What To Do On Valentine’s Day! DIY Treats, Activities, Gift Ideas + Outfit & Makeup Ideas!

Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Here are some DIY Treats, Activities, Gift Ideas, Outfit & Makeup Ideas for you to do on v-day! Can we get this to 30000 likes?:D Meet & Greet this weekend: Metropolis…


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    • mel2able
    • 31st January 2015

    Omg that magnifying class projector thing was sooo awesome!! 🙂 You’re so
    creative and gorgeous! 

    • BlackBarbie101
    • 31st January 2015

    OMG ILY btw I’m 2 million away from 2 million! I’m really close! Next 2
    million people to subscribe get FREE AIR.

    • Ella Elbells
    • 31st January 2015


    • FreshFitBeauty
    • 31st January 2015


    • izzyg1032
    • 31st January 2015

    Each one of your videos is so on POINT it’s just like YOU NEED A MILLION

    • SierraMarieMakeup
    • 31st January 2015
    • Itsraeray
    • 31st January 2015

    ✨✨✨Your valentine is Josh tho, I’m ALONE ㅠ.ㅠ

    • muzalalapink09
    • 31st January 2015

    Omg you are so beautiful and I love your videos so much this video is super
    great :)you are so cool and you are so nice.I specialy love about you is
    that you are so nice persion
    Do someone want to be

    Y O U T U B E F R I E N D ????

    I am so close to hit 1000subscribers:)
    If you sub I will sub back and watch your videos:))

    • beautynastics2
    • 31st January 2015

    my little brother is turning 4 and gues wat??? his bday is in Valentine’s
    Day!!! he’s gonna b such a ladies man

    • Sophia Rose
    • 31st January 2015

    Lovee the editing Sierra! This was SUCH a cute video. I love valentines day

    • maryxmakeup
    • 31st January 2015

    QUEEN OF INTROS! I’m so obsessed with this Sierra. omg and the editing and
    creativity was freaking perfect

    • Ruth Kowalski
    • 31st January 2015

    Sierra, you’re flawless! You deserve so so so many subscribers! You’re
    amazing and I’m so glad you did this video because Valentine’s Day is
    literally my obsession haha ilyy❤️

    • hippylou
    • 31st January 2015

    Every DIYer uploads videos about coming up holidays/celebrations. What
    about make a video of the fact Harry Styles is turning 21 years old this
    Sunday? Now that is a very, very important celebration for the One
    Direction fandom.

    • Floralbeautiee
    • 31st January 2015

    Any small youtubers want to support each other’s channels?!

    Sorry- this just helps people get there channel noticed, please ignore if
    you don’t agree :)

    • gogo0090
    • 31st January 2015

    I know maybe some people are going to say this video is sponsored and shit
    So good job for all your videos and your pro editing skills +
    SierraMarieMakeup Keep up the good work ! 

    • Hina Attar
    • 31st January 2015

    The last idea was so cool and I am totally doing that soon.. Your editing
    as always is perfection!! 🙂

    BTW, any small youtubers that would like to support each others channels? I
    sub back immediately :)

    • Madison Boulos
    • 31st January 2015

    This video was perf

    • BeautyBySarah
    • 31st January 2015

    Are there any small youtubers out there who would like to support each
    other? I’m trying to reach 1.8k!

    • Amina Sophia
    • 31st January 2015

    Love everything about this, Sierra ☺️

    • Nanna Marie Muhlig
    • 31st January 2015

    My little brother that has no clue about makeup says that your eyebrows
    looks pretty.
    Then I learned him to say eyebrows on clerk and what it meant and then he
    thinks you’re on clerk and I do too!

    • Emma Rose
    • 31st January 2015

    You look so good with red lipstick, ily sierra

    • Tanya Payne
    • 31st January 2015

    You are so kind and pretty i want to wish you a great wonderful Valentines

    • M Anna.
    • 31st January 2015

    Where is my bae at doe 

    • KayKayGlam
    • 31st January 2015

    Hey girl id love if you checked out my Lilly Pulitzer Bathroom tour and
    Lilly Pulitzer ootds :)!! Love your channel btw! I subbed :)

    • Maddie Nicole
    • 31st January 2015

    Hey everyone! My name is Maddie, and I’m trying to get to 500 subscribers
    by Valentines Day! I would really appreciate if you check my channel out, I
    work really hard on my videos btw! Thanks!!!

    • Vanessa Ochoa
    • 31st January 2015

    Yay she watches shaytards yay

    • makeupbylayla xoxo
    • 31st January 2015


    p.s-sorry if this gets annoying its just really hard getting your channel
    out there! And I would love to help and support other channels:)!

    • angie tao
    • 31st January 2015

    Can anyone tell me what the first song in the video plz?! Thx!!

    • Liron Mendelsohn
    • 31st January 2015

    Will you be my bae?? Currently baeless rn:-(

    • Dana Luisa Lara
    • 31st January 2015

    It really makes me happy spending time with my family and friends, I think
    it’s the best spending time with the people you love. Awesome video Sierra,
    thanks for the ideas!

    • kas dance
    • 31st January 2015

    What is the song at the ver very start of the video plz help???? 

    • Just Tatyana
    • 31st January 2015

    YouTube makes me happy
    My family makes me happy
    My friends make me happy
    And people like you, make me happy

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