What’s In My Handbag 2015 Edition | Zoella

What’s In My Handbag 2015 Edition Previous Video: http://bit.ly/1EnULOh Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/1GSVdre Wearing: Waistcoat – Primark Lipstick – Topshop Infrared Watch – Daniel Wellington…


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    • Hannah Renée
    • 17th March 2015

    Your makeup is always so flawless

    • HannahLovesBeauty
    • 17th March 2015

    Your hair looks amazing in this Zoe!
    I love what’s in my bags so freakin’ much <3

    Anyone want to be YouTube buds? xx

    • Theresa Blueberry
    • 17th March 2015

    *With AND without makeup, remember that Zoe <3*

    • Eve Bennett
    • 17th March 2015

    OMG HAIR! If I wore my hair like that I’d look like a 3 year old! Love you

    • Fetchinq Flo
    • 17th March 2015


    • Emma White
    • 17th March 2015

    2 videos In one week oh Zoe u spoil us and Zoe pls do a hair tutorial on
    this look u look gorgeous and amazing xxx

    • Libby Simpson
    • 17th March 2015

    you did this last when you were moving out of your dads house :)

    • Alexander Thompson
    • 17th March 2015

    alfie’s a lucky bugger

    • Alex Lyons
    • 17th March 2015

    How many likes can the 301 club get?

    • molliegeorgiax
    • 17th March 2015

    ah Zoe you inspired me to start Youtube thank you!!!

    • Hollie Beca
    • 17th March 2015

    I love LOVE your hair, is there anything you can’t pull off?!

    • eloise murphy
    • 17th March 2015

    Goals-zoey’s hair and makeup in this vid

    • Olivia Jones
    • 17th March 2015


    • Eimear Hayes
    • 17th March 2015

    I love how when you said ‘touch wood’ you touched your head

    • Ann Le {Anneorshine}
    • 17th March 2015

    That is such a cute passport case! I definitely will need that for my bag
    and traveling 🙂 

    • Ky Dominique
    • 17th March 2015

    A good dupe for that lipstick would be the revlon lip butter in tutti
    frutti :3

    • JRC bb
    • 17th March 2015

    I don’t usually care about fashion, but I love zoe’s videos.
    That’s saying something.

    • Vania Shalala
    • 17th March 2015

    Gorgeous handbag! Love it!

    • Aníta Rós
    • 17th March 2015

    You can get Toffee Crisp in Iceland

    • Lily T
    • 17th March 2015

    if you have chewing gum in school everyone flocks to you like seagulls to

    • Rebecca Marsh
    • 17th March 2015

    Ily x it is also my birthday today

    • Maria Inês Conceição
    • 17th March 2015

    You did one in early 2014 ☺ Loved the video, Zoe

    • Mandeville Sisters
    • 17th March 2015

    Zoe! Loving the hair, I wish I could rock plaits like you do <3

    • Carrieann Devine
    • 17th March 2015

    Ya we get toffee crisps it ireland

    • Ryan Ds
    • 17th March 2015

    As a guy i had no idea what this video was going to consist of, the inside
    of a handbag is like being blindfolded and thrown in the catacombs it’s
    endless :p

    • Aleena Wahid
    • 17th March 2015

    I love u Zoella! U know what? Your even better than PewDiePie

    • Amy yasmin
    • 17th March 2015

    I LOVE YOUR BAG! the rose gold details are perfect!

    • Poppy Ann
    • 17th March 2015

    Anyone know where her watch is from??

    • Claire Parker
    • 17th March 2015

    You look beautiful in this Zoe

    • Emily Li
    • 17th March 2015

    what’s the brand of that rose gold headphone ???

    • Paulina Mina
    • 17th March 2015


    • Hannah Taylor
    • 17th March 2015

    301 club

    • Sara Horak
    • 17th March 2015

    Please do a meetup in MUNICH we need you here ❤️ I love you so much 

    • Abbie G
    • 17th March 2015

    Zoe, you are incredibly pretty and don’t let anyone tell you different. You
    are a huge inspiration to me and I hope one day you will notice me, maybe
    just by replying to this comment

    • zara deasy
    • 17th March 2015

    You can get toffee crisp in Ireland !!!!! Anyone else from Ireland here

    • Hager Fathi
    • 17th March 2015

    We also have toffee crisp in Saudi Arabia

    • Louise West
    • 17th March 2015

    What actually is a donor card…? Like the card itself?x

    • Jodi Maloney
    • 17th March 2015

    Loved this video! You can get toffee crisps in Ireland, do you celebrate St
    Patrick’s day in the UK?

    • Gem Louise
    • 17th March 2015

    Hi Zoe I live you so much you’re like my idol I even started my own YouTube
    channel because of you so a big thanks !! Ps your hair look gorgeous xx

    • Miss Ellorine
    • 17th March 2015

    Your makeup is always flawless, you have a gorgeous little pug and over 7
    million people love you and your videos! It’s so sad that you have to deal
    with panic attacks when you have an great life and you’re such an amazing
    person! We love you Zoe!❤️

    • Lila Duijvelshoff
    • 17th March 2015

    In my country the kate moss lipsticks only have 2 numers like 03 or 10 ??

    • Eden Tubb
    • 17th March 2015

    Does Alfie have instagram if he does what’s his name BTW I love rose gold

    • Emma Leigh
    • 17th March 2015

    Hahah Zoe they do have toffee crisps in Scotland too! 

    • Kimberly Stocco
    • 17th March 2015

    Always love these videos! Weird question, in the UK is it a separate
    registration process to become an organ donor? I live in NJ and they just
    asked me when I got my drivers license!

    • Ebony Sproson
    • 17th March 2015

    What is ur snapchat?

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