Why Amazon Hides Its Cheapest Price (and Where)

Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) — Everyone likes a good deal… and the Internet has become a great place to search for one. But how about when a retailer like amazon


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    • James T
    • 24th February 2015

    +vSTRENGTHINFINITEv samsung buy there tv’s wholesale from amazon?

    Or amazon buy their own tv’s from amazon? confused with this comment just a

    • sch001b0y
    • 24th February 2015

    I actually learned something here!

    • Logan Chambers
    • 24th February 2015

    thanks bloom i just looked and saw a bike for my son that said 120 but it
    was 110 thanks

    • Sensacion
    • 24th February 2015

    I love these videos. So much better than all the fluff on Bloomberg

    • 24th February 2015

    because then people will think that Samsung TVs are Worth 12 bucks or that
    it is Samsung selling them directly versus a retailer like Amazon. I
    sometimes forget – like many people – that Amazon is a RETAILER like Sears
    and JCPenney becuase of not “storefront” and kind low advertising product
    pages. Not like a JCPenney catalog or something. So many people will think
    it is Samsung – Selling them Directly and yea – that they would be worth
    “12 bucks”. Which of course be bad for Samsung…

    • leeo268
    • 24th February 2015

    They don’t want everyone to know about it… Wow. They must think something
    call online social networking don’t exist.

    • 24th February 2015

    Very good video – Very well executed — quick to the point, effective and
    informative. 🙂 The only thing that I kind of disagreed == and correct me
    if I am wrong == but Samsung doesn’t care at what price Amazon sells their
    TV’s becuase they already bought them wholesale from Amazon. If Amazon
    wants to sell them for 12 dollars and lose a TON of money- well they – can
    that is there problem. But yea if they advertise those 12 Dollar TV == then
    yea it is a problem for Samsung because then (cont)

    • Lamont Cranston
    • 24th February 2015

    “and correct me if I am wrong == but Samsung doesn’t care at what price
    Amazon sells their TV’s because they already bought them wholesale from
    Amazon.” I think you meant, they already bought them wholesale from

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