How To Install Kitchen Cabinets – Installing Kitchen Cabinets

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    • Mike Emory
    • 5th January 2015

    best cabinet install video by far! Very well produced and put together.

    • Denise Sousa
    • 5th January 2015

    I love this video. Great step by step instructions. I feel like tearing
    apart my kitchen and putting new cabinets in now. I was just wondering 1.
    how to install the crown molding on the cabinets and 2. how to install
    skirting or whatever its called that goes around the bottom of the upper
    cabinets for hiding under cabinet lighting and 3. how to install toe kicks
    . thanks a bunch

    • Dave Winston
    • 5th January 2015

    Now that’s is a good install. My last boss on his own kitchen said all I
    needed was a drill, some screws and a torpedo level to install his
    kitchen. The EZ system takes care of the problems before there is the
    problem. I just wish you didn’t have to leave the hardware under the base

    • Gil Jaramillo
    • 5th January 2015

    What aGREAT video!! Love it. Great info! Have some questions.. Is the
    countersink #10 size? And what is the size and length of the screws you
    used for jointing the cabinets together and screwing to the wall?

    • Anthony Repaci
    • 5th January 2015

    Excellent instructional video. I am researching re-doing our kitchen and
    really want to do it myself. This video makes it seem like tackling this
    project might not be as difficult as I imagined if I have the right tools
    and know-how! Thx for taking the time to make this video.

    • James Collins
    • 5th January 2015

    Does the ledger board stay or do you remove it to install backsplash?

    • David Carefoot
    • 5th January 2015

    great video learned a lot thanks

    • johnny d
    • 5th January 2015

    Amazing Video !!!

    • Vasantha Edirisinghe
    • 5th January 2015

    Thank you very help full

    • todd palmer
    • 5th January 2015

    though i wouldnt screw a board to the finished wall..cabinet jack..sorry
    wont share my design

    • Richard Sealy
    • 5th January 2015

    Nice video, I will be using your product when I’m ready to do the kitchen.

    • Shelba Ellison
    • 5th January 2015


    • chidoche88
    • 5th January 2015

    I have a very silly question. What size should the ledger board be? 

    • Oscar Cabatic
    • 5th January 2015

    Best video ever seen. for cabinet installition great job.

    • Cecila Ramos
    • 5th January 2015

    planning to change my cabinet, with all the info it make easy

    • hvactech77
    • 5th January 2015

    Didnt u now put holes in the wall from ur ledger?

    • Bruce Meyhoff
    • 5th January 2015

    Thank you for this video, it is one of the best step by step videos that I
    have seen so far, I learned a lot (that I need more tools).

    • dana wilson
    • 5th January 2015

    great how to video!

    • Big Al
    • 5th January 2015

    What brand and model clamps are these and where did you get them.
    Thanks!! The ones on website are different than the ones you used.

    • Tony Jelev
    • 5th January 2015

    Great video. Just save about $800 by installing my whole kitchen thanks to
    Ez-level system and this video. 

    • SheIsBlessed
    • 5th January 2015

    Could a novice like me really be able to do a good job?

    • Justin Elms
    • 5th January 2015


    • Ricardo Olivo
    • 5th January 2015

    Thanks for the clear instructions on how to install kitchen
    cabinets!!!! WELL DONE! 

    • Leon Altuna
    • 5th January 2015

    great system. will recommend it! And also use it myself. Thank you!

    • Glenn Pagarigan
    • 5th January 2015


    • eromgirp
    • 5th January 2015

    The clearest step by step video I’ve seen by far. Very well produced and
    edited for a novice, like myself to understand. Thanks Guys.

    • Gary Garoutte
    • 5th January 2015

    Very nice and informative video

    • WV591
    • 5th January 2015

    Awesome work.

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