Fiberglass Camper Lid – Large Repair Job Using SMD Sunflash – Super Fast Sun Activated (UV) Resin

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    • meade916
    • 14th November 2014

    Guys, i know this isn’t a car audio related video – but i wanted to
    demonstrate that the product can be used on larger projects as well as the
    small ones. The body shop next door loves using it so when they said they
    had a large repair they were doing using the SMD Sunflash product, i knew i
    had to film it. I believe this camper is really old and the owner just
    wanted it reinforced/repaired because replacement was going to be thousands
    and thousands of dollars. So the boys at Rehorn Autobody Workshop / RV
    Collision center fixed it up. Cool story bro i know but wanted to tell it
    😀 thanks for watching!

    • meade916
    • 14th November 2014

    FYI: the brown spot on the corner is from them using the standard
    resin….after one cup of that stuff they called me for some Sunflash
    instead. You can see not just the difference in color, but the
    productivity. There would have been at least 20 cups and a bunch of
    brushes either ruined or sitting in an Acetone bath…they would have had
    to stop several times and mix more. Instead, it was a one shot deal for
    each layer. No breaks in between as you can see LOL! 

    • meade916
    • 14th November 2014


    • hondannyboy
    • 14th November 2014

    Great video Steve. Man, SMD Sunflash is a badass product. A must have for
    any fiberglass worker. They kinda did a shitty job on that repair. No body
    filler and sanding? And it looks like they only put one layer of mat. At
    6:08 you can see how bad it ended up

    • Marcus Norman
    • 14th November 2014

    Was this your camper?

    • 233AK
    • 14th November 2014

    Quick question. what a good 1500 watt sub that won’t cost me an arm and a

    • Xander Zoolander
    • 14th November 2014

    How fast would this work under a UV light? Either for when we don’t have
    the outside space, or we have a small crevice in a piece that we could just
    hit with the light instead of trying to position it under the sun. 

    • karankhaneja
    • 14th November 2014

    So is this product not usable here in the UK because the Suns never out? 

    • tony jackson
    • 14th November 2014

    Now does that come pre-mixed an ready to use? I could use some of that on
    my boxes! 

    • Mike Dotson
    • 14th November 2014


    • Nacho Laciar
    • 14th November 2014

    todo los días veo sus videos. es un dios en esto. aprendo mucho gracias a

    • David Figueroa
    • 14th November 2014

    good videos like always steve.. you can tell you love what you do

    • Zhanden magsanide
    • 14th November 2014

    Awesome product i live in hawaii and I’ve been watching your vid’s on sun
    flash since it came out i need to get my hands on this shit will make door
    pods/panels hell of a lot faster to make much aloha smd keep up the awesome
    work cant wait for the next father son vid to come out…aloha!

    • Jesse Bridges
    • 14th November 2014

    Just from my experience, I’ve found that the “daylight” temperature
    fluorescent lights in my shop will make it kick. It’s clearly not as fast
    as sunlight but it does tend to thicken the resin. I just have to open my
    garage door to let in enough light so I can see well enough with my
    overhead lights off. Anyone else have this issue?

    • 2BASS IS 2SLAP
    • 14th November 2014

    Steve U the man, this is the s*** I’m going to buy on my first project,
    YEA. Peace out

    • MrTpengineer
    • 14th November 2014

    I totally have an idea for a pop-up camper now… A pop-up demo camper!
    Clean it up and stuff it with RF gear. 😉 Is this a camper you own or is it
    just a demonstration of a camper being repaired? I totally know how it is
    with old Fiberglas. Tends to crack very easy.

    • Razon35
    • 14th November 2014


    • My Stoner Mind
    • 14th November 2014

    Just checking in, glad ur good n well my dude!

    • Bryan Gravlin
    • 14th November 2014

    I’d like to see a video of you filling up a cup with the sunflash resin in
    it with a brush. Then bring it out in the sun with a timer present and try
    to pick up the brush every 5-10 seconds showing how fast it hardens once
    the cup lifts with the brush.

    • Josh Jenkins
    • 14th November 2014

    How much does a container of that sun flash cost?

    • WaleraRigid
    • 14th November 2014

    Why thay don’t use some type of gas mask? Work with resin without safety
    tools potencialy dangerous and can lead to cancer.

    • Polo Taufalele
    • 14th November 2014

    Nice product bro…even tho ive seen your vids on it way back then..lol.
    Keep up the good work man. #SMD

    • Luis Chavez
    • 14th November 2014

    I will be getting this asap.

    • DudeThat251
    • 14th November 2014

    if I ever need to fiberglass something i’m def gonna use sunflash, this
    video sold me on how great the product really is.

    • Michael Wood
    • 14th November 2014

    Probably about to purchase some to make a pillars for my car.

    • dj red hare aus
    • 14th November 2014

    Where can I buy this in Australia 

    • CAli408
    • 14th November 2014


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