RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Pro Bicycle Trainer Work Out with 7 Levels of Resistance

Train indoors all winter long! Hooks up to just about any bike–including road and mountain bikes with a 26 inch to 28 inch, or 700cc wheel!! Get off the couch and onto the state of the art Max Racer PRO trainer by RAD Cycle Products, specifically engineered for fitness and endurance indoor training. Out of all the trainers we tested, none of them compared to price and the quality of this trainer! Regardless of the weather outside you will be able to stay in shape. The Max Racer PRO trainer by RAD Cycle Products offers seven levels of of powerful magnetic resistance so simulate multiple road conditions.

Product Features

  • Train Indoors All Year Round
  • Folds Easily For Storage or Transport
  • Front Wheel Anti Slip Pad
  • Fits Road or Mountain Bikes with 26, 27 or 700cc Wheels
  • Easy set-up and quiet operation


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    • Olga Stewart "Stew"
    • 27th July 2014

    Junk The adjustment you see on the left of the main picture and seen in the video is screwed into a piece of plastic with coarse threads on both the bolt and receiving end, instead of fine threads. Screwing the red nut in does not get rid of all the play you see in the video; with weight, it slides down. That plastic/coarse threads lead to movement and allows the bike to lean down on the left side and set the tire on the roller weird and you wobble.1.) The…

    • smartydog904 "bluedog"
    • 27th July 2014

    It does work… The trainer does work, but the gear selector is weird and doesn’t feel like it’s working, but using my own shifters I can change the gears through them. The trainer is very loud as you can hear yourself on the video, and this is without a video or TV being on. Even with a movie on, you can still hear it very clearly, hard to drown out the noise. I suppose it’s ok for the winter, at least you can ride anytime you want. The trainer is very light weight about 20 lbs and…

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