Siri answers questions about my amputation

Siri answers actual questions people have asked me about my amputation. Subscribe for new videos: http://j.mp/JoshSundquistVideos My new book: http://www.WeShouldHangOutSometime.com.


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    • TheKD108
    • 28th January 2015

    Good video, Josh instead of Anna.

    • Lip22Gloss
    • 28th January 2015

    After watching your videos for a year now, I just realized that the ending
    jingle on your videos spells amputee…I feel dumb now.

    • Kepler_
    • 28th January 2015

    So… do you get shoe discounts?

    • Anna Mannino
    • 28th January 2015

    Doing this same experiment with Google on my Android phone. I learned a few

    1)Does an amputated leg grow back? Has lead me to scientific research
    studying fingernails to make limbs grow back.
    2)Can you keep the toenails of an amputated leg. Brought up nothing, but I
    assume that if you want to you can?
    3)Do amputees get a discount on shoes? Brings up Amputee Coalition (dot
    org) that claims some retailers offer single shoes for sale. But there’s
    also a facebook group for Swap Shoes with Amputees to help you find someone
    with the same shoe size for the other foot.
    4)Do amputees get a discount on manicures or pedicures? Some places will
    work out a discount, you’ll need to call ahead and ask.
    5) What’s My Name? Brings up Rihanna’s What’s My Name.

    • Roberto Cordero
    • 28th January 2015

    I thought the lesson here was that no matter what people ask you, you can
    reply by calling them Anna.

    • AwesomeTingle
    • 28th January 2015

    Pretty sure I wouldn’t ask someone if they were an amputee if I can see the
    absence of a limb

    • LaneVids and TheFunnyrats
    • 28th January 2015

    I have never thought about if an amputee gets shoe discounts. Seems like
    they should be half price. Have you guess seen the video about the girl who
    made a fake leg with Legos. It was pretty cool. 

    • MrGridStrom
    • 28th January 2015

    Its just there attempt to be nice, or there attempt to let you know they
    accept you, but they don’t really understand that its not the best

    • tobiosnmakky
    • 28th January 2015

    Nice video josh instead of Anna. I think Siri prefers your sister

    • Michael Downing
    • 28th January 2015

    i find it easier to keep my mouth shut and wait till I get internet access
    to ask ‘personal’ type questions. I wouldn’t want to embarrass the person I
    was talking to or myself at the same time. I always wondered about the
    shoes, and a quick search later I learnt about people who swop shoes. such
    a simple idea but not one I would have thought of

    • Amelia Gwen
    • 28th January 2015

    I just read your book!! It was so incredible! I loved it so much. you and
    ashley are so adorable! 

    • MC
    • 28th January 2015

    Siri always has the answers! Thanks for the entertaining video:) 

    • Kirsty Simpson
    • 28th January 2015

    Seems silly to ask if you get a discount. The shops would still have to
    sell you both of them otherwise what would they do with the other ones they
    don’t sell :’) 

    • Thukfudo
    • 28th January 2015

    Josh, can I ask you a personal question…..

    How is your relation to your sister? Does she live in the same city or do
    you skype often or does she come over sometimes to lend her IPad for you to
    use in a video? 

    • AValveFanboy
    • 28th January 2015

    ‘Siri, why do I hide a dead body?’
    ‘I see four lawyers in your area. Would you like me to set up an

    • ULiRD
    • 29th January 2015

    I can’t believe people would ask those questions! Thanks for the video,
    Josh Instead Of Anna.

    • smileyface212
    • 29th January 2015

    me: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    siri: 69 courts, everyone knows that.

    • Joseph Chuk
    • 29th January 2015

    Did you borrow Anna’s iPad for this hands-on?

    • Eilish Meha
    • 29th January 2015

    I had a stranger come up to me on the street (and he started following me)
    asking me why I limp, and if I’m disabled, and if I have an amputation so
    after ignoring him the first few times, I turned around and looked straight
    at him and said ‘I really don’t think it’s any of your business’, to which
    he didn’t even apologise and kept saying he was just trying to be
    ‘friendly’ then proceeded to ask my the dreaded shoe question. Damn, do I
    know your pain, Josh -.- 

    • starpasta
    • 29th January 2015

    OMG, that was beautiful, and the ending was perfect.

    • este britt
    • 29th January 2015

    Shifty Siri. Gotta watch out for that one.

    • michael1234252
    • 29th January 2015

    I just started college a few weeks ago and someone in my math class is a
    double Amputee but he has 2 prosthetic legs to fix it.

    • Amanda Brindle
    • 29th January 2015

    To make Siri know that you’re Josh, you need to make a contact with your
    name. Before I did this, Siri always thought that I was my sister, but
    after I made a contact with my name/phone number, Siri learned my real
    name. Siri won’t learn a name if it’s not in an actual contact.

    • Mandeville Sisters
    • 29th January 2015

    haha! This was great, I have to try this! -G,x 

    • tvspaz626
    • 29th January 2015

    “Do amputees swim in circles?” OMG. People are dumb. Also saw something
    about Oscar Pistorious. Wonder what other ones you cut out?

    • Chloe Griffin
    • 29th January 2015

    Hey josh! I just finished your book yesterday and I really like it 🙂 

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