How I Achieve BIG EYES & LIPS!

Hey guys! I really wanted to give you a much deeper insight into why I always seem to gravitate towards this particular makeup look (my daily makeup routine)…


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    • DaisyyMichelle | Gameplays & more
    • 10th November 2014

    Your eyelashes are to die for.

    You are so fortunate to have natural long lashes :/

    • keeksyclifford x
    • 10th November 2014

    at about 3:43 to maybe 3:44 look to the left of her there is some sort of
    black shodowy figure thing

    • Stephanie Lloyd
    • 10th November 2014

    I checked to see how much the mascara she uses is and it is $48 here in
    Australia! Can anyone recommend any cheaper alternatives for a mascara that
    lengthens with out clumping?

    • Lauren Curtis
    • 10th November 2014

    NEW VIDEO! How I Achieve BIG EYES & LIPS! Please ‘like’ the video if you
    enjoyed 😀 xx

    • VasseurBeauty
    • 10th November 2014

    I tried that lip liner trick and I when I saw my mom she asked “did you
    have your lips done?” So yea, awesome tip! thanks xo 

    • Malika Bala
    • 10th November 2014

    I think the background would be a ton less distracting if those four white
    haired brushes on the right side (my right, Lauren’s left) were taken out!
    Those brushes look stained so it’s just a little distracting! 

    • Melina86
    • 10th November 2014

    Is there anyway to tint or dye your eyelashes for us who are blond, like
    Lauren, but without products made for that? (We don’t have that in my
    country), and without hir dying products? (I think they might fall down if
    i try that)… I usually don’t even use two coats of rimmerl, so my
    eyelashes are never being on constant products, but i’m so frikin tired of
    having to use mascara everytime i have to go something. Also with my
    eyebrows… 🙁 Any ideas? Thank you!

    • jinju oh
    • 10th November 2014

    Any tips on keeping your lashes curled up after using an eye lash curler? I
    invested in expensive tarte eyelash curler, in hopes that it’ll keep my
    lashes curled the whole day but after mascara and curling, it goes back
    down in a matter of minutes….how can I keep my lashes up?:(

    • Eddie Pticek
    • 10th November 2014

    I’m a guy and I watch all her videos for no reason lol

    • Litfromwithin
    • 10th November 2014

    At my age (50) I have very thin lips and really struggle with trying to
    give my lips a nice full look without it being obvious. I am going to try
    this, thank you!

    • SellaryVlog
    • 10th November 2014

    It always looks so simple on tutorials then I go to do it and it looks
    awful 🙁 But shes got perfect skin and products and I have freckles and
    such !

    • Zeena
    • 10th November 2014

    I normally don’t like overdrawn lips but she did it so well and natural
    looking. Really made a difference.

    • Catherin Stadele
    • 11th November 2014

    what mascara did she use?

    • Danielle Payne
    • 11th November 2014

    Lauren your face is perfection! 

    • Megan Li
    • 11th November 2014

    i love you lauren you look so pretty in this video

    • lanipsey
    • 11th November 2014

    Yes Lauren I totally feel you with the eyeliner thing you were taking
    about! I have very small eyes and I feel that eyeliner tends to overpower
    my entire lid and drown out my eye as opposed to heavy mascara and maybe
    some soft black eyeshadow smudged against my upper lash line if i want

    • Böhmische Art!
    • 11th November 2014

    Lauren my dear, I want your eyelashes so badly :'( they’re so long and
    perfect and beautiful… And mines are just so short and normal and

    • Lwhitney
    • 11th November 2014

    Your GIGANTIC brush collection!!!! I never thought I’d see the day, but
    I’m well on my way >.<

    • Lea SS
    • 11th November 2014

    Is she AMERICAN or new zelandian? 

    • PinkBikini84
    • 11th November 2014

    This look is beautiful! Is lime crime and too faced readily available in

    • Vanessa Bisetti
    • 11th November 2014

    This video was so helpful!!! Im definitely going to try not to use eyeliner
    so my eyes look bigger, oh and btw your makeup brushes look a little dirty
    lol, why don’t you make a video of how to clean them? xo

    • Synthiya B
    • 11th November 2014

    Mascara Tutorial? because usually my left eye always looks better than my
    right. and the more coats I apply the better my left eye looks and the
    worse my right eye looks

    • Kim Alba
    • 11th November 2014

    You are so beautiful. Love the tips a lot. :)

    • AlReem S
    • 11th November 2014

    my eye’s never look bigger without the eyeliner , I don’t know why 

    • Raven Vajdos
    • 11th November 2014

    Hello, My name is Raven and I just struggle with yellow tinted teeth, Could
    you do a dental care video? How do your keep your teeth so lovely? Thank
    you! You’d really be a lifesaver!

    • Arin Avari
    • 11th November 2014

    Does anyone know where to get sigma brushes??

    • Freya Young
    • 11th November 2014

    You look so beautiful without makeup♥

    • Hanh Mai
    • 11th November 2014

    what was her (A.) reasoning for not wearing eyeliner anyone?:) 

    • Abbey Gatlin
    • 11th November 2014

    I love that you don’t overdo it on your everyday look. I used to work with
    girls that had club style makeup on during the day, and I didn’t understand
    why they felt the need to cake on so much for work. Question though. The
    products that you used in this video, are they your tried and true go to
    products for your everyday look? Just curious since I know you use many
    types of products in your other tutorials, but wondering if these are your
    personal “gotta have it” makeup products. Great video girl!

    • Tiffany Bui
    • 11th November 2014

    i love it when you zoom in. its so much easier to see what youre doing and
    every other details. please zoom in more often, love your videos :*

    • Josie Kpop
    • 11th November 2014

    Don’t like watching you as much anymore )):

    • Jazzmin Aveena
    • 11th November 2014

    I think the whole “big eyes” thing, it’s not the more space between the
    lash line and brow bone, but instead there’s more light. You add a
    highlight to the inner corner of your eye, to make them appear bigger, so
    I’d think the same would apply to your actual eye lids? If you don’t have
    heavy eyeliner, or insanely thick lashes, your eyes aren’t as darkened by
    shadows, and give off the illusion of more space, therefore appearing

    • Kendall K
    • 11th November 2014

    I love Lauren, but the reason her eyes really look so big after is her long
    beautiful eyelashes. That really makes them look amazing. I’ve tried
    multiple tutorials like this, but with my thin, short lashes, my eyes
    definitely don’t look anywhere near as big. Whereas, I pop on a set of
    falsies and bam, my eyes are nice and big and doll like 🙂 

    • Alana McInnis
    • 11th November 2014

    do you lighten your eyebrows? and if so how do you do it? they just look a
    bit lighter than they did in your older videos. I have been considering
    lightening mine, they are quite dark and I have blonde highlighted hair, my
    hairdresser didnt want to do it though! I have a new hairdresser now and am
    considering asking her! would love to know what you do though!

    • Joanna Banegas
    • 11th November 2014

    Your so fantastic at applying makeup. That lippie comoliments your skin
    tone and features! I love it but I’m afraid it’ll look bad on me since Im
    pretty opposite looking of you. I have brown eyes and olive skin and dark
    hair. Oh well 🙂 

    • Genesis O'Neal
    • 11th November 2014

    am i the only one whos eyes look much bigger and wider WITH liquid
    eyeliner [small cat eye] and waterline black liner? lol …if i DONT add
    those 2, my eyes look so beady

    • mackenzie kuykendall
    • 11th November 2014

    Any help on how to not get mascara under the bottom of you eyelashes on the
    skin … Every single day, I have to get a q-tip and whip it off and that
    ruins the mascara and idk what to do HELP!!

    • Angela Chen
    • 11th November 2014

    .hi Lauren First comment. !! Yayyyyyyyyyyy. U r my idol. Please reply

    • Billie Dee
    • 11th November 2014

    I curl my lashes (mascara literally looks crap if i dont) but so many
    mascaras just weigh down the curl 5 seconds after application. If anyone
    has the same problem or knows good mascaras to hold the curl let me know
    please you will be my saviour xx

    • thisnat nat
    • 11th November 2014

    What was the mascara called?:)

    • Rebecca Phillips
    • 11th November 2014

    Lauren I would love it if you’d let us into your life a bit more and do
    more personal videos like other youtubers

    • Courtney Radcliffe
    • 11th November 2014

    Loved this video! Definitely my favourite of all your recent ones 🙂 will
    for sure be purchasing that Estée Lauder!

    • Danica Carter
    • 11th November 2014

    Hey girl, love your videos. I have a great idea for you. I have dark hair
    and I’m sure a lot of people watching your video would be unsure if certain
    makeup looks or products would look good with their haircolour and
    obviously you wouldn’t want to dye your hair just to do a makeup
    tutorial… so I had an idea that you could do some tutorials wearing
    different coloured hair wigs! It would be a great way to mix up your videos
    a bit and to show people some looks that work on different hair colours 🙂

    • Madison Woods
    • 11th November 2014

    Does your eyeshadow stay on all day? If so how? I feel like when I wear
    eyeshadow within a few hours it fades and just eh. 

    • CaliBeauty0228
    • 11th November 2014

    Lauren when will u STOP BUYING brushes??? Holy smokes

    • Eva Miss-e-y
    • 11th November 2014

    Lauren which mascara do you use in this video? I always find my mascaras
    are too wet x

    • Denzhy
    • 11th November 2014

    Your eyes looked so much bigger before you coated your bottom lashes!

    • Aleksandra Ciric
    • 11th November 2014

    I didnt like this and previous video, i enjoy ur videos so much but not
    those kind of videos I just find them not so interesting i like the videos
    when you learn smth new and different and when ur personality shines

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