Have you seen my last video? “Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial” http://youtu.be/emXpfLC2zEs Purse is called Prada Saffiano Executive Tote Bag (Pretty sure haha) Hair color: Loreal preference…


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    • Casey Holmes
    • 30th January 2015

    Oh my lorddddd at the dollar general dog food comments. I have been feeding
    my puppies puppy chow for years. When daisy was a puppy, she ate it- Rose
    is a puppy, so she’s eating it! I don’t give them that food because it’s
    cheap. I mean seriously.. I even cook them grilled chicken sometimes to
    eat. Instead of bashing me for assuming I don’t take care of them- give me
    suggestions on your favorite dog food brands. 

    • Brianna Renee
    • 30th January 2015

    Do you ever have a bad hair day? No? Okay..

    • TooFacedBaby05
    • 30th January 2015

    I love how you talk about tampons so easily

    • LeLouBeauty
    • 30th January 2015

    Prada is a classic. Much prefer this over the Celine, Chanel, etc. 

    • Kim Jones
    • 30th January 2015

    I don’t think it’s bad to spend $2000 on a bag but you do have to have a
    certain amount of “class” to pull it off.

    • Callie Soon
    • 30th January 2015

    You sound so bratty here, its annoying.

    • bbrgirls
    • 30th January 2015

    Nobody cares what’s inside your stupid purse “highly requested”

    • MAmedia
    • 30th January 2015

    I actually enjoy watching girly videos sometimes.. I don’t know why.. I
    that weird? Interesting video, really! Making videos is our hobby too! We
    have a little couple-channel. Come by, if you’re interested, you’re always
    welcome. It means a lot! Have a beautiful day everyone <3

    • Sydney Theriot
    • 30th January 2015

    I have the Tory Burch large Double Zip tote which is pretty much the same
    thing but wayyyyyyy cheaper. I’m obsessed with my Tory! It’s good to know
    I’m not the only one with random crap in my purse! 

    • Erin Brown
    • 30th January 2015

    Weirdest thing I keep in my purse: a pair of socks. Incase I go over
    someone’s house that is a “shoes off house,” and I’m in flats or heels. I
    don’t wanna be going around with bare feet!

    • Meg Hall
    • 30th January 2015

    Girllllll I am dying over that bag , it’s so gorgeous mama ! Hard work pays
    off and I am so happy for you Casey !! 

    • disturbedfreak34
    • 30th January 2015

    Okay girl, love you to pieces, but I gotta point something out, because
    like you, I’m just bluntly honest.
    So you got prada sunglasses and purse, beats, and a whole arsenal of
    expensive beauty products, which is awesome don’t get me wrong, but you buy
    your dog food at dollar general? You can’t manage to buy your dogs better
    quality food?
    I know that I don’t dictate your life, and I’m not trying to, but that just
    concerned me a bit

    • MiniMeeshie
    • 30th January 2015

    Omg that thumbnail hahahah your face Casey!!! Love you <3 I would love if
    you checked out my smaller channel and gave me feedback. You inspire me in
    so many ways between me breaking up with my boyfriend of 4 years, and
    suffering with anxiety my whole life, I know we've been through similar
    things. and just your positive attitude and confidence makes me happy. I
    wish I had confidence in myself!

    • Jane Banks
    • 30th January 2015

    Why keep a wallet if you’re going to have change and dollar bills at the
    bottom of your purse?

    • Julie M
    • 30th January 2015

    Although I love Casey, I was upset when I heard that she bought puppy chow
    at dollar general. Really? You don’t mind buying a $20 lipstick but you are
    okay buying crappy food for your pets? Disappointing. 

    • Kaitlyn Dumar
    • 30th January 2015

    Hey girl! I really am such a fan!! Love the purse, I think it’s every girls
    dream to own a designer purse like that! I watch all of your videos and
    have been subscribed to you for a long time!! Anyway I am an animal lover
    just like you, and I couldn’t help but noticed you said you bought dog chow
    from dollar general for rose. It’s not any of my business what you choose
    to feed them or how much you spend on dog food but I know you love them and
    I think you should read the ingredients on the back of that bag. Not good!
    Not telling you want to do, just had to throw it out there being a dog
    trainer for a living, dogs are my passion!! Love you girl!! 

    • Jackie Jade
    • 30th January 2015

    That purse costs as much as my car lbs.
    I think I will stick to my goal buying a Michael Kors for now, but you go
    girl. That bag is gorgeous! 

    • But First Coffee
    • 30th January 2015

    Love that purse and all the zippers and pockets!!

    • Erin MacPherson
    • 30th January 2015

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but what do you actually do for a job? Or
    is Vlogging your full time job? I’m only curious beacuse after the LV and
    Prada bags plus all the Prada glasses and the brand new car – I couldn’t
    help wondering how you worked for it all!? I hope that’s not too personal.
    Cheers! Great videos!

    • Casey Holmes
    • 30th January 2015
    • Emma Rose
    • 30th January 2015

    What are some good recommendations for inexpensive, light to medium
    coverage foundation thats not to pink or yellow? Please answer!

    • Keisha Kelm
    • 30th January 2015

    Its confusing to me that you spend so much time and money on yourself but
    then you feed your pet unhealthy food from the dollar store. You can
    probably save on vet bills in the future with better pet food #justsaying 

    • Crystal Carlos
    • 30th January 2015

    Glad you got yourself that purse CASEY cause girl you deserve it.

    • Heather Medaries
    • 30th January 2015

    I have this bag in light blue and am DYING for the black one (thanks to
    you!) 🙂 One tip, wax removes any scuff marks. I normally just take mine to
    the Prada store and ask that they “wax” or “clean” it. And, I take a
    shopping bag and remove the bottom cardboard thingy and cut it to the size
    of my bag and place it in the bottom. It helps keep the bottom structure
    and also helps keep the bottom lining clean. I replace it every six months
    or so.. Just a few pointers. I am SUPPPERRRR ANAL about keeping my bags in
    new condition. But enough of that… CONGRATS.. Good for you. You deserve
    it! It’s nice to see other independant women spooling themselves. 

    • Erica Gregory
    • 30th January 2015

    You never showed us the sunglasses you repurchased multiple times!! I was
    actually looking forward to seeing what they look like.

    • CocktailsWithAriana
    • 30th January 2015

    Casey, can you do a video about how you care for your extensions and keep
    them looking fresh to death! thankssssss x

    • ashley lynn
    • 30th January 2015

    Not saying it’s a bad thing but man after these youtubers become more
    popular and gain more subbies, it’s crazy to watch their past “what’s in my
    bag videos” to what bags they have now LOLOL hahaha! 

    • Leticia Altamirano
    • 30th January 2015

    I been following her since she started but has change idk she’s beautiful
    and am glad she can buy all that but seems little braty….. Just saying no
    need ppl commenting 

    • Meredith Hinton
    • 30th January 2015

    Hey! Absolutely love you videos and you! I just wanted to give you a heads
    up that Puppy Chow is SUPER bad for dogs. A lot of dogs have health issues
    from that food because it isnt grain free. I really recommend checking out
    grain free food like, “Taste of the Wild” just because you want your dogs
    to live long happy lives! I’m not usually one to comment, but I heard you
    say “puppy chow” and I got concerned!! You could also call your vet!

    • Naomi Elle
    • 30th January 2015

    That Prada purse is what dreams are made of!!

    • thisismegin
    • 30th January 2015

    ahhh running to Target in hopes I can get my hands on that Sonia Kashuk

    • KTK too
    • 31st January 2015

    I would like a tutorial about how the Benadryl helps you with anxiety! That
    sounds scary to me!

    • Brittany Smith
    • 31st January 2015

    Your bag is like mine, filled with papers, receipts, change, makeup… lol
    I think it’s a girl thing, and I am the same way when it comes to throwing
    pocket money aside rather than take my time to put it in my wallet. And
    Casey ignore the rude comments, it’s complete jealousy, I’ll admit right
    now I am very jealous of your bag lol. I don’t own any designer stuff and
    when I looked up the price I was like Holy Sh*t, thats the price of one of
    my loans I have right now lol. But I think it’s good to splurge on
    yourself, good for u! and as for the dog food comments, who the heck cares
    what you feed your babies, most of us all should know by now that you love
    your pups and they are always healthy looking, I mean come on you even have
    VET receipts to prove you take them for checkups, some people don’t even
    bother with taking their pets to the Vet. So you do what your doing, cause
    I love watching your videos and tutorials and reviews. This is how I do my
    homework on products before I buy them… 🙂 Thank u!

    • MichelleWally Hound
    • 31st January 2015

    Omg I was cracking up watching you pull out missing makeup and random items
    without their cases (yet you had the cases)! Just funny girl! 

    • Jordana Vargas
    • 31st January 2015

    Some people are so rude. Not because you have your dream job and it is fun
    it does not mean that you don’t get stressed out from it or get anxiety…
    I’ve seen you grown sometimes you act “stupid” and sometimes more grown up
    that’s who we are and you wouldn’t feel like a friend to all of us if you
    didn’t act like a girl with all of us. Nice bag and keep it up.

    • Ashley Magenot
    • 31st January 2015

    That bag is gorgeous, girl! Hahaha, so I’m reading all the comments and
    people are such haters! You’re awesome and super down to earth. It just
    shocks me how judgmental some people can be. Anyways I love your videos!

    • Hajraa Comicc
    • 31st January 2015

    what state does she live in? anyone know? i remember her saying it before
    but i cant remember

    • Marcelo Martins
    • 31st January 2015

    She wears so much makeup that looks like a doll…

    • Ashley marie
    • 31st January 2015

    I feel like the negative Nancy’s on here must be young. I am her age and
    just recently bought a designer bag as a reward to myself once I had been
    at my full time job for a year. I pay all my bills but wanted something for
    myself. She’s not being snotty and many of you will realize after college
    and when you are in your career you will want to reward yourself. 

    • paola calero
    • 31st January 2015

    I have a special wallet just for my coupons

    • Linda Orozco
    • 31st January 2015

    I have NEVER commented on a site before but felt so sad to read the
    comments here to Casey. We as women and young ladies should empower each
    other. Before we throw stones let us evaluate ourselves and the choices we
    make. You ladies all have something Positive to add to this world and so
    does Casey. Please respect her and her choices as I’m sure you’d like her
    to do for you. Love one another as we were put on this Earth to do.

    • jayquebeauty
    • 31st January 2015

    ugghh I LOVE that bag but would be so afraid of ruining it after spending
    so much money! You def deserve it girl, you don’t have to justify treating
    yourself to us 😉 anyway thanks for another great video casey <3 

    • Katie Jones
    • 31st January 2015


    • Alaeshy
    • 31st January 2015

    @caseyholmes or anyone else have any suggestions for any similar
    alternatives to bags like this? I like the black structured bags like this

    • Ghislaine Aguenaou
    • 31st January 2015

    I have a Prada bag and it’s amazing! Love love love! Welcome to our Prada
    community! Btw, love your videos, you’re just my fav. 

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