Style Diary: New Year’s Edition!

My week in outfits from the past week, including New Year’s Eve! I hope you guys enjoy this video! EXPAND this box for more info on each outfit and links! MONDAY Skirt: Tesco – Old, but similar…


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    • Fleur DeForce
    • 7th January 2015

    My NEW VIDEO is live! Style Diary: New Year’s Edition http://po.st/gKVtSJ

    • Fleur DeForce
    • 7th January 2015

    My Style Diary from the past week: http://po.st/gKVtSJ

    • Jillian McLaughlin
    • 7th January 2015

    UGH you are just so amazingly fabulous Fleur!!! You literally have such
    impeccable fashion sense, you are one of my biggest fashion inspos for sure
    🙂 xoxo 

    • Ffyona Nicole
    • 7th January 2015

    I love your fashion sense Fleur! I actually loved ALL of the outfits in
    this video so much! 🙂 This has given me some inspiration to put together a
    few of my own outfits! 🙂 So thanks! xx

    • HoydenMonika
    • 7th January 2015

    Fleur, you’re one of few ‘beauty gurus’ that actually is true to themselves
    and their subscribers, doesn’t act like children and isn’t sell-out… We
    appreciate this!
    P.s. do you have p.o. box? :)

    • Ally Kuhlman
    • 7th January 2015

    thank you for making lookbooks that arent just a million shots of you
    twirling and flipping your hair around

    • Fleur DeForce
    • 7th January 2015

    Did you miss my new style video? Hope you like it! http://po.st/gKVtSJ (And
    thanks to @MikeDeForce for filming!) :)

    • Lindsayl1219
    • 7th January 2015

    Fleur, I think we need a hair tutorial after seeing that cute new years
    braid and side pony tail!! 

    • Lisa Ryan
    • 7th January 2015

    Red really suits you that coat is BEAUTIFUL! Happy new year to you and your
    little family glad the furry friends were included in this video I am
    majorly missing vlogmas

    • Amy yasmin
    • 7th January 2015

    I love your style and I loved this video fleur! those black and gold heels
    are gorgeous! I feel like I really need them now haha! You are one of my
    favourite youtubers and you have inspired me a lot. I now make my own
    videos, even though it took me a few years to pluck up the courage to do
    it, and now I love making them!

    • geekNchic
    • 7th January 2015

    Wow, gorgeous outfits! I love the feel of this video in particular! :)

    • Lucyloo
    • 7th January 2015

    You looked absolutely gorgeous on Wednesday! Love that dress! Wow! Love you

    • Patricia B
    • 7th January 2015

    I absolutely love what you wore on New Year’s Eve! Those heels are
    stunning, and love the way you styled that bracelet you got for Christmas,
    it looks beautiful Xx

    • ✽ shannon ~ jrzgirlz ✽
    • 7th January 2015

    Each outfit is put together perfectly … props !!!

    • juliealackey
    • 7th January 2015

    Gorgeous video, thanks for posting this!! Love every outfit, especially the
    black jeans, grey scarf and red coat. Your hair looks stunning pulled back
    like that and loved the mixed textures in both the scarf and the

    • Cashmere style
    • 7th January 2015

    Not trying to be rude but your legs look toned and tight! The gym and
    healthy lifestyle are seriously paying off big time! 

    • helen doyle
    • 7th January 2015

    I love every single outfit you put them all together so well! That black
    dress is amazing!!

    • Kim Lana
    • 7th January 2015

    Hi Fleur, i’m a new fan of yours from Germany. Sorry for my bad english. I
    just wanted to say that I love your videos and especially your hair on
    “wednesday” with the beautiful black dress. I really admire your style. :)

    • Christie Ressel
    • 8th January 2015

    I love your Sophia Webster shoes that you wore on NYE! So gorgeous! xo

    • Jessica Santibanez
    • 8th January 2015

    I don’t think I have loved a youtube video this much in a long time..
    Amazing work!!

    • Andrea Porto
    • 8th January 2015

    Hi Fleur!
    I went shopping last Sunday & I saw so many things in the shape of/printed
    of your little dog, like, door stop, pen, pyjamas, mugs, etc, that I felt
    like buying it for you!
    Love your outfits!
    You’re very stylish & beautiful!
    Blessings & love.

    • Ciara O Donovan
    • 8th January 2015

    Wow I love your style! Amazing! 

    • Kelly O
    • 8th January 2015

    I have to agree with a lot of the comments on here I really really love
    your fashion sense (minus the skater skirts I am too old and not built for
    them lol). LOVED Saturdays outfit…actually I loved them all, keep it up
    Fleur you are definitely one of my favourites on Youtube for sure!!

    • djcandywrapper
    • 8th January 2015

    So nice, I had to watch it twice! I really enjoy this style of video. The
    red Burberry pea coat suits you well and Tuesday’s jacket is my favorite –
    so chic! If I’m at work on Mondays and Fridays, I try to take a late lunch
    just so I can have your new video on. Thanks for keeping me company and
    putting out consistently quality content. I know 2015 is going to be a big
    one and I’m looking forward to watching. Happy new year!

    • Cora LovesGlam
    • 8th January 2015

    I know this is annoying but would anyone be willing to check out my chan.?
    I feel like no one will give me a chance :(

    • Balmain Beauty
    • 8th January 2015

    Wednesday, Friday & Saturday were gorgeous. Love the new red coat and those
    black heels look amazing! Nice one Fleur.

    • Kristi McDowell
    • 8th January 2015

    Any smaller youtubers interested in checking each others channels out?

    • heartsnicky
    • 8th January 2015

    Love everything. I noticed you have a trunk in the back ground could you
    tell me where you got it please? I have been looking for one for my living
    room. Thank you xx

    • arbrefleuri
    • 8th January 2015

    My favourites are the outfits you wore on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
    Pigglet is so cute!

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