Simple Way To Sell Affiliate Products On Craigslist – Amazon Products Are Best

Do you know what the simplest way to sell affiliate products on Craigslist is? Most people don’t and that is what I want to teach you right now. If you just …


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    • Connor Waldo
    • 18th July 2014

    Did you link them to used Xboxes? Or were they brand new?

    • Rob James
    • 18th July 2014

    i did this for kijiji

    • Adam Grady
    • 18th July 2014

    Great info!! Does Amazon allow affiliate links on social media sites like
    Facebook and Twitter?

    • LoonickGaming
    • 18th July 2014

    I just wanted to be helpful Adam yes. Amazon affiliate links are almost
    allowed anywhere. I promote them on my facebook and twitter from time to

    • shaquataetae
    • 18th July 2014

    Thank you. Great information. 

    • kingsaw4lyfe
    • 18th July 2014

    You won’t get credit if you do this because its against the terms. You have
    make a site 

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