Line Dance Video – Boot Scootin’ Boogie Line Dance Steps

Learn the Boot Scootin’ Boogie line dance. If you have ever wanted to learn how to line dance, or learn the line dance steps to the Boot Scootin’ Boogie look no further. Practice along with…


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    • Aj Alvarado
    • 2nd January 2015


    • Melica
    • 2nd January 2015

    love it

    • Ginny R
    • 2nd January 2015

    cute beginner version

    • wanda wagner
    • 2nd January 2015

    super, sehr hilfreich für anfanger

    • Mitt Obama
    • 2nd January 2015

    Can anybody please tell me the title and singer of the song on the first 25
    seconds of the video?

    • Mitt Obama
    • 2nd January 2015

    Yes sir. You made my day. I would really highly appreciate if you can get
    me a copy. Will pay of course. Thanks!

    • Miguel Guzman
    • 2nd January 2015

    That song is called Me and You by the City Cowboys. The guitarist is Doug
    Collins, he now plays for Billy Currington. You might have trouble finding
    the song because that band was never huge. They were more of a local group.
    A few college musicians that played for fun. I can get you a copy of the
    song though if you would like…

    • harringtonnicholas
    • 2nd January 2015

    Note that this dance is meant for a song in 12-bar blues. Tried teaching it
    to some students and wondered why I couldn’t get the “phrasing” correct –
    took some figuring out. Great dance, but not applicable to many songs.

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