Natural Cleaning Products Haul!

A random video sharing the haul of cleaning supplies I purchased on Boxing Day for the year. What are your favourite cleaning supply brands? Recent videos: L…


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    • MyBoysMyJoys
    • 1st August 2014

    I love the idea of buying everything at once. I think I might try that. I
    LOVE BABYGANICS and have been really into their products. I LOVE buying
    green products if I can!:)

    • scoutsami01
    • 1st August 2014

    My hands down absolute favorite cleaning supply/tool is my steamer. I
    wouldn’t go a day without it!

    • HoneymoonBaby09
    • 1st August 2014

    I love Nature Clean products. They are a Canadian company, green and work
    very well.

    • Valerie
    • 1st August 2014

    With the side ponytail n redlips makeup u look like Kate Hudson thanx for
    this vid 

    • Alena Pidala
    • 1st August 2014

    The Method wood floor cleaner is my favorite for quick cleaning (which I do
    every day!) It smells great, and does a great job! 🙂 

    • jennifer morimoto
    • 1st August 2014

    Just wanted to let you know i love the method brand of cleaners before i
    found that brand was using scrubbing bubbles for my tub and bathroom well
    we have a cat and she would always go in the tub and lap the water up after
    i cleaned it and she had the runs for about a month and i couldnt figure
    out y well one day i finally put two and two together it was the scrubbing
    bubbles! I felt so bad well anyways went and got the method brand and guess
    what no more runs for the kitty best cleaner cleans great all the cleaners
    do and safe for kitties 🙂 hope this helps!

    • Cocoluv2004
    • 1st August 2014

    Just came across your channel and subscribed, you can use apple cider
    vinegar and water for wood floors, it cleans extremely well, it’s natural,
    not the greatest smell but it gets the job done and it cheap, I get mine at
    walmart, am in surrey btw

    • Cassie Luellman
    • 1st August 2014

    That was such a great deal on all that stuff!

    • Hayley Conwell
    • 1st August 2014

    I like the method brand all purpose cleaner in lavender. Smells so good. I
    might try that floor cleaner next time I’m at the store. I’ve been in
    search for one.

    • SillyMando2008
    • 1st August 2014

    I just buy whatever is cheap. I don’t pay over a dollar for toilet bowl

    • Allison's Journey
    • 1st August 2014
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