Get Ready with Me | Neutral Eyes + Chocolate Lips! (Makeup)

I work really hard on my videos for you! Please don’t forget to thumbs up this video – it means so much to me. Thank you for all of your support! =) ♥ Watch my last video! http://bit.ly/1yF…


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    • makeupD0LL
    • 25th January 2015

    Hi loves! Check out my new GRWM video from the look I was rocking in my
    last 2 videos! xo <333 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IimH3Q7etEA

    • Makeupbytinu
    • 25th January 2015

    You guys are killing me with salem. I need to get this once I get paid. You
    are gorg this is definitely your color with that beautiful hair

    • peakmill
    • 25th January 2015

    extra flawless! love this

    • jada spears
    • 25th January 2015

    Its very pretty, it looks good with your skin . its like a natural look

    • msroshposh
    • 25th January 2015

    Yeah Salem is Poppin

    • Nilima Biswal
    • 25th January 2015

    Yassss girl do the damn thing, lookin like a bag of

    • MsShayelove
    • 26th January 2015

    This is GORGEOUS… I need to get that limecrime lippie

    • sweetness331000
    • 26th January 2015

    Beautiful brown should have been the title of this video you never
    disappoint with your get ready with me I love them and always look forward
    to watching……tfs!

    • Angie
    • 26th January 2015

    You are the best at doing makeup!! Chanel Boateng just did a 90’s brown lip
    too!! You both are making me want to go buy a brown lipstick now! I love
    this look! It’s very work/professional appropriate yet sassy! I love it!!

    • darmarie7
    • 26th January 2015

    All your GRWM videos have you looking beautiful but this one I have to say
    is the best one to date. Maybe it’s because I’m a neutral girl at heart.
    Gorgeous is all I can say.

    • Nana muluba
    • 26th January 2015

    Love love love… I never get tired of watching you

    • Pure Estrogen
    • 26th January 2015

    #TakingNotes this is stunning. 

    • EarthLadyVee J
    • 26th January 2015


    • NaturallyChea
    • 26th January 2015

    You DID that boo! I need that lip color in my life 

    • Kali Kashmere
    • 26th January 2015

    You look flawless! I’ve been following you since 2009. back in the blogtv
    days lol.. so proud of everything you’ve accomplished :)

    • Stephanie Cole
    • 26th January 2015

    Love this look! And who doesn’t love a good GRWM video!?!?! They are the
    best in my book! :-)

    • Trish Procope
    • 26th January 2015

    Beautiful! Love this look! 

    • Jessica Neomi
    • 26th January 2015

    Perfect! Just ordered Salem too, thx!

    • kyiele benjamin
    • 26th January 2015

    I am super particular about the companies I give money to because I can’t
    support people who are shady. Limecrime for example. Their owner is super
    rude and has done some pretty racist stuff. Look it up. If you want a nice
    dupe for salem try shopMakeupmonsters on instagram. They have a similar
    color. And it’s cheaper. 

    • Sierra Matilda
    • 26th January 2015

    Keisha, this look is gorgeous!!!!! You’ve really outdone yourself, at least
    by my standards.
    This may be my favorite look that you’ve ever done!!

    I’m not sure if I wanna order this LimeCrime product because I’ve heard a
    lot about them having terrible customer service and sometimes people never
    received their order, but if I ever see anything even close to a dupe, I
    won’t think twice; I’m getting it!

    • Meghan McGhee
    • 26th January 2015

    This is so beautiful! I’m assuming that lime crime lippy is a matte finish?
    Looks amazing on you 

    • Ostarethebest oo
    • 26th January 2015

    uuhh i looove this haircolour on you and the look is fabulous! 

    • aquaebony
    • 26th January 2015

    Hi, please what’s the name of your nail polish? Love it. Awesome videos too

    • Carol Albuquerque
    • 26th January 2015

    Você é top muito lindo suas makes adoro assistir seus vídeos. Bejooosss

    • Shina Brown
    • 26th January 2015

    OH….MY…… JESUS! This look is amazing! It brings out your beautiful
    brown skin tone! You look like a Nubian queen! I’m getting tired of seeing
    black females wear hot pinks! The brown shade just makes you look so
    natural, yet so glamorous!

    • Slaytana's South of Heaven
    • 26th January 2015

    Omg I looooove this look! Its more natural but sexy. 

    • Fatima Hernandez
    • 26th January 2015

    Amazing!!!!! Your Make up It’s really stunning!!!! 

    • MsAvalon25
    • 26th January 2015

    Omg LOVE this GRWM!!! How beautiful are you and this look!!! I never
    thought of pairing Salem with Chestnut I usually just use Nightmoth. Your
    eye combo and those lashes!!! Everything about this look screams
    perfection!!! xoxo 

    • Emma Speer
    • 26th January 2015

    What’s your natural hair could you show us

    • Teo Lou
    • 26th January 2015

    This look

    • Neks2u
    • 26th January 2015


    • napRISApy1
    • 26th January 2015

    It’s gorgeous!!

    • The Makeup Chiq
    • 26th January 2015

    love this neutral look..one of my faves and salem looks great on u..

    • SweetxGuilt
    • 26th January 2015

    I just discovered your channel… ohmygod you’re so talented and sweet! 

    • Wanjiru Mwoka
    • 26th January 2015

    You look beautiful! I love your videos, you’re really talented<3

    • antonia browne
    • 26th January 2015

    All of a sudden u look like Gabrielle Union in this video loll love this
    look on u

    • Rida Bade
    • 26th January 2015

    Love it. Will defo try this. Ps hair colour suits you x love from London 

    • OsCiriah Sostan
    • 26th January 2015

    Beautiful! That lipstick was definitely made for YOU! Im tempted to try it
    out myself. Thanks for the upload :-)

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