Making a spoon with a gouge and spokeshave – with Paul Sellers

In this video Paul Sellers shows how to make a spoon with a few simple tools. Paul advocates shaping wood as an entry level project that helps introduce peop…


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    • Dennis Adams
    • 22nd October 2014

    Thanks Paul:
    But I am afraid I would cut some fingers off… I don’t own a hatchet, only
    have a jointer to get a flat edge..
    I guess you don’t use power tools.
    I love making spoons though..

    • Steve Larsen
    • 22nd October 2014

    Great video and great job. Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Gilberto Mello
    • 22nd October 2014
    • Pedro Pessoa
    • 22nd October 2014

    Always a joy to watch and listen Paul Seller. A woodworking and
    communication master.

    • Altima NEO
    • 22nd October 2014

    I just spent 40 minutes watching a video on how to make wooden spoons. I
    dont even have an interest in wood working, but man was this video
    interesting to watch.

    • WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings
    • 22nd October 2014

    Very good, could it use any type of wood “healthy” speaking?

    • Woodworking Plans & Projects You Tube Channel
    • 22nd October 2014

    *Hi everybody. Visit my channel. Best for woodworking plan & projects*

    • zsaver
    • 22nd October 2014

    I have a question Paul, what kinds of woods are safe to use as utensils and
    cutting boards?

    • mieguistumas
    • 22nd October 2014

    This is really really nice video. Before starting to watch it, I thought,
    that I won’t be able to watch such long video about spoon making, but I was
    wrong – That was one of the most enjoyable videos I’ve seen in a while.
    Organic, simple, without script, just a man and his work. I would probably
    cut off all finger that I have, so I’d rather use disk sander to do the
    final shaping. Nevertheless, you are my hero and I am not a woodworker at
    any level at all.

    • Clouds Rain
    • 22nd October 2014

    Really enjoyed that, and nice comparison to bushcraft. Very well done!

    • MrChefCampbell
    • 22nd October 2014

    I just started working with wood and this has given me all kinds of ideas
    (since I am actually a cook by trade). Great video!

    • kazl1m
    • 22nd October 2014

    I appreciate the mindfulness of the spoon making process. Thank you for
    giving me ideas and a view of the skills that I can develop making spoons.

    • D.E. Tangeman
    • 22nd October 2014
    • TheJimsock
    • 22nd October 2014


    • Dave Grode
    • 22nd October 2014

    What kind of axe is that?

    • Frederik Hanssens
    • 22nd October 2014

    Love it! Greetings from Belgium! 

    • pavolpi
    • 22nd October 2014

    good job.

    • rizakan
    • 22nd October 2014

    one like button is not enough, beautifull !!! :)

    • nassim elie
    • 22nd October 2014

    Beautiful !! Nice work and really good explaining.

    • 1978ajax
    • 22nd October 2014

    That huge gouge slicing effortlessly through ash is a treat to watch.

    • Anthony Deaves
    • 22nd October 2014

    I like the way you show people and your use of tools. As stonemason who was
    put out to grass because an illness, I have watch a lot of programes and
    videos on how to. I found yours very good.

    • ura machode
    • 22nd October 2014

    this is very good info, but I don’t have a vise. Can you suggest how to
    make a spoon if you don’t have a vise?

    • raztuss
    • 22nd October 2014

    Thanks, I’m going get my two boys to help me out with a couple
    tomorrow.Some very great info.

    • Alexandr Bezizvestnyh
    • 22nd October 2014

    Неплохо, НО, у вашей ложки осевая линия абсолютно ровная, что не верно,
    потому что есть такой ложкой не очень удобно, должен быть не большой угол,
    в месте соединения ручки, посмотрите на русские деревянные ложки, как они
    сделаны и вы поймете…у русских ложек богатая история)

    • Bruno Nieto
    • 22nd October 2014
    • Mary C
    • 22nd October 2014

    My first endeavor, from lignum vitae, is almost done. Thanks for not only
    the expert instructions, but the motivation as well! And I really need a
    decent spoon (or two). 

    • Sebastian McGrogan
    • 22nd October 2014

    That bow saw is magnificent. Watch how effortlessly he starts it on a 45
    degree angle, listen to the sound of it as it cuts. Perfect

    • Peter Musante
    • 22nd October 2014

    What a joy to watch. 40 minutes flew by.

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