Popin Cookin Icecream, Sushi, Cake Kracie #3 #5 #2 HOW TO COOK THAT

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    • How To Cook That
    • 3rd January 2015

    Hi everyone, Poppin Cookin is very popular but quite hard to do as the
    instructions are usually only in Japanese. If you know someone who loves
    them, share this video to help them out ­čÖé Happy new year!´╗┐

    • haylee carroll
    • 3rd January 2015

    You uploaded so that means it’s Friday which means it’s almost Monday which
    means I gotta go to school really soon. :(´╗┐

    • Catherine Nguyen
    • 3rd January 2015

    Making a bunch of petit fours like that cake would be super cute! I’ve had
    these kits before and they honestly taste like pure sugar. So if you could
    make an actual food version of that cake it would be amazing!´╗┐

    • Puggy Craft
    • 3rd January 2015

    Yes pls do make recipe videos on mini food! A series perhaps?that would be

    • ochikeron
    • 3rd January 2015

    i can tell how neat and patient you are! these popin cookin series are
    pretty difficult. i made them before but i don’t think i want to make them
    again. haha´╗┐

    • closetwarrior
    • 3rd January 2015

    I’ve only tried the sushi kit out of these three, I couldn’t get over the
    texture and flavor of the rice but the candy soy sauce was amazing. As a
    man almost into my 30s I shouldn’t have had as much fun making the fish
    eggs as I did.´╗┐

    • Tammi Aneko
    • 3rd January 2015

    love you ann <3 youtubers make this out to look sooo hard but i made this
    it was so easy and sure the taste needs work xD but its also not as bad as
    people think(barf flavored or somthing) but haha it is after all...packet
    food O_O which is one step closer to the future! ´╗┐

    • Daisy Le
    • 3rd January 2015

    omg I love popin cookin great job with the kits I found mine in Australia

    • ash_smash
    • 3rd January 2015

    I love Australians ´╗┐

    • WantedLover111
    • 3rd January 2015

    I liked the Birthday cake best since it’s my birthday, haha :D´╗┐

    • Reardon Bros
    • 3rd January 2015

    Cool :D´╗┐

    • Tess Campbell
    • 3rd January 2015

    That is a great idea. I would love you to make little things to make,
    instead of using a packet mix. Something you can give away as little gifts
    at birthday parties, gifts to people, or even hand them around at a get
    together. ´╗┐

    • Dog Martin
    • 3rd January 2015

    Wow, you are a pro at everything! Even though the candy cake is candy
    (duh), you act like it was a real cake! I laugh at that one. :)´╗┐

    • pearl0531
    • 3rd January 2015

    Piping the vanilla like a pro!!^^ I had the ice cream one and… I totally
    ruined it hahahhaha ´╗┐

    • Danee Kaplan
    • 3rd January 2015

    I haven’t tried any of the Popin Cookin kits but I have watched more than a
    few people try. Hands down you are the only one who actually ended up with
    something that was cute. I would love to see miniature desserts without the
    need for a Japanese kit. My daughter always wanted to have tea parties and
    little desserts would have been great fun. ´╗┐

    • 7Jamiie7
    • 3rd January 2015

    The way she says water is so mesmerizing and relaxing LOL´╗┐

    • nathie kupfer
    • 3rd January 2015

    i have never seen somebody who decorates the cake so accurate and pretty :)´╗┐

    • galgulator
    • 3rd January 2015

    Cooking of the future! When no one will remember how to actually cook
    something from scratch. :/´╗┐

    • natalie robinson
    • 3rd January 2015

    Can you speak Japanese or did you search it??´╗┐

    • katie kawaii
    • 3rd January 2015

    I have probably every Japanese diy candy kit released in the US in the past
    few years. I dont know why it is but I love them so much. ^_^ Probably a
    combination of my connection to childhood-me (who would also have loved
    them), their foreign-ness (we really have nothing like it here), and my
    love for the Japanese language. My one note would be to think of these as
    edible art toys rather than as candy or pastry. It is really about the fun
    of the process and the satisfaction a kid can find in having (safely)
    created their own candy. ^_~´╗┐

    • VanillaSweetCakes
    • 3rd January 2015

    There are a few Asian supermarkets hringing them into Australia! They’re
    hard to find and even if you do they’re crazy overpriced. Tried a couple
    out myself and personally they’re not all that great, guess its the fun of
    making them!
    Loved this video though! Keep up the great work! xx´╗┐

    • DeeEll86442
    • 3rd January 2015

    Thanks so much for doing these. It would be great if you could come up with
    something like these kits that we can do at home with products we buy at
    the store. But maybe make them taste better. I realize this is a tall order
    but if your the kind of person that likes a challenge I know you can figure
    it out. This way we can teach or kids how to make little food items that
    are not made with a pack of powder and water, but instead made with items
    in their own pantry. Thanks again, Dee´╗┐

    • Georgia Allsop
    • 3rd January 2015

    Omg thanx for doing the popin cookin I asked for on Instagram……… Omg
    thank you so much xxxxxxx

    • Pietra Cordeiro
    • 3rd January 2015

    That’s not egg it’s tuna and the red is salmon´╗┐

    • legendarymythlover
    • 3rd January 2015

    i would LOVE recipes to make these little cakes and things with actual
    ingredients. god knows that’s in those products, and i can’t get them here

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