Products I Used On Accutane!


Hope you guys enjoy! Upgrade to HD for better quality! Watch my Accutane Review Video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqytxszzhf4&fmt=22 Products Mentioned…


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    • Brandi Hall
    • 27th July 2014

    SUPER informative!!! Thank you so much!! One question, do you have an eye
    cream that you would recommend? Because I heard that your eye area gets dry
    and I just don’t know which eye cream to use! Btw, you’re such a natural in
    front of the camera.

    • Abby Shiels
    • 27th July 2014

    If your acne is extremely bad would you still recommend to wear foundation?
    I basically have acne covering my whole face and wanted to know your

    • lovewhoyouare13
    • 27th July 2014

    Did you experience any weight gain when you were on accutane. I was just
    wondering because I have been thinking of going on accutane. Your skin
    looks amazing by the way!!!! :)

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