How to Start a Natural Products Business – Lessons Learned

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    • nikkiatkins33
    • 27th July 2014

    Sparkwisdom can you tell us what you did when you stopped making product
    in-house please

    • Lisa Jean
    • 27th July 2014

    Are you still doing consultations?

    • aqua fina
    • 27th July 2014

    Hi are you still coaching…help?
    Im a single mom with limited to no income…

    • Syreeta Scott
    • 27th July 2014

    Hi. Are you still offering this service? If so I would LOOOOVE to register
    for the next consultation class. 

    • 27th July 2014

    It’s a GOD thang! Sign up 🙂

    • Ashley Armstrong
    • 27th July 2014

    I would like to find out more about starting a business, but I wanted to
    ask you if you have webinars/teleseminars where you give this information?
    I live in the VA area and would not be able to meet in person.

    • AngeloandAset Brathwaite
    • 27th July 2014

    This is CRAZY because I was going to message you and ask you to coach me
    today. I was talking to my husband about you this morning. Hope I am not
    too late!

    • Valarie Johnson
    • 27th July 2014

    Geat Video! Love it!!

    • 27th July 2014

    I’m signing up.

    • 27th July 2014

    Hi! Thanks for your interest! There are already 3 submissions so its
    working on our end. Please refresh your browser 🙂

    • Nyeasha Mobley
    • 27th July 2014

    I would like to sign up

    • Coily Mane
    • 27th July 2014

    You’re a class act sis!!…and your hair is devine!

    • Cassie Jones
    • 27th July 2014

    I just want to learn how to start a make up business I think theres too
    many natutral hair products out there already and a lot of competition But
    theres not that many makeup business for black women 🙂

    • 27th July 2014

    LOL! Thank you so much! I am stepping it up in 2013. I’ll still have some
    regular ones though. LOL!

    • shaqshawn
    • 27th July 2014

    wow, step up ur game then girl, this vid looks great!! u rock!

    • iamaksd
    • 27th July 2014

    How often will you be doing consulting trainings?

    • Chandra Denise
    • 27th July 2014

    I sent you a message and I really hope I am not too late to be chosen.
    There are so many things I don’t know about starting my business but if I
    am too late for the consult, I would like to know if you are willing to
    sell me your distributors list. That would be very helpful to me.

    • Ayot Cel
    • 27th July 2014

    Hi. I went to the web site, but I am not sure where to sign up for the
    coaching. I really need this. I have a name for my company, two signature
    products and product ideas. I watched your first business video and I came
    up with a name. Two years later, I’m still at square one. Fear, fear, and
    more fear. Please help. This is the year to do something big. You are
    brilliant. Thanks.

    • RonnieNaturalBeauty
    • 27th July 2014

    Hello. I just signed up for this today on 7.1.13…I hope you’re still
    doing this program. Thanks in advance for this opportunity!

    • Marqueshia Fountain
    • 27th July 2014

    Thank you for sharing!!!!

    • Anastasia Helmans
    • 27th July 2014

    My account is going mental with $130 to $240 per day. Checkout

    • Kai OBrien
    • 27th July 2014

    do you create your own products? who manufacturers for you?

    • 27th July 2014

    God bless you! We rebuke FEAR in the name of Jesus! Let’s get you going. It
    is NOT difficult to do. The link is in the “Read More” section on the site.

    • 27th July 2014

    Possibly 2x per year. MAYBE 🙂

    • dportis47
    • 27th July 2014

    Great video honey! (First)

    • Jay Ro
    • 27th July 2014

    I hope you are still offering because I just signed up. I really hope you
    pick me!

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