Willpower – Scientifically Proven Techniques to Increase Willpower

Willpower – Why you underestimate the importance of willpower and the top techniques for building willpower immediately. Exclusive Content, Free Newsletter +…


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    • Actualized.org
    • 28th July 2014

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    • Actualized.org
    • 28th July 2014

    @Wahda Adeya Good work! Thanks for setting a bold example. Fuck Facebook.

    • Kathy Cox
    • 28th July 2014

    Thxx so much Leo.. This is the 3rd vid of yours that I have watched.. You
    are so easy to listen to 🙂 !

    • Khalfani Wadlington
    • 28th July 2014

    i’m not going to cut out all my video games and tv but I will tone it down
    greatly Thanks!!

    • Alex Baigus
    • 28th July 2014

    you are such an inspiration leon, i started watching you to get over my ex
    and i realized that i can get sooo much better, ill make you proud of me :D

    • Bernie Abraham
    • 28th July 2014

    Hey Leo random question from something you mentioned in another vid. What
    interests you about hypnosis and why do. You practice it you don’t use it
    whilst picking up girls do you? Sorry for typos i’m on my phone

    • Fariba Fereidony
    • 28th July 2014

    Thank You Leo! I love watching your videos, very useful for me. :-)

    • Neel Gray
    • 28th July 2014

    your advice has changed me. you are a great man.

    • Tom Raymond
    • 28th July 2014

    can you touch specifically on self medication, I mean years of it. watching
    a lot of your vids god bless and yes this is pertanant

    • Varjinder Singh
    • 28th July 2014

    can u tell how can i approch girls…… cause my first crush rejects me
    for sort of reason……. but i love er so much. so what u say! can u help
    me…… cause an an indian 17year schl goin kid…. i’ve not made eye
    contact and dont even talk to girls for last two years. please can u help
    me out…..

    • kyzer7777
    • 28th July 2014

    Great stuff thanks.

    • Greg Durkin
    • 28th July 2014

    Subbed after first vid. Keep it up man you know your shit. Thanks for the
    time to make these!

    • LifeFireVibrance
    • 28th July 2014

    Great presentation and suggestions. Suggested book if you haven’t already
    heard of it: “Changing for Good” by Dr. James O Prochaska.

    • Jennifer Estevez
    • 28th July 2014

    I needed this. Thanks,dude!

    • AlbaniaCo0lBoY
    • 28th July 2014

    You look like Megaming :)

    • Alex Hathaway
    • 28th July 2014

    New school 2014.

    • Amine Rafik
    • 28th July 2014

    BigUp man U R the best … Keep Up 

    • gazi rahman
    • 29th July 2014

    If I don’t have Internet, how I am gonna watch you video?! 

    • siddharth nannore
    • 29th July 2014

    I think I needs everything he says, I fails in all questions he asks.. and
    also i need something to do with my life, i never had friends and i
    disappoint everyone i meet, i think i can do something in life but all i
    get in response from my surrounding is failure..
    i can study hard but i dont, I need lots and lots of work with me..

    • Diego Roldan
    • 29th July 2014

    Thank you. Gracias

    • ivar112
    • 29th July 2014

    This channel is a gold mine. Thank you for all the amazing content!

    • Wahda Adeya
    • 29th July 2014

    I deactivated my facebook account.
    I hope i do not reactivate it.
    There’s so much news from where i come from, but the way it is presented
    and the comments i read about it, is pure poison!
    I don’t know why i keep doing this to myself. It’s not like my facebook
    comments will change the world!!
    And i am wasting years over this!
    I hope today is when enough is enough. 

    • Mr. M
    • 29th July 2014

    I think it’s important to mention a proper diet because the brain needs a
    steady source of glucose so function to the fullest potential and will
    power is a continuous effort that drains said source of energy. I think we
    all can agree that it’s not the same to do your work when you are extremely
    hungry than an hour or two after having a good meal. 

    • kate
    • 29th July 2014

    Hii Leo i totally agree about the stuff to increase the willpower but
    sometimes for me it’s like internet and games(strategic games) and also
    t.v. being a part of inspiring me which naturally boost up my
    willpower…………. Is The Above stuff I mentioned is normal with me or
    its something which it should not be!

    • Journey2Healthy
    • 29th July 2014

    Quit porn you say? Oh, don’t you think I’ve tried everything from religion
    to accountability partners. You have any other ideas?

    • Arnold Bustarde
    • 29th July 2014

    You forgot that Facebook and social networks are a negative impact on your
    life which should be a whole new topic for a next video.

    • Wahda Adeya
    • 29th July 2014

    I also like the concept of one at a time. It is way less stressful that

    • Varjinder Singh
    • 29th July 2014

    bro u rock!!!…..

    • 29th July 2014

    thank you so much for this.

    • michael posthumus
    • 29th July 2014

    Hi. I really appreciate your videos but I feel like i have sabatage built
    in to any effort towards positve thinking, will power, visualization,
    meditation, etc.

    I used to get very hopeful and excited about efforts to change and then
    when it fell apart i would feel foolish and naive about the whole exploit.
    now i distrust enthusiasm like its a used car salesman, and even if i can
    start something i know that it cant last long before this distrust is
    reinforced by yet an other backslide. I know this is a foolish way to think
    and that backslides dont have to be dealbreakers- but i only know that
    rationally- the efforts always end up in me distrusting the efforts even
    more. How can I escape this viscious and sad predicament?

    also- I have actually tried meditation a lot in the past but i feel it was
    not working – a guru told me all the stages i may go through and some of
    them described what i felt, and he said it was natural to go through them
    but they were not real meditative states- then i felt like all this drama i
    went through in the time and effort spent in pseudo meditation, even the
    positive feeling drama, was just bullshit. i felt that i was not going to
    achieve helpful meditative states by any traditional approach and i lost
    all my faith in the endeavor.

    I am desperate. 

    • shiek93
    • 29th July 2014

    Hi Leo,

    first of all, I LOVE your videos! Thank you for all the work you’re doing
    here and all the time you are spending. That much information for free…
    its awesome 😀

    There is one question I wanted to ask you about making decisions. I would
    say that I’m a quiet confident person (I’m a 21 years old male), but I
    really suck at making decisions. Small and big ones.
    For example if I simply go to the supermarket to buy food for the next 2-3
    days, I catch myself standing around for 3-5 minutes just to pick bread
    (shall i get the cheap one or the more healty one, 500 or 1000 gram, do I
    even need bread…).

    Are there any tips you can give me regarding making decisions (faster)?
    I tried to find an answer in your other videos but haven’t really found it.

    • EPChanneled
    • 29th July 2014

    I’ll be honest. You remind me a lot of Owen Cook

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