What Resolutions MicBergsma Uses? GoPro Tip #205

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    • vhb408
    • 20th March 2015

    Great videos.
    Will all those res.. work on GoPro 4 silver?
    Thanks for all the help.

    • videopappy37
    • 20th March 2015

    Whenever I watch one of your videos I learn something new, It is because of
    watching your videos that I went out and got a Go Pro. Thanks :)

    • Andy Drefs
    • 20th March 2015

    Mic – Just wanted to say Thank You for all the handy tips that you have
    shared with others here on YouTube. I also wanted to commend you that you
    don’t allow the fact that you’re hard of hearing to slow you down in any
    way. My younger sister is also deaf and like you she has an unstoppable
    spirit. I immediately began to smile when I saw you start your explanation
    signing to the camera! Kudos to you Mic, you are an inspiration!! ;)

    • iFootballHD
    • 20th March 2015

    Are you on holidays like your whole life?

    • Emma Pigeon
    • 20th March 2015

    I suscribed bcuz you’re awesome dude, cheers! Oh and thanx for the tips, I
    have a gopro 3+ black ed and this video is gold for me.

    • ElectricBikeReview.com
    • 20th March 2015

    Great video Mic! Thanks for sharing all of your tips, your unique style and
    personality are fun :D

    • Ray Newland
    • 20th March 2015

    amazing tips, a 1000 thanks!
    If i wanted to film just talking tin from of go pro and i wanted a narrow
    frame, what resolution am i best using please?

    • 600 Rider
    • 20th March 2015

    I have the hero 3 + SILVER. And i shoot videos at 1080x30fps but the video
    looks blurry on my phone. If i look at it on a computer will it be blurry? 

    • Hercon
    • 20th March 2015

    Thank you man! That helped a lot. I have a new GoPro and I needed a master
    like you on YouTube 😀 hahaha really thank you!

    • Geert D'hooge
    • 20th March 2015

    Thx Mic
    Greetz from Belgium (Brussels)

    • Joshua Jones
    • 20th March 2015

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this video. This is by far the
    best explanation of GoPro res tips I’ve ever watched or read. Thanks!

    • Adrian Urban
    • 20th March 2015

    Good Vid.. Thanks

    • Pho Duc Do
    • 20th March 2015

    Very nice dude. Hope you keep your good work :).

    • Jason Harpold
    • 20th March 2015

    Even though this was filmed long before the entry level Hero came out, it
    was helpful for me to know I can drop down to 720p/60fps and get decent
    slow mo. It will be my first GoPro so I don’t really want to spend $400
    until I’m sure I’ll use it enough. $129 I can handle though. Thanks for
    your help! 

    • 20th March 2015

    Ur a tru Jedi.
    Appreciate your instruction! Best on YouTube!!!

    • Marion Blair
    • 20th March 2015

    Thanks so much for this excellent explanation of resolution vs FPS and how
    it affects the photos I’ve had the Robot look and couldn’t figure out why.
    Excellent! thanks

    • stonecreator
    • 20th March 2015

    Hi, thanks for the oustanding work you do to help people like me. I have
    just bought the entry level Gopro Hero and wondered if you can recommend a
    resolution setting for snowboarding, i have tried the super wide view mode
    but struggle with shapness of fast moving objects. Thanks.

    • reuter51
    • 20th March 2015

    Hey Mic – love your videos. Your quality is just amazing! I have tried just
    about everything and can’t seem to figure out how to get the crisp clarity
    like you do for your videos. I use the gopro hero 3 white edition. I shoot
    at 720p 60fps. That should be great quality right? What settings do you use
    and what do you use to export / upload your videos? Please look at my
    channel? You will see the quality seems to be lacking in my footage. I’m
    really hoping you will reply and get back to me. Thanks mic! Huge fan!

    • joanne angle
    • 20th March 2015

    Do you have any tips for recording hockey games with the Hero 3 white

    • EuphoricState
    • 20th March 2015

    is it true that if you use higher fps the worse the quality of your video?
    less megapixals per a frame?

    • Brian Taylor
    • 20th March 2015

    Hey Great video, and great explaining what these settings are. good work
    mate :-)

    • jake taoi
    • 20th March 2015

    thanks man only place i found help for frames ….thanks bro!!

    • Isai Haro
    • 20th March 2015

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Such detailed and useful information!

    • Bradley Bettles
    • 20th March 2015

    Very helpful video Mike! Thanks bro 

    • Jim Alster
    • 20th March 2015

    You do an excellent job of explaining the GO Pro functionality!! Thank

    • coojsta69
    • 20th March 2015

    Lol did you just dress up like a women and introduce yourself 

    • SJuan Gta
    • 20th March 2015

    Felicitaciones!! Muy bueno lo que haces, entiendo mucho mas como lo

    • Cole Farris
    • 20th March 2015

    I recently got the gopro hero4 black. I run the Lexar 64gb 633x card. when
    I film in 120 1080p it looks kind of fuzzy, I don’t know why. Any idea? It
    looks fuzzy in most resolutions as well

    • Jason Short
    • 20th March 2015

    This helped me a lot, thanks for posting!

    • william chiok
    • 20th March 2015

    Hi there! like ur videos on Gopro tips! erm..how to record slow mo?

    • infinithope
    • 20th March 2015

    Ok so I have a problem
    My go pro hero 4 does not look good even when I put 4k
    It looks like shiet
    Does anybody knows how can I fix this ? 

    • Alex Goodrum
    • 20th March 2015

    Are you from Houston?
    I thought I recognized Ikea and Jacob’s Well

    • Bader Kanawati
    • 20th March 2015

    You should do some videos for DIY accessories please!! Like telescopic pole

    • Greg Schmidt
    • 20th March 2015

    Super helpful – thanks!

    • domqthomas
    • 20th March 2015

    just bought the hero 4 silver and your videos have been such a help! thanks
    so much and keep being awesome!

    • jeepnypitpits
    • 20th March 2015

    Thank you!!! great information,.. :-)

    • mary white
    • 20th March 2015


    • Matteo Masetti
    • 20th March 2015

    Hello, thank you for your videos, they are great!
    I have a question on the resolution and FPS:
    I use my GoPro especially to film my mountain bike rides.
    So I wanted to know what resolution and how many FPS me advice.
    Usually the shots are very very fast and moves …

    • 20th March 2015

    Hey MicBergsma great videos and tips, bro i dont know what will be the best
    settings to record fireworks at night, can you help, i got the gopro hero3+
    black edition, thanks

    • Benny Turbo
    • 20th March 2015

    That was very informative. Thank you. And that flip on the trampoline was

    • OyvindNorway
    • 20th March 2015

    Hello Mic 🙂 I wish you make a video like this with Gopro hero4 black. I
    think many people find this useful and it been a big technical upragde
    since Gopro 3 Black. Great video as always :)

    • Nick Vallejo
    • 20th March 2015

    just got my gopro 3+ silver in the mail today. took some video shots in the
    ocean and when i saw them…total crap…but i watched a couple of your
    videos and tried again…major difference! thanks a lot dude! 

    • Rene Recek
    • 20th March 2015

    i got question i going to scuba diving i got Hero 3+ black whot resolution
    to i use?

    • Michael Acosta
    • 20th March 2015

    Thank you for the great tips! =)

    • 06Vfr800
    • 20th March 2015

    Mic , if only I’d found This video before i bought a second hand Air pro
    2…… Your video is possibly THe Most informative vid about GO pro , and
    its capabilities . Very impressed . Thanks so Much for the time and Effort
    you put into your vids . Cudos ! Stuart

    • lxlpsycho
    • 20th March 2015

    why not make it 1080p 60 fps for the gopro 3 silver?

    • GamingSmug
    • 20th March 2015

    Did you use any color correction and di you shoot in pro tune and tweak
    settings as your stock footage looks miles better than any of mine

    • TijuanaBullfight
    • 20th March 2015

    MIC you rock muchas gracias!

    • Fionán Coughlan
    • 20th March 2015

    What is that guy doing at 1:30 ??
    Does it have a name ?
    Is it a sport ?
    Looks really cool !!

    • Raymond Diep
    • 20th March 2015

    Thank you now I know more about recording! 

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