March & April Favorite products

Hi gorgeous!This video is about makeup products I liked during March and April. This is my own opinion. I’m not working for any company. I hope you enjoy thi…


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    • Jennifer Penton
    • 25th July 2014

    I love her eyes xD I love the makeup on them they look good

    • Lucy Carter
    • 25th July 2014

    You are amazing !

    • Sheila Hungerford
    • 25th July 2014

    I’m ready for giveaway video lol

    • melody1452
    • 25th July 2014

    Love this!! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on your lighting you
    use for your video set up?!!

    • FashionIsUs1
    • 25th July 2014

    You look so pretty girl! Loved this video! I subbed, really hope you would
    sub back as well!<3

    • Jaclyn Perez
    • 25th July 2014

    you are so gorgeous!!

    • Amanda Lambert
    • 25th July 2014

    really love all ur videos.

    • SunnyDayALL
    • 25th July 2014


    • HockeySwmur1234
    • 25th July 2014

    love your personality!

    • SunnyDayALL
    • 25th July 2014

    Can you do a no makeup makeup look? For school and warm weather

    • Pinkboss
    • 25th July 2014

    obsessed with this look!

    • Foregoing Vids
    • 25th July 2014

    I trust your opinion!!!! 

    • FlowerWeddings
    • 25th July 2014


    • Vikiruzetta34
    • 25th July 2014

    You are just so adorable I can’t even stand it! I just discovered you this
    week, but am already a total devotee. 

    • ilikemaKeupstyle
    • 25th July 2014

    Can you do a makeup tutorial on your look in this video, so beautiful!

    • Maria MahiatoDeL
    • 25th July 2014

    Stay beautiful!

    • Glassy senioritaa
    • 25th July 2014

    I love you lipstick, please rediscover itt :D

    • EnamourMakeupGirl
    • 25th July 2014
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