Tiler and Robbie’s Classic New York City Wedding Video – Martha Stewart Weddings

It was a day to remember when long-time loves, and principal dancers at New York City Ballet, Tiler Peck and Robbie Fairchild tied the knot and partnered tog…


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    • gio gamez
    • 26th February 2015

    i cried through the whole video, these two amazing dancers are such an
    inspiration, not only as artists but also as people i wish them the best of

    • Victoria Moran
    • 26th February 2015

    Oh my goodness its so beautiful- I’m crying a smiling at the same time

    • AvalonMorley
    • 26th February 2015

    Probably one of, if not THE highest cuteness quotients of any wedding, with
    all those NYCB people there. I couldn’t see Peter Martins there, but saw
    favorites Damian Woetzel and Jacques D’Amboise, I think (or was that guy
    Peter Martins?). Also, Robert F.’s sister Megan, amongst the bridesmaids. I
    hope Mr. and Ms. Fairchild will soon be starring on Broadway (in AMERICAN
    IN PARIS and LITTLE DANCER, respectively), along with Megan F., now in ON

    • Kelly Graber
    • 26th February 2015

    The sweetest love of all. Best wishes for a life of nothing but happiness.

    • Isabella Phillips
    • 27th February 2015

    LITERAL #relationshipgoals this gives me hope as a dancer to find love..
    I’m actually crying.

    • Mariana N
    • 27th February 2015

    Too beautiful – I died 

    • avipilates
    • 27th February 2015

    They are some of my FAVORITE dancers,!! Thank you for sharing!!!


    • Msbluejay17
    • 27th February 2015


    • Finja Vollstedt
    • 27th February 2015

    I’m crying…. It’s so beautiful 

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