.

    • Marilyne Hauser
    • 26th August 2014

    Thank you for the information. Just wanted to mention that I use the clip
    feature all the time. When you click, it eliminates all the adds and stuff
    on the sides of your information. I use it mostly for collecting recipies
    and instructions for making jewelry. 

    • quatie
    • 26th August 2014

    what is the difference between Evernote and Google keep?

    • James Fowler
    • 26th August 2014

    I am a National Presenter for a Software company and travel to a lot of
    events doing presentations, I use Evernote for tracking all leads, planning
    events, meeting notes, and I will even use the full screen presentation
    mode at times. I was so impressed with this video that I forwarded it to
    our whole team and now more and more of our team are using evernote! I
    especially appreciated the email feature!

    • Hans Peter
    • 26th August 2014

    Colour coding for tags, pretty please?

    • Mike Stastka
    • 26th August 2014

    Hi Scott: I am new to Evernote and your You Tube video is amazing. I am a
    Realtor and have been looking for a way to capture training events and
    organize my clients and coaching calls. I think this is the program for me
    and my partner. Can’t wait to see more of your videos. Thanks for sharing.

    • Naterena Parham-Cofield
    • 26th August 2014

    Extremely helpful. Thanks!

    • Sunny Hogan
    • 26th August 2014

    Sunny Hogan
    Thanks for the video. Is there one that shows how to like make columns
    within the note?

    • Ilias Bennani
    • 26th August 2014

    Well done, very interesting!.
    You justgot a new subscriber!

    • Terry Grenier
    • 26th August 2014

    I just opened an Evernote Account and was 100% Clueless how to get started.
    This was awesome. Thanks and headed off to find more video’s from Scott.

    • Adrian Skinner
    • 27th August 2014

    Please move your mic away from your keyboard.

    • Carlos Danger
    • 27th August 2014

    Thanks, very useful. One question though; What kind of mouse are your
    using? It’s annoying as shit when you click!

    • Sachin Moozhikulam
    • 27th August 2014

    Oh my god…I cannot believe I did not know about this until now. 

    • Brittany Arthur
    • 27th August 2014

    thank you that was awesome!! 

    • Luis Guillermo Morales Miranda
    • 27th August 2014

    Thanks Scott, this will organize my life a little bit more, having more
    free time.

    • Sarah Ng
    • 27th August 2014

    Will Evernote access on notes without my permission? 

    • Nolan O'Brien
    • 27th August 2014

    Great video – thanks.

    Side note: Couldn’t help but notice a little irony in writing a
    hand-written note to remind yourself to talk about a specific feature (Web
    Clipper) of a note-taking app…

    • irfan darian
    • 27th August 2014

    For Evernote users

    • OnlineMediaCollection
    • 27th August 2014

    Office OneNote of Windows does all these things even with more options
    including touch screen drawing. I personally trust Windows more than this
    company for storing my information.
    Anyway thanks for info

    • VincentSchilling
    • 27th August 2014

    Nice video – thanks Scott

    • Derek Gee
    • 27th August 2014

    Thanks for your sharing, I’ve had a better understanding of this apps.

    • H H
    • 27th August 2014

    Too abstract. Need better examples”,

    • Kellie Karaky
    • 27th August 2014

    Wow. I just got this product. Such a good video. I am currently playing
    with the free version. Can others make notes on my shared files? This would
    be very useful.

    • Rio K. Valdes
    • 27th August 2014

    Thank you Scott- very helpful!

    • Herman Roberts
    • 27th August 2014

    great thanks, I learned a lot

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