Tech Haul! What I use to Film & Edit YouTube Videos

Here’s the long awaited Tech Haul! Everything I use to film & edit my videos. Sound, lighting, editing programs and more. This has been requested by a ton of…


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    • Natalia Mercedes
    • 19th September 2014

    is the Sony Alpha a5000 a good camera to start making videos on youtube?

    • 19th September 2014

    Hugs! xoxo CAROL

    • Sarah Nolder
    • 19th September 2014

    Whats best? A recorder or a microphone.. or is there much of a differnce?
    Im looking into filming beauty videos. Need help! Thanks!

    • luveverything08
    • 19th September 2014

    +Shameless Maya which is better for editing the 13 inch mac-book pro or
    the 15 inch and why

    • tanisha hudson
    • 19th September 2014

    Thanx for the info babe!

    • Lee Antoinette
    • 19th September 2014

    you look like miley cyrus here

    • Desirée Delgado
    • 19th September 2014

    This video help me A LOT! Because I need a Day Continuous Lighting!! And
    yours are perfect

    • Emmely Stampe
    • 19th September 2014

    thanks, i´m gonna have a camera ( T3i ) thanks…. Maya PS your´re so

    • Lilly 23
    • 19th September 2014

    This video helped me out a lot

    • Lillad Brooks
    • 19th September 2014

    Thank you! And I can you please subscribe to my newest channel! Just go to
    this channel abd i will make a video about it later! Thanks again!

    • Philadelphias FavoriteSon
    • 19th September 2014

    Thank you Boo.

    • TippyMagic
    • 19th September 2014

    That was great!!! Very informative!!!

    • Sahar Varona
    • 19th September 2014

    Hey! I have a question! What’s the difference between The Apple Macbook
    Specs; 2.3 GHz VS 1.4 GHz dual core processor, AND between the Intel core
    i5 and i7 processor? I get confused researching online coz the reviews are
    so… techy…, so can anyone please explain to me in…lay man’s terms? :)

    • eaglestreet121
    • 19th September 2014

    Wow very great Smiles.

    • Erica Sheppard
    • 19th September 2014

    How come almost every successful youtubers have MacBooks? Those are like
    1,000 dollars that too much. Can people edit with different laptops? Will
    it be the same? 

    • Ericka Geni
    • 19th September 2014

    I am beyond happy that I came across your channel **kisses**

    • Alyson Pink
    • 19th September 2014

    Just bought a lens and light kit from your astore. Yay commission!!!

    • egypt4000
    • 19th September 2014

    Just came across alot of your videos today and I have to say, you are so
    informative. You have a variety of videos on many topics and I love that. I
    have been letting them run and every video, I so can use the information.
    Thank you for taking the time . You are fantastic. Oh, if you can afford
    to by what you buy,( then do You Boo!!). I buy what I want TOO. She did
    take the time to share soooo. Thanks for you video.

    • NikkiePTV
    • 19th September 2014

    OK, It’s time for some new equipment for my videos! Thanks for sharing! 

    • hot chocolate fitness
    • 19th September 2014

    great vid!ms tech plays no games

    • Emranur Rahman
    • 19th September 2014

    I just started watching your videos, and I’m shocked at how much I’ve
    learned in a short span of time.

    Thx :)

    • Amber Bradley
    • 19th September 2014

    What’s the paper for

    • Scott Yang
    • 19th September 2014

    THank you for sharing! 謝謝!

    • Cami Blue24
    • 19th September 2014

    Hi I just found your channel today and I love your videos. There really
    great you do a amazing job. I’m going to subscribe! Thanks and God bless.

    • 19th September 2014

    You are awesome! I just subbed!! xoxo CAROL

    • MassyssyCouli
    • 19th September 2014

    très utile!!!love your videos

    • Geralynn Amos
    • 19th September 2014

    Are you Filipino 

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