Simple Bold Eyes & Grey Lips! ♡ Chit Chat Get Ready With Me

Hey guys! I finally used Melt Space Cake in a video! I loooove this shade 🙂 Thumb up if you enjoy this video xx – AMAZING SKIN TUTORIAL …


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    • ashleydawnsbeautyxx
    • 15th February 2015

    your so pretty This is such a flawless tutorial !
    I could never do my makeup like that , dont have enough skills !

    • Mary Wilton
    • 15th February 2015

    When you were putting the colour pop lipstick on I was waiting for it to
    break because it was out so far! I was so scared lol I hate when beautiful
    lipsticks break!

    • Shaaanxo
    • 15th February 2015

    Grey/Blue Lips! I hope you like it :)

    • Stacey Hucknall
    • 15th February 2015

    ahhhh yourself and nikkietutorials are my favourites ahaha. this look is
    amazing, it’s great how more socially accepted ‘weird’ lip colors are – im
    a black lip advocate ahaha

    • skylar robbins
    • 15th February 2015

    One of the realist youtuber I know or watch 

    • Rachel Langley
    • 15th February 2015

    Absolutely love this video, ur amazing ! love you Xx

    • Cerys Tullett
    • 15th February 2015

    My 6 week old pup was being a little sh*t let’s say and was attacking me,
    started to watch your video and she cuddled up and watched with me!! Bless
    her x

    • Lidia Marquez
    • 15th February 2015

    Heyy girls!!!!
    Anybody want to be yt friends?

    • lilly ann
    • 15th February 2015

    Can’t believe you fell out with your friend karissa over money and business
    , old shannon who had black hair and used to film with a sweet girl called
    kelly , the girl who lived at home and had a cute cat named porkschop would
    never let that happen .. You changed so much , you have no personality
    anymore , just an empty looking soul , you lost your sparkle and friends
    for couple of $$$

    • MichtyMaxx
    • 15th February 2015

    I liked the Melt Spacecake grey lipstick (I think that’s what it is called)
    looked good with the blue in eye makeup and maybe some clear lipgloss would
    improve the texture problem and keep the cool and unusual look of the
    makeup. But I know not everyone likes crazy lip colours. ;)

    • Andrea jueong
    • 15th February 2015

    You look very pretty! Love it!

    • Ashton Fosu
    • 15th February 2015

    Can you do a look like this with purple liner?

    • Johanna Gunnarfeldt
    • 15th February 2015

    I have just spent the day watching some of your oldest video. WOW, you have
    come so far and I’m so so proud of you 🙂 I can’t believe I have already
    been a subscriber for like 3 yrs now… it feels like yesterday when I
    found your channel for the first time 😀
    You’re amazing and such a big inspiration for me <3 

    • mya25
    • 15th February 2015

    Not to be mean, but am I the only person who thinks this is terrible, the
    whole grey lips

    • Itz Katy
    • 15th February 2015

    Has she got natural brown hair? Xx

    • Makeup by KerryGemma
    • 15th February 2015

    Haha your face at 7.34 Love you shannon

    • Phoebee Ruth
    • 15th February 2015

    Make-up store is sold on beautybay:) Sorry if I’m wrong but I think they
    ship to New Zealand and Australia:)

    • Katie Nicole
    • 15th February 2015

    dude your eyebrows are perfect you don’t even need to do anything

    • Ftom Oma
    • 15th February 2015

    Amazing grey lips! Super tutorial. I love it

    • Steph Hicks
    • 15th February 2015

    I love both the grey & nude lips! & i love how the grey lips tied in with
    the eyes & ur grey top! I’m definitely going to try this look out! X

    • Jenny Dickson
    • 15th February 2015

    Love this! Is it just me who would love to see a makeup look like Katy
    Perry’s in Wide Awake? 

    • Viv Chong
    • 15th February 2015

    Looking good Shannon! Could you please do a make up look that’s very
    angelic and ethereal? Hope you had a great day!!

    • Sarah Lipson
    • 15th February 2015

    I always do colour under my bottom lashes like that the bolder the better x

    • Orla Nisbet
    • 15th February 2015

    Do you have any clubbing or party makeup looks on your channel? I’m going
    to a party and i’m struggling to find a look! Ps i love you Shannon☺️

    • Reina Wishart
    • 15th February 2015

    Love it! Check out KA’OIR lipsticks. They are by an African American lady
    so almost all the reviews are on dark skin, so I thought it’d be cool for a
    light lady who likes weird/bright colors to do a first impression review.
    c: Just an idea! 

    • Gigi J
    • 15th February 2015

    Why does your banner say new video every Monday Wednesday and Friday????
    Today’s Thursday 

    • Emma Santee
    • 15th February 2015

    Kind of love this! Especially the eyes. The grey is definitely something I
    would not be brave enough to rock, though haha

    • TashMakeupReviews
    • 15th February 2015

    The foundation looks amazing!!!

    • RoccoBuzz
    • 15th February 2015

    LIKE ASAP!!!!

    • Aline Bastos
    • 15th February 2015

    I need some melt lipsticks! Spacecake and the blue i think its called DGAF
    (I don’t if that is correct) are so beautiful! 

    • Gina Wiebe
    • 15th February 2015

    So beautiful!! But then any looks you do look amazing on you!! 

    • Etety De Reinoso
    • 15th February 2015

    Love this look! Your so gorgeous! 

    • Sophy East
    • 15th February 2015

    I love how you always experiment with cool coloured lips! amazing as always

    • poissonCHA1
    • 15th February 2015

    houuuu i really like it ! <3

    • Laura Vicente
    • 15th February 2015

    Your foundation is flawless !!

    • beautybyalicee
    • 15th February 2015

    You’re so talented :0) x 

    • Huma Sarfraz
    • 15th February 2015

    Its my birthday today

    • minicup Zo
    • 15th February 2015

    I love ur makeup!!

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