Google Sites: Simple, secure group websites

Google Sites makes it easy for anyone to create and manage simple, secure group websites. You can create and publish new pages with the click of a button, ed…


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    • Mourne Lichten
    • 9th August 2014

    It’s free!!

    • yupin t
    • 9th August 2014


    • David Montarges
    • 9th August 2014

    -this is nice, take people through feelings of a better world, the planet
    is suffering because of a global governing elites, multinational. it seeks
    to govern at all costs, willing to do all the sacrifices necessary,
    manipulation of peoples by the media and wars, social decline and
    impoverishment, keeps people in poverty and ignorance.
    No wage developments, restriction of freedoms. proliferation of
    non-biological disease … Etc..
    Their desired you, a life full of happiness and dreams of peace …?,
    Educate them, educate them, instead of entertaining.
    The average level of knowledge and intellect is in free fall, despite the
    opening to the world of the Internet and the possibility of
    interconnection, the opposite happens, people becoming locked in their
    homes and live only by interposed screen

    • José Wilson Souza Santos
    • 9th August 2014

    thanks, but I do not understand any

    • Ali Jamal
    • 9th August 2014

    +Ahmad Ali Hope This WOuld Help…

    • Emmy Traisutha
    • 9th August 2014


    • Horacio Raul Pallero
    • 9th August 2014

    Muy buena la aplicación! 

    • Jesus de la cruz
    • 9th August 2014

    Se creativo

    • Danar Eka
    • 9th August 2014


    • Get To Know More #GSA2012
    • 9th August 2014

    #GoogleSites #GSA2012

    • Fahmi Hidayatullah
    • 9th August 2014

    Learn Google Ski

    • Guga Todua
    • 9th August 2014

    Google Sites makes it easy for anyone to create and manage simple, secure
    group websites. Have you ever tried it?

    • SVWildman
    • 9th August 2014

    works horrible, i can not see the button “create”, and i cant use it

    • Horacio Raul Pallero
    • 9th August 2014

    Muy buena la aplicación! 

    • WilliamDansler CAPPDAVADA
    • 9th August 2014


    • tommy putranto
    • 9th August 2014

    very cool :D

    • antelmo blanco torres
    • 9th August 2014

    Goles aires es magnifico

    • jacksfreebies
    • 9th August 2014

    DONT use google sites find another hoster. I had a site for over a year and
    google without any reason disabled it costing me money every day. They dont
    give any reasons as to why they disable a site or what rules you broke (if
    any). DONT USE GOOGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TRONIC1ful
    • 9th August 2014


    • Jaran Mrcikemankomank
    • 10th August 2014

    Thanks a lot for this, now I know how to do that!!

    • 007s00s
    • 10th August 2014

    how is the paid verison?

    • vo ky
    • 10th August 2014

    I just created diaocbds and sgddiaoc in google sites It is very good

    • ghezaru
    • 10th August 2014

    numi place

    • ssoddssodd
    • 10th August 2014


    • MrMr
    • 10th August 2014

    Why I can’t find my Google site,when I search it on Google?

    • BulkaHackers
    • 10th August 2014

    thx 😀

    • Caseysvids
    • 10th August 2014

    @SilverFan8 Start watching at 2:47 -__-

    • GtaReals11
    • 10th August 2014

    but how to make banner in site

    • londonwebsites
    • 10th August 2014

    Just to add that we’ve been testing Google Sites rigorously over the past 5
    hours and it hasn’t given us any problems at all. We were considering
    spending several thousand on a database, CMS and web design. This is a real
    breakthrough for all small businesses, there’s no reason not to at least
    try it.

    • iamagiantseaturd
    • 10th August 2014

    Google Sites is crap. Google page creator was much more powerful allowing
    you to actually make a web SITE. Come on google, quick censoring my code. I
    want to be able to upload my html, i want to be able to use CSS on my web
    page. I’m not retarded cookie cutter.

    • 10th August 2014

    How can I map my google site to my domain from go daddy please

    • soetun159
    • 10th August 2014

    Thank you

    • darylgolden1
    • 10th August 2014

    How did you add the anouncements gadget?

    • Yenny Ascanio
    • 10th August 2014

    in spanish please

    • My Hà Thị Trà
    • 10th August 2014

    Thanks so much!

    • Paul Liosso
    • 10th August 2014

    TUTORIALS and GFX + Cod? My channel is getting started and I would love
    some help! And if you want a sub back, no prob 😀

    • iamagiantseaturd
    • 10th August 2014

    to upload html pages for d&d characters on an online d&d game. I also use
    it to upload vcproject files so i don’t have to clutter up my email. etc.
    It’s free, i don’t feel like paying for hosting.

    • 12mrmax12
    • 10th August 2014

    its not free

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