Soft Winged Eyes & Berry Pink Lips! ♡ Using Affordable Eyeshadow!

I posted a pic wearing this on Instagram and you guys LOVED it! I hope the tutorial helps you achieve it for yourself! xoxo – GRWM Date Night! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLJ4-Zn8eS0 -…


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    • Shaaanxo
    • 11th April 2015

    New tutorial! Love this fresh faced look :)

    • Fola A
    • 11th April 2015

    just wondering, do you have any makeup brands in NZ that are ridiculously
    cheap, like MUA in England?

    • ChristinaStory123
    • 11th April 2015

    You always got the best looks !!!! &&& You should do a video on what
    products are best to use for taking photos ! It would be so helpful cause I
    always get flash back

    • TotalGeekGirl
    • 11th April 2015

    16.99 for the Rimmel eyeshadow?! Oh my god I feel for you

    • Cristi Rose
    • 11th April 2015

    Did anyone else cringe when she said her Rimmel eyeshadow was $16.99? It’s
    $5 where I live. I forget how expensive it is in New Zealand/Australia. But
    your look is really good! Shan, you’re seriously the most fun person to
    watch. I’ve been subscribed to you since when you first started! 

    • Sarah L
    • 11th April 2015

    Shannon, you look gorgeous in this video! Also, I completely understand the
    frustration of having hayfever! :/ Love you x

    • TheHauler100
    • 11th April 2015

    oh god how the hell does a RIMMEL :”) pallet retail for $16.99? did the box
    inflate the actual value which is probably no more than $8? LOL 

    • Theresa Blueberry
    • 11th April 2015

    I absolutely love the flared out winded eye, I’ve been doing this lately as
    well!! <3

    • Cora LovesGlam
    • 11th April 2015


    I know this is annoying but would any of you be willing to check out my
    chan.? It would mean a lot to me if you'd give me a chance!!!! 🙂 <3

    • Courtney Lundquist
    • 11th April 2015

    I loveeee smokey cat eyes! This is gorgeous!

    • Monica Valenzuela
    • 11th April 2015

    The Rimmel eyeshadows were $16.99???? That’s expensive for Rimmel or is it
    just because everything is more expensive in New Zealand??? 

    • Nicoletta xo
    • 11th April 2015

    when is your makeup not on point Shan ?!

    • MrNotThatFamous
    • 11th April 2015

    the lipstick style seems like something kylie jenner would rock, most
    definitely stands out even though its not over the top.

    • T Marley
    • 11th April 2015

    I loved this ! Xx question Shan. I’m in palmy too and I wondered do you do
    your brows yourself or get them done somewhere you can recommend? Iv grown
    mine out and They’v been ruined 3x 🙁 so if you’ve got any recommendations
    that’d be awesome. Your brows are always on point!! Xxx 

    • Brigitte Roman
    • 11th April 2015

    haha all the non AUZ/NZ people are commenting on how ridiculous the prices
    are for Rimmel!! YOU THINK WE DONT KNOW!!!??!! haha it is a real
    struggle!! (btw I’m from Aus.)

    • Kristen Smith
    • 11th April 2015

    Wth. I bought that same Rimmel eye shadow from ulta for $4.99. That’s crazy
    it’s $16.99 where you are. 

    • Ju M.
    • 11th April 2015

    What the hell? There’s no way this box is worth over $200. That Rimmel
    palette is nowhere near $16 and the Trilogy moisturizer costs $45 at
    Feelunique.com, which tends to sell quite overpriced products. I didn’t
    even bother to check the other products, because I’m sure it will be the
    same. I’m so disappointed at this video.

    • Tierney Elizabeth
    • 11th April 2015

    You are SO TALENTED OMG!! That look is so cute!! I recently did an easter
    inspired spring kind of look on my channel with purply shades but I love
    the look of this. I am really into the soft liner look this spring! I love
    your necklace too!

    • Ola Allababidi
    • 11th April 2015

    You’re one of the prettiest people ever i love you x

    • Leslie Leon
    • 11th April 2015

    Love her hair! How did she do that?!

    • MakeupByLauren04
    • 11th April 2015

    your makeup is always on point

    • missmakeup
    • 11th April 2015

    I wish I could look like you when I am feeling sick! Still so beautiful!!
    Loved this look <3

    • Bethany Cookson
    • 11th April 2015

    Can’t believe the Rimmel palette is $16 dollars! I bought the same one
    recently for around £5 – very large increase!

    • Shelby Dezall
    • 11th April 2015

    ANOTHER sponsored vid?! SHOCKING!

    • Eve Smith
    • 11th April 2015

    can you do a video about facial hair. If you have it or not and how you can
    get rid of it. Mine is so light but it makes my foundation appear fluffy.

    • Amanda Popp
    • 12th April 2015

    I could send you thousands of rimmel eyeshadows for $50 love ya from

    • Amanda Engers
    • 12th April 2015

    Shaaan, If you have all the products of the box already, Why don’t you do a
    giveaway??? Mwah love you

    • Courtney Strydom
    • 12th April 2015

    I LOVE you hair in this video!! can you maybe do a tutorial on it?? Love
    this makeup look too xx

    • Jackie He
    • 12th April 2015

    This box is amazing!! Anyone knows a similar service available to

    • CiiciFashion Princess
    • 12th April 2015

    Ipsy bag for $10 for full size products if u can’t afford the $55 box one

    • IdaLovingMiro
    • 12th April 2015

    Pretty hair!!!!

    • Rose Berri
    • 12th April 2015

    For All The People saying that the stuff Shannon is talking about is not
    the right price remember this she lives in New Zealand and stuff there cost
    2 to 3 times more than here in the U.S

    • sami bressette
    • 12th April 2015

    WAIT STOP…what base did you end up using?

    • Carolyn Troung
    • 12th April 2015

    What song is this??

    • nicole cialini
    • 12th April 2015

    How the heck do you make everything look so good! If I don’t have super
    dark winged liner I look dead!

    • Naomi Varner
    • 12th April 2015

    I love it ♡

    • 12th April 2015

    I was wondering if anyone knows the song shaan used at the end of the

    • raecat90
    • 12th April 2015

    Love the hairstyle! The smoked out eyeliner is very pretty with your eye

    • y lrh
    • 12th April 2015

    shan please do a review on the e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 <3

    • Taylor Christine
    • 12th April 2015

    is that your real hair in the braided headband! such a cute hairstyle, if
    it is TUTORIAL :)) your beautiful as always <3 sending love and positive
    vibes 🙂 XOXOX

    • libertadmakeup
    • 12th April 2015

    In my country Rommel London makeup are drugstore makeup, and one 5
    eyeshadow pan don’t cost more than 6 dollars, so €16 is too much, in € 16
    is more than 16 in dollars. So the beauty box to me have hit and mess too. 

    • Lehanne420
    • 12th April 2015

    I love this look

    • 89vwsg89
    • 12th April 2015

    16.99 for that rimmel eyeshadow?! I think over here it’s like 7-10 bucks!
    Why is it so expensive there?

    • Joanna Chen
    • 12th April 2015

    what’s the name of that song at the end? It’s ALMOST as heavenly sas Shan’s
    make up <3

    • jessica field
    • 12th April 2015

    Is that beauty box only a New Zealand thing

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