#StepUp – Another 71 Years of Life for Talia – This Video May be Hard to Watch


Visit the blog post to read the letter at http://www.taliaslegacy.org/71-years Also, please send in your #StepUp selfie to info@taliaslegacy.org, or share on…


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    • taliajoy18
    • 26th July 2014

    This video may be hard for some to watch, but it is the reality of
    #ChildhoodCancer. Talia’s Mom is asking Congress to #StepUp for more
    funding so that Talia could have had another 71 years.


    • MEGAyum9
    • 26th July 2014

    Tots love your nails

    • Molly Jones
    • 26th July 2014

    Y should I pray for talia? I am going to pray for every single person with
    cancer not JUST the famous ones.

    • Dom Cruse
    • 26th July 2014

    Who’s taliajoy18?

    • 8happybunny
    • 26th July 2014

    Talia’s not really dead.
    Her soul and spirit and mark on the world will be on this Earth forever.

    • purpleprincess1991
    • 26th July 2014

    it’s sad to think she died on my birthday, while I was laughing and
    celebrating she was suffering and God called her to his presence, I will
    never celebrate my birthday the same way again!!! R.I.P Talia I will never
    forget you!

    • GalaxyCrasher
    • 26th July 2014

    I had the same cancer as Talia had :(

    • Angelica Bcruz
    • 26th July 2014

    They need to leave this girl rest in pace and stop making money out of girl
    that’s no longer in this world.

    • Tiny Box Tim
    • 26th July 2014

    This is honestly heart breaking. I started tearing up a little bit when you
    said she wouldn’t have those “milestones”. Not getting married, going to
    prom, and graduating highschool. But honestly, I feel like Talia is in a
    better place where she isn’t suffering anymore. I’m terribly sorry for your
    loss, and Talia’s subscribers – or friends are here to support you.

    • Jocelyne Cruz
    • 26th July 2014

    No parent should have to bury their child. I am truly sorry and I wish that
    I could do something to take your pain away. Talia was not just talented
    but she had a beautiful soul and was an amazing person. We miss you very

    • Haylee Love
    • 26th July 2014

    All kids with cancer or any other type of disability need to be given
    opportunities like she did. 

    • taliajoy18
    • 26th July 2014
    • SugarBear Kwan
    • 26th July 2014

    I’m so sorry, she was so special.

    • chloe stock
    • 26th July 2014

    She was trying not to cry and it was making me want to cry

    • Jolee Shaye
    • 26th July 2014

    Your always a role model for other moms to stay strong because Talia was
    always like ‘hey I’m Talia and I’m awesome!’ And never acted as if she had
    cancer. If I had to get rid of anything I think it’d be cancer. 

    • Debi's Design Diary
    • 26th July 2014

    Beautifully said, praying for you. Talia truly was magnificent!

    • xoLoveLeti
    • 26th July 2014

    I love you Talia, forever. You were always so nice to me commenting on my
    videos being super positive and supportive and a great friend and person.

    • sophia ruiz
    • 26th July 2014

    This wasn’t hard to watching lol I have no heart it seems :/

    • Juliana Kindell
    • 26th July 2014

    That was really hard to hear. I started sobbing

    • beautywithkat22
    • 26th July 2014

    heartbreaking, Cant imagine the pain. I started watching Talia later in her
    youtube career since I had just joined Youtube myself. But I instantly fell
    in love with her spunk and charisma. I went back into all of her videos and
    just couldn’t believe how mature she was and took every bad news in stride.
    I am sure she drew that strength and fighting spirit from you. I will share
    your video to get the word out. 

    • Isis Lee
    • 26th July 2014

    Dear Mrs.Castillano, first i am deeply sorry for your lost and I am glad
    that you are making such great strides to bring awareness to this horrible
    disease. I had just started my youtube channel this year but, over the past
    two years I have been enlightened by your daughter’s charming personality.
    Talia’s life has been a huge inspiration to me and she is one of my major
    role models. Not only because we share the same zodiac sign but because she
    taught me a very valuable lesson: that life is so precious yet temporary so
    we must make the best out the moments within our grasp. Though I have never
    been personally affected by cancer I know that Talia’s story is very
    important and I hope her legacy can live on for years to come.


    • Rochelle Goyle
    • 26th July 2014

    Poor thing. She passed away while I was in my musical theater program last
    year. It’s starting again for this year tomorrow morning. I’m going to be
    the best that I can be this year, just for Talia. I hope she’s watching
    over me while I work on the play and perform it. God bless you and your
    amazing family xxx just keep swimming and everything will be fine. 

    • MallyRandom
    • 26th July 2014


    • CJ Official
    • 26th July 2014

    Talia had mature soul an she took her hard journey with such a grace and
    patience. She changed many lives, she kept many people inspired and
    motivated. This little girl was and still is one of my heros 🙂 Im sure you
    are making heaven pretty now baby girl. Watch over your mommy, sissy and
    all your friends while they help to raise awareness of childhood cancer
    like you did :)

    • helen51100
    • 26th July 2014

    I still cant believe Talia has been taken from us, her amazingly strong and
    positive spirit made me forget the severity of her cancer and made me think
    it was impossible that she could ever lose her battle. But now that she
    has, she has not been forgotten. She is such a strong girl and a huge
    inspiration for me, I can’t explain how much respect I have for her and her
    family. Its so heart breaking to listen to your story and i’m sure there is
    nothing anyone can say to settle anything. But I just want you to know that
    her life and what she chose to accomplish with it has brought hope,
    inspiration and joy to so many others including myself and I will always
    have time to remember Talia for the truly beautiful and special person she
    was <3

    • Harmony Claira
    • 26th July 2014

    I can’t watch the whole video, I just can’t :'( I love you Talia, we think
    of you everyday. I’m praying for you and your family.

    • dtfashiongirl3000
    • 26th July 2014

    You don’t need to cry. Be strong in honor of Talia. She was strong for you
    and everyone. I know you want to but I choose to be strong and not let loss
    control me. These words describe how I feel
    Don’t judge a life by it’s length. Judge it by how it was spent.

    Talias life was spent well. I am an avid advocate and I know how much it
    means to you

    • Elena L
    • 26th July 2014

    So heartbreaking to lose such an angel, cancer is so cruel because it
    killed such beautiful bright little star 🙁

    • Miranda Foster
    • 26th July 2014

    Keep on staying strong 🙂 

    • Ellie Judge
    • 26th July 2014

    This made my heart beat, i went sweaty

    • Claire Dopp
    • 26th July 2014

    Miss you Talia!

    • TheMinnieGirly
    • 26th July 2014

    My heart goes out to your family and I love that you shared your story with
    us. I’m sure Talia is looking over you being proud that you’re continuing
    on her legacy. I hope and pray the best for you.

    • Ola Johnson
    • 26th July 2014

    Her legacy will live much longer than 71 years. We will keep it forever

    • rose500
    • 26th July 2014

    she was a brave little girl and i remember watching how she would cup her
    little hands and show us how she would pray rip little angel you are an
    inspiration to us all youn and old ox

    • Beautybylintaxo
    • 26th July 2014
    • Tyiesha Bieber
    • 26th July 2014

    miss you Talia. I will send in a selfie <3 love you all. 

    • Rosalie Heath
    • 26th July 2014

    Talia, I just found out of your channel two days ago never knowing that you
    had passed you will always have a place in my heart even though i never
    knew you

    • A-n -i
    • 26th July 2014

    Talia is a beautiful girl and just feel so sorry for your loss…But I bet
    she will rest in peace up in heaven.

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