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    • Kevin Lupo
    • 23rd November 2014

    Okay, as far as the stuff she’s review I don’t care too much about because
    it’s mostly girl stuff (maybe she’ll review something that interests me)
    but that aside…she’s pretty funny…and OMG, she’s got some of the most
    beautiful blue eyes I’ve seen. +Damian Wilkinson I figure you’d like those
    blue eyes.

    +amanda thompson +Drakior Perun 

    • kathy valdez
    • 23rd November 2014

    Is this weird or anything? I report any comment from so people that hate
    bunny and is writing a hate comment.

    • Katie Dominie
    • 23rd November 2014

    Is it just me or does anybody else re watch all of Bunny’s videos over and
    over again?

    • dirk van niekerk
    • 23rd November 2014

    we can hear you… really, shuuu! my laptop and its speaker is on its
    softest,,, and im going def. your really fucking annoying. chill 

    • P3Series
    • 23rd November 2014

    Ha! Great to watch. Am I the only one amazed at how blue her eyes are?
    Bluest eyes ever.

    • Erica Green
    • 23rd November 2014

    how beautiful can your eyes be?

    • Ivan Braginski
    • 23rd November 2014

    Jesus fucking Christ. Stop complaining about her and watch the videos or
    find something else. There are other people who do this thing to. If she is
    two loud turn your volume down. Simple.

    • Mitchell Wiggs
    • 23rd November 2014

    You have to give her credit for being brave enough to put her face on
    camera for the world to see.

    • Aaron Carney
    • 23rd November 2014

    Bless this girl. Been watching a lot of her videos recently and read the
    comments and just seen so many unnecessary comments about her
    personality/looks. She has great hair, skin, amazing eyes, style etc etc.
    She has a big mouth but that just gives the gal more character tbh and i’m
    sure she already has a bigger character than most of the people commenting.
    I’m sure she knows she has a massive smile and seems to embrace it by
    wearing bold lipstick all the time and good for her! Her personality is ON
    POINT too. Gurl, you aren’t too loud either.

    • axeman1314
    • 23rd November 2014

    You sound so much like Louise from Bob’s Burgers

    • Rinoa Peterson
    • 23rd November 2014

    If you don’t like her don’t watch her! Don’t comment negatively about her
    not being pretty or how her hair is messy. That’s not what the video is
    made for. It’s made to One: make you aware on if a particular item works or
    not and Two: to make you laugh. If you don’t find her funny don’t click on
    her videos. Don’t complain. It’s her video she can dress, and do everything
    how she wants. And stop complaining about how loud she is. Turn the volume
    down if you don’t like it! She is partly deaf she can’t help her loudness…

    If you don’t like her, don’t watch her! simple as that.

    • moirhann
    • 23rd November 2014

    Nice girl, but a little bit to much.. and espec..trying to be “to funny”..
    and LOUD!! LOL!!!

    • sherrie LM
    • 23rd November 2014

    settle down guys, bunny is beautiful in a very unique and wonderful and
    pleasant way. your version of pretty may differ from others but we are not
    machines, we have feelings and there is only 1 u and 1 me………which
    makes life so much more interesting and adventurous.

    • cadencemeli
    • 23rd November 2014

    this was the first video (by her) that i have seen ……… and i think it
    might be the last too…. is she screaming in every video like

    • Ashley - S.
    • 23rd November 2014

    no offense but, i dont find her attractive.. but she does seem like a cool
    person :)

    • Beth B
    • 23rd November 2014

    Please don’t get mad at me I’m not trying to be rude but is she really like
    this or is it like a personality ,like Miranda sings? 

    • Tricia Ricotta
    • 23rd November 2014

    Love your attitude and fun style. 🙂 Don’t think Lip Tattoos are for me.

    • chipmunktubetop
    • 23rd November 2014

    You are a HOOT!

    • Hanh Dao
    • 23rd November 2014

    Try the skinaz lip tattoos! It’s way better.(:

    • Hannah Shuff
    • 23rd November 2014

    Does she have ADD/ADHD? I’m not trying to come off as rude or anything.
    Just wondering

    • ItsOreana
    • 23rd November 2014

    Fuck society always caring about looks. She has an Awesome personality,It
    makes her gorgeous. ,Unlike being drop dead gorgeous with a boring or
    bitchy personality.
    Beauty fades anyways.

    • Morgan Manning
    • 23rd November 2014


    • Zafirah AHMED
    • 23rd November 2014

    i hate you

    • Punky McGee
    • 23rd November 2014

    I fucking love you xD Southern accents forever! I’m from Tennessee, so mine
    is just crazed. Yours is fab and most definitely not annoying.

    • fernando cruz
    • 23rd November 2014

    Can you fick your hair?

    • SuperPegMeg
    • 23rd November 2014

    There’s one rule about camo clothing of any kind that everyone, yourself
    included, needs to follow: DON’T WEAR IT. EVER. Unless you’re out hunting
    or something.

    • hi
    • 23rd November 2014

    She’s hilarious…… not afraid to show her wierd side to the public

    • lexie Taylor
    • 23rd November 2014

    I really don’t like this girl she makes me want to beat her go to jail for
    assault break out then murder her

    • Madison Mcreadey
    • 23rd November 2014

    Its halloween soon for me my big sister has union jack ones would that go
    with nicky manaj ? . .

    • CathouXox Silva
    • 23rd November 2014

    Well this one is not very beautiful but I saw others and was reeaally cool
    so it depends on the pattern :

    • aleksi503
    • 23rd November 2014

    Daum her mouth is huge and she look insane.

    • elisa vigil
    • 23rd November 2014

    Are your eyes really that blue?

    • dedigirl
    • 23rd November 2014

    gosh…youtube suggested this popular chanel. this video is enough for me.
    You are crazy, you could only be from texas. Go take your meds

    • Dancinganimegirl23451
    • 23rd November 2014

    She reminds me of Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. Who else thinks so?

    • ScrampinQueen
    • 23rd November 2014

    They have these at Sephora now :)

    • musicboxcollector
    • 23rd November 2014

    Anyone else think the name of this product is disturbing?

    • aurorabunny143
    • 23rd November 2014

    best part of this video is when you aren’t talking. the product info is
    great so thank you, but you’re not funny. 

    • Evan Chladny
    • 23rd November 2014

    Pause it at 1:57

    • ghymharve gallardo
    • 23rd November 2014

    I like those facial expressions you make.
    and I’m loving you more girl.
    <3 very unique <3
    I suddenly felt the need for a friend like you to chat with.

    • Marji Franklin
    • 23rd November 2014

    Love your hair I this one. Not so much the lips. Creepy. 

    • Aamna MH
    • 23rd November 2014

    u are pretty ^.^ and your eyes wow *.*

    • Mega lyrics
    • 23rd November 2014

    Do not like the look

    • lisa mcintosh
    • 23rd November 2014

    Sippy sippy!!!! Hahahahahaha got to love it

    • BwayMarquee Marc
    • 23rd November 2014

    i love the idea and have seen these more prevalent in cosmo industry,
    wonder. one day i will try. I have tried something similar. but ya, its
    for theatre or effect an wow, you do look full and plump! 

    • Karli Money
    • 23rd November 2014

    Omg I’m watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the little girl that
    won the ticket looks so much like you! 

    • Ol Pappy
    • 23rd November 2014

    oh my, looks like extreme herpes

    • Prissy Daboss
    • 23rd November 2014

    U applied it so rong but ur so funny I jus couldnt stop watchin..

    • Christina Shah
    • 23rd November 2014

    hi bunny i am new to your channel and i think your funny

    • Samantha sucre
    • 23rd November 2014

    I love re watching bunnys old videos. i really don’t know why people hate
    on her I understand you can have your opinion but if you think she’s loud
    turn down your volume if you don’t like how much she talks skip through the
    video if you just don’t like her don’t waste your time commenting. you’re
    kinda just asking to get a rise out of people. 

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