NATURAL HAIR products I take when traveling

When I travel there are some MUST have products for my natural hair that I take with me…no matter what! A lot of the stuff I take is really for “just in ca…


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    • What The Kink
    • 26th July 2014

    That little brush is too cute!

    • LHDC-TV
    • 26th July 2014

    Jet settin.

    • DetectiveTective
    • 27th July 2014

    WHERE D YOU BUY SILK SCARVES LIKE THOSE??? I always have trouble finding
    nice long ones like that! Plz helpppp ;__;

    • Latonya Armstrong
    • 27th July 2014

    Great video!! I needed this video in my life 2 weeks ago before going on

    • Naj Minaj
    • 27th July 2014

    target has travel sized natural hair products! at least in my area and ive
    seen brands like shea moisture, karen’s body beautiful and curls in travel

    • Regina C
    • 27th July 2014

    I travel with all of the things you mentioned except gel. My hair does not
    get along well with gel. I also take hair clamps, wide tooth comb and satin
    cap. Thanks for the video. You actually gave me some ideas. I look forward
    to the DIY satin scrunchy video. 

    • Dirkster Princess
    • 27th July 2014

    Btw can’t wait for the next vid of the satin scrunchies!!!

    • Dirkster Princess
    • 27th July 2014

    Definitely need to bring a moisturizer/conditioner like the as I am double
    butter cream.

    • RelaxedAndLovingIt
    • 27th July 2014

    ok, so I am a little confused, I came across the ‘Mahogany Curls’ channel
    and then I came across yours.. no offence intended but you both look like
    the same person.
    Do you just have two different channels,
    are you both completely different people, with no relation, who happened to
    look the same?

    • Nita Lopez
    • 27th July 2014

    Everything you Showed and more. 

    • Smarts007
    • 27th July 2014

    Girl…you a too funny!! Loved the video and looking forward to the home
    made scrunchie video!!! 

    • notawyah Smith
    • 27th July 2014

    Great tips Nik. I love how you put your fav oils in a small trial size
    bottle also conditioners. Like the scarf idea as well. 

    • Laurice Blake
    • 27th July 2014

    Hi!!!! I hppe all is well with u and ur family. The last thing I witnessed
    is ur soulmate graduating yayayayayayayayay x10 I just am missing ur
    motivational minutes. And ur energy. Thanks for sharing ur world with us. 

    • N Pender
    • 27th July 2014

    Where did you get your scarf? 

    • skittlesluver26
    • 27th July 2014

    I take leave in, oil, denman brush, wide tooth comb, another leave in,
    plenty of hair accessories. Try fitting it all in one piece of luggage, so
    I won’t have to pay an extra $35 for checked baggage lmao.

    • The Natural Travelista
    • 27th July 2014

    Here’s the video I did. It also talks about traveling with natural hair. It
    mostly focuses on the products I take 🙂


    • curlquest79
    • 27th July 2014

    This was perfect timing for me!! In six weeks I’ll be on vacation.
    Definitely will have my Darcy’s Botanical hair butter,hair pins and
    headbands for when my hair gets down right disrespectful on me,lol

    • pearlsrevealed
    • 27th July 2014

    Never thought to use a clamp ring for hair ties . I use those to hang my
    belts, scarves, and some purses on a couple of hangers in my closet. Ace
    Hardware sell them in different sizes and cheap.

    • B Hicks
    • 27th July 2014

    Good video. I am going on vaca soon and don’t want to take the whole
    bathroom! Lol oh and please scrunchie video I need that!

    • Tay Rai
    • 27th July 2014

    perfect! Im going on vacation for a week and a half in two weeks! This is
    my first vacation with me being fully natural since i big chopped last
    summer, so im excited for my washngo’s!

    • afrohersheys22
    • 27th July 2014

    wow right on time! traveling tomorrow and this popped on my youtube
    newsfeed! thank youuuu!

    • Krisita Whitelocke
    • 27th July 2014

    I MUST have my kinky curly curling custard to tame frizzies, preserve my
    wash-n-go, and smooth edges. It’s my boo! I also make sure I have your swag
    oil mixture. You know how we do!

    • plantinum diamond engagement
    • 27th July 2014

    Love the videos new subbie❤

    • carvota
    • 27th July 2014

    Like happen to the size of her boobs? Are you pregnant.?

    • DimplesDeep1
    • 27th July 2014

    Thanks…This video was right on time! I might take a butter as well for my
    bantu knot outs.

    • lovelynaturalcurls
    • 27th July 2014

    Good tips! I’m traveling soon and was thinking of doing a video like this,
    we touched on many similar points! And I’m not even natural yet lol 8
    months into my transition!

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