LIPSTICK 101: Perfect Lips Everyday & Long-Wear

Here’s a tutorial on how to get the PERFECT lipstick application in 2 techniques: 1. Everyday from the tube and 2. Precise prep for long-wearing opacity __ PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Shiseido…


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    • From Head To Toe
    • 26th March 2015

    BRAND NEW video just went up! LIPSTICK 101: Perfect Lips Everyday &

    • Adela
    • 26th March 2015

    This was such a helpful video! 🙂 Thank you! <3

    • Liz Perdacher
    • 26th March 2015

    *Thank you for making my Monday Morning better ^,^* and my lipstick last
    for my long school Day :*

    • Emily's Studio
    • 26th March 2015

    You look so gorgeous here! The tissue paper and powder tip is so helpful~
    Thank you!!

    • CiPp35
    • 26th March 2015

    The birthday gift at Sephora with the Nars lipstick duo are to die for
    especially Cruella. Great for warm toned Asian skin. It literally stayed on
    my lips all day even after eating and without your powder trick (which is
    very helpful btw!). I might get a full one when I’m finished it!

    • Naoosha Mohammad
    • 26th March 2015

    under 301 club hahaha. Loved this video!!!! <3

    • Juan Zhao
    • 26th March 2015

    Hmm, I always wonder how to ea/drink when you having these bright colour
    lipsticks on… I mess up cups and food with colours 🙁 and keep worrying
    my lip looks horrible too!

    • Diane
    • 26th March 2015

    I love your eye makeup! 

    • Calicido
    • 26th March 2015

    Any tips on minimizing the lines on the lips? 

    • Lia Crawford
    • 26th March 2015

    I’m new to your channel and makeup so I’m loving your 101 tutorials!!

    • CarolaneCP
    • 26th March 2015

    That was very informative and helpful!
    p.s. I have a beauty channel too! I just posted a makeup tutorial and
    review on super affordable lipsticks! Please check it out!

    • 김말이
    • 26th March 2015

    omgosh you are sososoo gorgeous in this video! but you always are haha well
    can you plz do a tutorial of this look? thnx♡

    • RSVPready
    • 26th March 2015

    LOVED this basics vid jen! You are a lifesaver. Love that lipstick test
    with your finger too, we will definitely be using that tip! Xoxo

    • Julie Nguyen
    • 26th March 2015

    does anyone know what was the bright orange lipstick that she used in the
    end was? it’s gorgeous!

    • Kumiko Lino
    • 26th March 2015

    Can you do a guide on how to pick lipstick colours for various skin tones? 

    • bellajenna87
    • 26th March 2015

    The extreme close-up is so reminiscent of Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    • Therese Albano
    • 26th March 2015

    i love macs flat out fabulous thanks for this video jen! 

    • Catra Samoedro
    • 26th March 2015

    I think the MAC Miley Cyrus is a must have item. I fall in love with the

    • Stephxlolable
    • 26th March 2015

    jw could you do a tutorial on how to make lips smaller/bigger??

    • Gadiza H.
    • 26th March 2015

    I really love your make up here! Do you have a tutorial on it? :D

    • eolinluna
    • 26th March 2015

    My recent fav lipstick has been Missha’s peach coral lipstick–very
    hydrating with a gorgeous yet natural-looking color. I also LOVE VDL’s new
    line of liquid type lip color. Last one I would recommend is Etude
    House–they did a blind test on lipsticks on GetItBeauty and EH’s turned
    out to be #1. I’m not surprised cuz they do have great lipsticks altho the
    cases may look too toy-ish. Those who are planning to visit Korea for a
    makeup haul should really check these out :)

    • Areeane
    • 26th March 2015

    I always love your basic tutorials :)

    • mimituico
    • 26th March 2015

    Jen you have perfect set of the teeth

    • W Ting
    • 26th March 2015

    Hi Jen, u should try Shu eumura’s lipstick there have a variety of colors
    and it also last pretty long and pretty! 🙂 

    • Marie Eckhardt
    • 27th March 2015

    wheres your jacket from?? absolutely love it! xo

    • Puck van Rooij
    • 27th March 2015

    Thanks for the great tips! Definitely going to try the ”tissue and powder
    I wish my lips were more like yours. My lips are so thin that I can barely
    apply lipstick straight from the bullet because usually the top of the
    lipstick is too big!

    • Aeryn Kong
    • 27th March 2015

    Jen! My lipstick is always smudging or drying out my lips and flakes
    off…? do u know how to avoid this? tips or tricks?

    • chang Demi
    • 27th March 2015

    You should try Nars Audacious lipstick in the color LANA. its a bright
    orange-red… Anyways, I loved it’s formula and color 

    • esthertsangcy
    • 27th March 2015

    Hi Jen! This is a really helpful video!! Can u do one that talks abt
    choosing the right lipstick color?? Like how to match the skin tone etc.??
    Somehow I always feel weird when I put on lipstick :S 

    • V2245789
    • 27th March 2015

    Longing for a lip makup tutorial like this. Cheers!

    • ColorMeFood
    • 27th March 2015

    +From Head To Toe , Jen, I love your videos. Thank you for sharing your

    • miriam schmelczer
    • 27th March 2015

    Hi, I love your tutorial
    Are you maybe related to Christine fr xteener?

    • Sofie's Corner
    • 27th March 2015

    This video is so nice! I wish I had seen this a couple of years ago when I
    first started to wear lipstick and struggled a lot with the application. 🙂

    • Gabriela Hanamoto
    • 27th March 2015

    LIPSTICK 101: Perfect Lips Everyday & Long-Wear: http://youtu.be/j5sxrBWJ7V0

    • miaoshan saw
    • 27th March 2015

    I love this video! It’s really helpful for the beginners!

    • Marguerite Vo
    • 27th March 2015

    Can I please ask where your earrings are from?

    • shyrc
    • 27th March 2015

    Another one of your unique and just plainly the best tutorial jen:))

    • 91chansm
    • 27th March 2015

    Perhaps you can do a How-to tutorial on the application of matte lip
    products? We ladies know how tricky that could get~ Thanks Jen!

    • queenjessicathe1st
    • 27th March 2015

    Hey Jen can you do one on eyeliner? How to not make it smear and smudge and
    last longer? 🙂 keep up the great work!

    • Ali Dayz
    • 27th March 2015

    You’re so prettyyy!!! loved this xx

    • Ashley Kane
    • 27th March 2015

    Girl you rock that orange lipstick!

    • Victoria Hong
    • 27th March 2015

    Oh my goodness. I want to buy that lipstick now. It doesn’t grab much of my
    attention but it’s so pretty on you and we have the same skin complexion! :3

    I don’t own a lot of bright lipsticks yet but my favorite bold one is FBomb
    from Urban Decay. I think I just get too shy with very bright colors,
    honestly. Haha

    Before I wrap things up, Jen, I really hope you will see my message and I
    think you’ve been asked this before, I’m wondering if you can make a Pinup
    tutorial…? You’re so amazing and really an inspiration to build me
    confidence and everything. It’s really an idea and I’d hope you can do it.

    • xKayanYeung
    • 27th March 2015

    Im usually more of a simple lip tint fan, but recently started to loveee
    dark lipstick. But my problem is after a few hours my lips get dry and
    applying lip balm on top of the lipstick ruins it. And we all know lipstick
    on dry lips is a huge no no. Anyone have any tips ? thanks <3

    • Melin Libra
    • 27th March 2015

    Hi Jen ! I watch all of your video and I saw you use tarte smooths finish
    powder all the time ! I love it too ! Do you think it will make white cast
    when u take a picture ? I love it but I’m scare it will make my face look
    too white in the picture that’s why I just use it to set my everyday makeup
    and never use that when I hang out and taking picture .! Love you too 

    • humbunny1
    • 27th March 2015

    where’d you get your earrings!? I love them!

    • sunshine011btru
    • 27th March 2015

    I’m pretty confused about how people eat with lipstick on and whatnot, do
    you have to reapply every time you eat or drink or will it come off every
    time? 🙂 Neat tricks though! Thanks xx

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