It’s all about the Jaw!

Want to look more photogenic or photograph people looking more photogenic? Peter Hurley explains how he accentuates the jawline of his clients with a few sim…


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    • Leon Rodgers
    • 8th August 2014

    *Shocking! Instantly Become More Photogenic By Tilting Your Head Forward*
    I can’t believe this makes such a difference….but it does!


    • PicMonkey
    • 9th August 2014

    Get great tips on posing for the camera from this you tube video by head
    shot photographer Peter Hurley.

    • Brad Thompson
    • 9th August 2014

    For all you self conscious people hiding behind cartoon avatars, you’re
    beautiful, but you just need to know how to take a proper #selfie

    Watch, learn, smile, shoot, post, profit. :)

    • Allison Malone
    • 9th August 2014

    I already see many wonderful portraits posted for this week’s “beauty”
    #womeninphotographythemes . For those of you looking to refine your
    portraiture skills, I urge you to spend 15 minutes watching +Peter Hurley discuss
    jawline… you will never approach portraiture the same again!

    I typically like sharing articles by other #womeninphotography , but having
    visited Peter’s studio in NYC and experienced his work up close and
    personal, he truly is the best teacher on the subject… his portraits all
    capture the pure beauty of his subjects with his simple and sophisticated
    style. He does ramble a little in the video, but it is still worth the
    watch… this technique is invaluable! Let’s welcome him as an honorary
    woman for the day!

    #phototips #portraiture #nomoredoublechin 

    • olimario
    • 9th August 2014

    This is hugely helpful to me, especially as senior portrait season 2014
    approaches. Does this technique look awkward on wider shots? Should it only
    be reserved for headshots? 

    • david lincoln brooks
    • 9th August 2014

    My God, Peter, that’s incredible. What a great lesson. At age
    51, I have gotten too heavy a bodyweight, and damn, it shows. Photos
    make me look ten years older than the me I see in the mirror. I need to
    try this jawline trick. Thank you.

    • Liam M
    • 9th August 2014

    If you really want to accentuate your jaw; grow a beard. Most men look more
    attractive with a 5 to 10 day stubble.

    • Icex Aoki
    • 9th August 2014

    10 years of Headshot? Doing Headshot all the time?? Damn, this guy must be
    a God in Counter-Strike….

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • 9th August 2014

    10 years of headshots? Bet this guy’s a camper.

    • michael p
    • 9th August 2014

    simply, amazing!

    • Ria Hearts D
    • 9th August 2014

    No, it’s not working because I am still awful in picts.

    • M Katherine Eagan
    • 9th August 2014

    That is a physical therapy exercise too for neck issues lol. Love it. I can
    take good selfies but not if someone else takes the picture. lol

    • Will Norris
    • 9th August 2014

    So today the Google+ DevRel team took the afternoon off for a little team
    offsite. This jawline trick from +Peter Hurley has been going around
    lately, so we tried it a bit and everyone was really amazed at the results.
    You should see some photos soon from myself, +Ade Oshineye, +Chris Chabot
    and others. Try this technique yourself the next time you’re doing
    portraits. It really does feel weird, but the results are great!

    • Christy Ramsey
    • 9th August 2014

    Because I want you all to look *FABULOUS* in your profile pictures!

    • Mimi Round
    • 9th August 2014

    check out this cool video, How to be Instantly More Photogenic!

    • Re Mi
    • 9th August 2014

    Brace yourselves for Selfies 2.0

    Via +Charles Plaine 

    • Praverb the Wyse
    • 9th August 2014

    Peter Hurley sharing tips on how to make people look more photogenic. Bring
    your forehead out (think Aliens) and drop the chin. Simple! Great tip!

    • Leruun
    • 9th August 2014

    good video BUT what to do if your model has a pretty long neck? then he
    looks like a giraffe and thats pretty uncool.

    • Desert Foxchild
    • 9th August 2014

    Part of this is also not over smiling. I am not an expert, but smiling too
    strongly causes deep lines in the face around the mouth and under the
    cheeks. Its not that flattering compared to the smooth look of a subtle
    Great video Peter, glad I found it!

    • 12DeathKnight
    • 9th August 2014

    11:56 wow!

    • Chrystian Tigeleiro
    • 9th August 2014

    Might have posted this before, but one of my favorite videos on getting the
    best of your ugly face for a photo. Really good tips from a professional
    photographer (+Peter Hurley) on how to angle your face to get the best
    picture possible.

    (15 minutes, 21 seconds long)

    • acbulgin2
    • 9th August 2014

    It’s also all about the razor, and the hot water, and the shaving cream.
    And the flossing and the brushing. And working out. And the hair. Then,
    it’s all about the jaw and squinching. Good video!

    • Vaggos el Greco
    • 9th August 2014

    Photography is FUN!!!

    • Jem Matzan
    • 9th August 2014

    This is a really informative video. However, I think you should reshoot it
    with a slightly modified script. Do a find-and-replace on two words: guys,
    and action. Replace all instances of “guys” with “motherfuckers,” and all
    instances of “action” with “bullshit.” This will not directly solve the
    problem of the annoying verbal affections, but it will do one of two
    things: Make this video both informative *and* very funny, or encourage a
    close friend or colleague to speak up during editing and help solve the
    issue that they were afraid to bring up the first time around.

    • Afiscionada
    • 9th August 2014

    This is going to save my life and my instagram’s friends life too 😀 Thanks
    Great video!!

    • TheSchwarzKater
    • 9th August 2014

    11:50 aaahhh great I laughed! :D

    • Max Huijgen
    • 9th August 2014

    *Fifteen minutes to improve your head shot photo: Jaws revisited!*
    *I rarely watch instructional videos as they are time consuming, but Peter
    Hurley here does a great job. If you´re impatient go the 9th minute to see
    the results*

    Such a simple trick and such a huge improvement! No expensive equipment or
    post-processing needed to enormously improve your head shot. Next time you
    need one for your CV have your photographer watch this first!
    *Like Peter says ´it may feel weird, but if it looks great who cares´*

    *I have changed my profile photo for today to my formal one to show some

    check out this photo by +francisco tejon
    https://plus.google.com/u/0/109753187393405195231/posts/36fkmCCZCuN to see
    a shot where the technique almost certainly has been applied.

    via +Will Norris

    • Vivek Mishra
    • 9th August 2014

    BAM! BOOM! BAM! Awesome!!

    • Chris Thomas
    • 9th August 2014


    • Mick Jigger
    • 9th August 2014

    God damn! This is fantastic!!! 

    • tsunimee
    • 9th August 2014

    Holy smokes, this could save me. Peter, you are a gem for sharing this. Got
    a lot if practice to do but I am happy about it xx 

    • Zach Evans
    • 9th August 2014

    Your hilarious and this tutorial is useful. Thanks

    • IamYou86
    • 9th August 2014

    Thank you so much for putting this out for free. You are a very kind human
    being ^.^ 

    • Busbee Style
    • 9th August 2014

    GREAT video, +Peter Hurley – I had a headshot session with Bryan Bowden
    when he was working with you many years ago and he taught me to “squinch”
    … game changer for photos!!! Thank you…

    • Nick Nider
    • 9th August 2014


    • JayPaulie
    • 9th August 2014


    • Michael Kubler
    • 9th August 2014

    Wow, this is going to revolutionise my studio portraits.
    I felt like I was at the edge of my own skills and this is exactly what I
    needed to grow my mastery of photography, but I wish I knew this years ago!

    • Hillel Fuld
    • 9th August 2014

    *Interesting! How to be Instantly More Photogenic!*

    • Charles Ingalls
    • 9th August 2014

    Peter Hurley you’re awesome

    • Joshua Hubbard
    • 9th August 2014

    SHABANG!!! he kept making me piss myself laughing

    • Alan Fair
    • 9th August 2014

    Want to communicate looking good in pictures, then watch this video,
    apparently it’s all in the Jaw line.


    • jawo simon
    • 9th August 2014

    I learned something! haha pls help me, i think i look good in person but in
    camera im damn ugly,like hell! :(

    • Prince WinstonTheeThird
    • 9th August 2014

    Old guy in the beginning looks like an old Chris Hemsworth!

    • Orlando Alvarez
    • 9th August 2014

    Genius tips!!!

    • shiftf8.co.uk
    • 9th August 2014

    #webdesign #photography #southport – Great tip for shooting portraits to
    get the jaw line right.

    • SyllixMusic
    • 9th August 2014

    This was a really fun and informative video! Thanks so much for this! I
    have a photoshoot tomorrow and these tips I think will help a lot :)

    • MrEye4get
    • 9th August 2014

    Amazing! I love your energy! Better than Photoshop and faster too! 

    • Maria Henderson
    • 9th August 2014


    • Derek Sr Deler
    • 9th August 2014

    Good Stuff

    • Ompanime
    • 9th August 2014

    This guy is very smart! OMG

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