Initial Review (First Look) Aliexpress Rosa hair Products Virgin Indian Deep wave hair

This review is a 100% honest of my opinion if the hair, i was not sent this hair to review. I am not a professional. Hey guy I’m sorry it took a while to upl…


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    • Joneshia Jacobs
    • 26th October 2014

    The truth behind this hair: it doesn’t straighten no retain it’s curl after
    three or four washes. I didn’t find out until afterward that the hair is
    steam-processed (meaning that their “unprocessed” slogan is of no use). 

    • Ooakinlade
    • 26th October 2014

    Nice hair I love it

    • Anneka Jones
    • 26th October 2014

    look up how to blend your hair because that wasnt blended well.

    • Saniyyah Mushatt
    • 26th October 2014

    Okay I’ll purchase I’m not scared lol

    • buranamoon
    • 26th October 2014

    This would be considered curly not deep wave. It looks really good

    • La TonyaMoody@Rosebeauty101
    • 26th October 2014

    Did the hair matt and tangle after the first month? Do you think it could
    last 1 year

    • Daija Douthard
    • 26th October 2014

    Another Update 

    • 26th October 2014

    this hair tangled after 6 months of use?

    • TheHappyfeet133
    • 26th October 2014

    Whts the name of the song in the beginning

    • leslie L
    • 26th October 2014


    while placing the order, please leave the message with ‘sara 015’ the
    vendor will modify the best price for u

    • Lovely Sheri
    • 26th October 2014

    I am in love with your hair ♥ Sheri

    • abosede40
    • 26th October 2014

    Love the hair mostly the curls on top

    • Ngozi Eneogwe
    • 26th October 2014

    so pretty i want this hair!

    • yeahFUXKINright
    • 26th October 2014

    Its really pretty. Indian hair always has the best

    • FrenchPoodle08
    • 26th October 2014

    the hair looks really pretty, how is it doing now? i purchased from this
    company too, check out my vid!

    • dollfacedbabeokay
    • 26th October 2014

    nvm i found it. the curls are very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pretty

    • Neka Shellz
    • 26th October 2014

    I love Rosa Hair,it is my only vendor….The quality is very good..@^_^@..

    • Ijada Fields
    • 26th October 2014

    How is the hair holding up? Nd the color looks fine 🙂

    • dollfacedbabeokay
    • 26th October 2014

    So overall you’d say that indian is very curly and not wavy right?? I’m
    looking for VERY curly hair!

    • dollfacedbabeokay
    • 26th October 2014

    Do you have a direct link to the hair you purchased?

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