Kissable ❤ Lips DIY

A quick DIY video on how to exfoliate your lips. Your lips are just as gentle as your skin, so be sure to take extra care of your lips and use lip balm or …


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    • Hannah Marshall
    • 9th September 2014

    Just tried the lip scrub, it works amazingly! But, I made little too much,
    should I refrigerate the extra because of the honey? 

    • dalina huynh
    • 9th September 2014

    How long do u keep it on for, before u wash it off?

    • Sakdalone Khounsavat
    • 9th September 2014

    Vasaline Is not edible it can kill u if u eat it

    • EverythingMya
    • 9th September 2014

    so i’m not hydrating? ok I will go get some pop

    • sweetplum
    • 9th September 2014

    sigh…i remember when Michelle do videos with affordable products… now
    she’s using products I cant afford..

    • Leah Raji
    • 9th September 2014
    • Charizma Velazquez
    • 9th September 2014

    i don’t have vasaline is there another thing i could use.

    • Julia oh
    • 9th September 2014

    The lip scrub works mish! Thanks girl!

    • Channel 831
    • 9th September 2014
    • Fridatroll10
    • 9th September 2014

    You can us lemon juice and sugar for faster lipscrub!

    • hannah smo
    • 9th September 2014

    Probably one if my fav videos from Michelle 😀 I love these kinds of videos
    she used to do 

    • Hannah Zaveson
    • 9th September 2014

    this doesnt even look like Michelle o.o

    • FashionFreak xo
    • 9th September 2014

    Its not really yummy to taste vaseline

    • julia lourden
    • 9th September 2014

    I tried the lip scrub along time ago, it was amazing

    • Jasmine Newton
    • 9th September 2014

    you odnt need vaseline
    so you could actually swallow or eat the scrub

    • logan hall
    • 9th September 2014

    I’ve tried those colgate whisp things, and honestly, i don’t think they are
    worth the price… well at walmart at least… lol

    • Chenell1100
    • 9th September 2014

    I love your hair like that 

    • Haven Laysy
    • 9th September 2014

    I miss this old michelle :(

    • Sakdalone Khounsavat
    • 9th September 2014
    • claire a
    • 9th September 2014

    this really worked! except i didnt want to use vaseline so i used 1/2tsp
    organic extra virgin olive oil, and raw organic honey. In my opinion i just
    think organic is better because why not stick with the naturals? besides,
    the natural vitamins and nutrients in the naturals are more preserved than

    • Quenclyn Alston
    • 9th September 2014

    I can’t find a lipstick that doesn’t dry out my lips…suggestions?

    • Lavendergal1
    • 9th September 2014

    You used EOS before it was cool haha

    • Darby Fritsch
    • 9th September 2014

    How long do you keep it on for 

    • Syeyon Kang
    • 9th September 2014

    Who on earth said that exfoliating is bad??

    • Jasmin96961
    • 9th September 2014

    When you uploaded this 4 years back, I fell in love with you. No homo, but
    I got a huge girl crush on you. I thought ‘Wow, she is like the
    prettiest/sweetest girl ever!’. You were my idol Michelle <3

    • MM M
    • 9th September 2014

    I was trying to find this vid a couple of weeks ago. Seems like she
    re-uploaded it :D

    • CurlyHairFTW
    • 9th September 2014

    I eat the lip scrub off. its delicious

    • Azul Orozco
    • 9th September 2014

    what is DIY? or what does it mean

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